July 07, 2015, 11:12:30 am
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Author Topic: FogBugz108550: Spark Hardware Controller wil not connect on Windows7x64  (Read 795 times)


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Hi Everybody,

I've just sent this technical support request. Any assistance appreciated.  :)

Description:    Severity 1 - System unusable, no workaround. Priority: High.

<Environment> Windows7x64 8GbRAM. SW Spark v1.4.1, HW Controller v1.1.2, Driver v6.1.7601.17514. NEW PURCHASE.
<Problem> Controller will not connect. Software hangs displaying the Connection image (animation frozen). Switching off the Controller releases the software hang.
<History> Install from CD:Connection Hangs. Uninstall Spark and Spark driver Driver (leaving Generic USB Driver in place) and upgrade to v1.4.1 connection works ONCE. On software shutdown or reboot connection is not possible. Same symptons exist for Spark Midi Control Centre.
<Steps to reproduce>
0) Install Spark 1.4.1 and Driver. Make connection, enjoy music. Shutdown Spark SW. Reboot.
 1) Connect Controller and switch on. Launch Spark.
2) Launch SPARK, switch on controller, Press connect button in SW.
 3) Launch Midi Control Centre, Select Connect.


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Over 48hrs now and no response from technical support, just an automated help desk ticket email.
(not) Musically yours... as the email is signed.

Blue Monster 65

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I don't work for Arturia, but i do know that today (Monday) is a bank holiday in France.  Give 'em another day and see what happens.   Hopefully they'll get back to you and get you up and running ASAP.


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Hi all,
I will handle this ASAP.

Soft Arturia


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Ok, we are on the job. Let's see if we can get it sorted. Some preliminary questions to answer...

The Spark controller is connected directly to the computer and not via a USB hub or something like that.
Steinberg Cubase correctly identifies Spark as a VST instrument, but hangs when asking to add as a track - just like Spark software when it tries to connect.
Spark shows the correct 2 midi ports when it is partially connected as below:

New information:
Uninstall the driver using Device Manager
Turn on the controller and watch the driver re-install
Launch Spark software.
It connects!
However, pads 1 thru 4 are selected and lit on the controller, but the pad doesn’t respond to a tap.
Pads 5 thru 8 work perfectly.
So close, but not quite there.


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