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Author Topic: odd pitch behaviour using cv/gate with the microbrute  (Read 3313 times)


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Re: odd pitch behaviour using cv/gate with the microbrute
« Reply #15 on: April 17, 2014, 03:46:39 pm »
I've just had a thought - We're dealing with digital here, powered from 0-5V via USB. Somewhere along the line Arturia must have decided on a happy medium (literally) to decide where the central voltage is to allow the sequence to be programmed up or down, in the Beatstep's case, that's a +4V default encoder output.

Analogue sequencer pots generally have a centre position of 0V allowing for a -Ve and +Ve voltage swing... Beatstep obviously can't do this, although it would help a little if the lowest output voltage was 0V - Maybe they couldn't do that for some reason due to the design?

There you have itů problem explained. Arturia, can I have a job please ;D


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Re: odd pitch behaviour using cv/gate with the microbrute
« Reply #16 on: May 12, 2014, 09:25:44 pm »
Not sure if this helps anyone, but just in case it does.

I just got a Microbrute and Beatstep this weekend and was excited about playing with the CV functions of the two. I was initially frustrated when I tried to hook the two of them together, as I experienced the three octave behavior noted here. I did some testing and at least got a suitable workaround. These are just my observations.

It's important to note that the "Pitch" function on the mod matrix is not an "objective" CV input. Its output is tied to the keyboard of the Microbrute. The initial relative pitch of your sequence coming in to the Microbrute from the Beatstep can therefore be affected by it.

If the Microbrute is powered up with the Beatstep already on and connected, my sequences will start in a low register. The second I hit a key, however, the pitch gets shifted way up. From this observation, my guess is that it has an initial default power-up setting, but after that, it is responding to the last key pressed (and actually apparently playing a note three octaves above that).

My process is to either power-up with the Beatstep on and connected (and not touch the keyboard) OR start with the Beatstep "pitch" input unplugged, shift the octave down three octaves (you can do three octaves even though it looks like it might only do two) and then play the lowest C on the keyboard. Then, plug the CV out of the Beatstep into the "Pitch" in of the mod matrix. The pitch should be shifted down now, because it is basing everything on the last note played.

You can also play any key while the sequencer is playing and hear the shift, but note that the octave shift will only occur in the sequence if you hit a key after shifting the octave down (just pushing the octave +/- keys doesn't do anything).

This may be really obvious to most of you, but I thought it might help someone.


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Re: odd pitch behaviour using cv/gate with the microbrute
« Reply #17 on: January 17, 2015, 08:12:11 pm »
I was having the same problem - beat step connected to a Mg Little Phatty. I discovered that while I had a sequence running, I hit a low note on the keyboard and it transposed the sequence - problem solved.


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