September 28, 2016, 07:11:35 pm
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Author Topic: Feature Request: Route Velocity With Software Interface  (Read 59 times)


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Feature Request: Route Velocity With Software Interface
« on: September 12, 2016, 12:17:38 pm »
Would it be possible to add the ability to route velocity to the destination that the Mod Wheel is not currently using? For example, if the Mod Wheel destination is set to 'cutoff', velocity would control LFO depth and vice-versa.

I've been working on a couple mods, and I noticed that both the LFO and Mod Wheel Cutoff are generated by the MCU, independently. When the Mod wheel is set to 'LFO depth', the +/- 5V LFO generated by the MCU is attenuated, and the cutoff control signal is always 0V. When the Mod Wheel is set to 'Cutoff', the LFO is transmitted at the full +/-5V, and the 0-10V Cutoff signal is generated. Unless I'm missing something, I don't see a technical reason why both these things can't be controlled at the same time.

Since the microbrute's keyboard generates velocity, and the MCU of course can receive velocity MIDI data along with pitch bend, mod, and notes, I think the only change that would need be made is in the MCU code. A switch would need to be put in the software interface to turn the feature on/off, and a control to set the level of velocity depth.

Since both those CV signals are generated on the MCU (LFO and 0-10V for mod wheel to cutoff), you could get a lot more fancy with combining mod wheel/velocity depth amounts to 'cutoff' and 'lfo depth', but a basic ability to route velocity in this way would be extremely useful and, I think, fairly easy to impliment.
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