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Author Topic: Spark library disappeared + won't sync in midi control center +now won't activat  (Read 68 times)


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Man this is frustrating!
   #1 All of a sudden my library is gone on my Macbook Pro yet remains on my Mac Pro. Deleted Spark on Macbook Pro and reinstalled and still no library...Works fine on Mac Pro except for sync. What do I need to delete to start fresh? Preference files?
   #2 When it was working it wouldn't let me sync in Midi control center ever on either computer. Beat step + Beatstep pro + Minilab -no problem- Only Spark. Why?
   #3 Now Software center won't let me log in now even though I am logged in to My Arturia page.
   #4 Spark will now only let me run in Demo mode (with no library)
   #5 Keeps asking to update to latest firmware- I already did that...
   #6 Midi control Center "preferences" does (shows) nothing. Why?
   #7 Tech support is awful! I emailed them 3 times 11 days ago! No response! WTF?
I like the concept and sounds of this equipment but damn! So buggy! Analog Lab crashes constantly etc
I am at a loss...They need phone techs cause this email thing ain't working!


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Artpig ? man , that low


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Here is the process to completely uninstall a plugin on MAC.

[NOTE : If you happen to have created custom user presets, please let us know before doing the following procedure and we will explain how to back them up]

To completely uninstall a program from a MAC computer please delete the following folders :

/Library/Application Support/Digidesign/Plug-Ins/<instrument>.dpm
/Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/plugins/*.aaxplugin
/Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/plugins/Arturia/*.aaxplugin
/Application/Arturia/<instrument> MIDI control

Then try to reinstall, and keep me informed if it fixes your issue.

Do not hesitate to create a ticket on the support section of our website.

Best Regards

Edouard Arturia - HelpDesk


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Hi Eduard, Thanks for your help. Where to begin? I tried deleting those files you mentioned but that did not work.Some of those files were not there. When I reinstall Spark it says installation failed and yet Spark is there. When I start it, it only lets me run in demo mode. Arturia software center won't let me log in-keeps saying "email or password is wrong" I never changed that..Why can't I sign in? I can sign into "My Arturia" no problem.
 I created several tickets days ago (over a week) and have not heard anything back...Case # 233617 and 234842
This is really frustrating. I can't believe that I can't just erase this program and start over -fresh!


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Hi , have you had any luck so far getting into the asc. maybe try turning off your firewall incase it blocking the Asc . or go to HD/library/arturia/arturia software centre and delete id.ascd

then reopen the asc and input you id again

hope it helps

aka Logicaldream
Arturia Tester for spark,analog lab,kl88,matrix12,semv,beatstep,minibrute se,ASC,Vcol4, beastep pro.


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Hi Terrym, I deleted the id.ascd file and that did not work. Then i deleted ASC including the library/ files and reinstalled ASC only to get error 1-comunication error. My firewall is off and has alway been off...I don't  understand why I can't delete all these Arturia files and start over? Short of reinitializing this laptop  (which I would rather not do for obvious reasons) I am really perplexed...


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