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Title: Arpeggiator not working!!
Post by: wolfkinara on December 18, 2019, 11:08:59 am
I'm hitting a couple of problems with the arpeggiator!

(factory init preset, paraphonic mode, sync source set to INT, arp sequence icon is set to Up, OCT/MOD is set to 1)

1. In arp mode the arpeggiator plays the chord tones only once!
It doesn't matter if I hold the chord manually or if I'm using the Hold function
And adding to that, the order of the notes played does not match the selected upwards order
(ladder icon)
For example I'm holding C E G, it should play C E G in that order, right?
But actually what I get is C G E!

2.When I switch into the arp mode, and I'm already holding down a chord,
the mF goes silent almost immediately (the chord played sounding out, then dead silence).
Again if the chord is held down manually or using the Hold function, the outcome is the same.

Please, can you help me with this?

Title: Re: Arpeggiator not working!!
Post by: Trevor42 on December 19, 2019, 07:05:40 pm
Hey there,

Are you using the MF standalone or midi synced to a DAW or other piece of hardware?