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Author Topic: Spark Improvements!  (Read 28310 times)


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Re: Spark Improvements!
« Reply #195 on: November 02, 2015, 03:59:16 pm »
For now (1 week user) I have some missing features (or things I don't know and cannot find anywere)

- Pre count when recording (now I have to wait for the pattern to finish and start recording)

- TAP tempo button (SparkLE only),
Missing this is somewhat annoying when starting with a new beat that you have 'in mind'. I now have to grab my metronome.

- Rename a project / kit (now I have to save it as another name and delete the old one.

- Rename tracks in Mixer & Sequencer (when you have a couple of instruments that are the same 'type' you first have to play some to find the right one)

- Rename pattern codes (A1,A2 etc.) per kit in main window  like 'verse1, chorus1 or some personal abbreviation.
Useful when you are switching patterns live and you want to jump back to the first verse pattern or something like that.
Now I have to make notes on my leadsheat where I have to start after the chorus etc.

- Be able to start a pattern at it's first position, even when the loop is not there.
Two reasons for this: when performing with the band (live) sometimes 'they' start too early and I need to start the Chrous 'now' instead of wait for the current pattern to complete.
Secondly, we also sometimes have an extra bar after a verse / chorus and now I have to wait for the pattern length to complete before being able to start with the next.

- Export multiple patterns as a wav file (song)
Useful when collaborating with other musicians that use your 'drum' sequence to play along.

- Give a 'save' notice when closing the software when there are unsaved changes.
(I know, stupid users....)

- Make the swing depending on the time signature.
When using a 6/8 pattern, the swing is still in 4/4 mode, slowing down at the wrong pace.

Maybe there will be more in the future, but for now these are my 'little' wishes ;) that would make the Spark(LE) even better.
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