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Title: Another SEQ sync problem.....
Post by: FraIso on March 31, 2020, 12:35:13 pm
I use MIDI THRU to send clock from the uF (which receives from Live both notes and clock) to the Roland TB-3, the tb3 is set to receives MIDI in channel 2 and the uF receives in channel one, because I want to send MIDI notes from Live only to the uF so, in my idea, if a send midi notes over channel one the tb-3 will only get the clock. and it works, until I use the uF sequencer..... when it is "on" (blue light on Arp|Seq), tb-3 appears to receives a "start" message that lasts as long as the uF sequencer is on "play"; obviously the uF is set to Arp|Seq send MIDI off.

I tried a different routing, Live --> tb-3 (channel 2) THRU --> MicroFreak (channel 1). Now I have the tb3 working fine, with the internal sequencer playing as long as Live is in play, MIDI notes are sent only from Live to the MicroFreak, but the uF sequencer is totally Live-free, I mean it can start and stop even if Live is in "stop"; it didn't occur in the other routing and without the tb3 in the setup.

Please help me!!!