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Title: Can not load Arturia provided free presets using a MacBook Pro...
Post by: damnedcat777 on December 21, 2019, 02:37:12 am
Also, on the MacBook Pro the Arturia Midi Control Center keeps telling me there is an update, but I KNOW I already updated via a Windows laptop that recently died. I would REALLY like to load the 3 banks (Plaisir Pads, Tech Loop, Naughty Bass) of presets from Arturia, but I tried on the MCC (I was able to download all 3 banks on the MCC MF page), but after many times over many hours of trying, when I go to check, NONE of the original presets have changed at ALL. Which is real strange, because before I hit the last button the MCC asks me "Are you sure you want to erase all presets?" * NOTHING HAPPENS * I tried loading new projects...  Still: Nothing.  Has ANYONE been able to load/install the 3 banks of free presets to the MF?  Sure would like to know how it's done.