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Author Topic: Origin & BeatStep Pro  (Read 21 times)


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Origin & BeatStep Pro
« on: August 25, 2015, 01:15:06 am »
I recently got a BeatStep Pro which I naturally wanted to hook up to my Origin desktop module but have found a couple of ways that the 2 items don't play well with each other.  Thought there might be some Origin users who are interested to know.

Firstly, there is a problem with the Origin's delay sync - it smears the delayed notes when the BSP first starts running. The delay seems to fumble its initial timing from the BSPs clock. This can be solved by turning off the Origin's delay sync and just adjusting the virtual knobs to the right position but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a delay sync I would have thought! Presumably this is also a problem with other gear that people connect to their Origin?

Secondly, the longer the BSP is running the more likely it is to pick up sustained notes which I found I could only clear by changing patches on the Origin. My experience is that this does not happen with the small amount of other gear I've tried it with, only some people in the BSP forum have reported it while using it with a Roland synth for example but probably isn't a universal problem. Sad that it should effect Arturia's own stuff though.
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