October 25, 2014, 07:41:59 am
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Author Topic: CV 'bugs' (edited, may be Doepfer issue)  (Read 54 times)


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CV 'bugs' (edited, may be Doepfer issue)
« on: October 10, 2014, 04:00:19 pm »
Original post is below, and I have discovered a misunderstanding on my part, pertaining to the issue which manifests itself in the Doepfer it now seems, so if anyone has a Dark Energy and they'd like to try this I'd appreciate the feedback. It seems that the gate out is re-triggered, even though there is a held note. I confirmed this by hooking up a monotribe which actually retrigger every time the brute does, whereas the Doepfer is not retriggering 90% of the time, so it's not an occasional glitch it's predominantly not working, ie most of the time it is not retriggering, this is disappointing as it's unlikely to be resolved, being a deleted product

Anyway, anyone with a DE mark 1 revision pcb 2 care to test for completeness

Ignore the flawed assumption about retriggering below, the gate seems to be momentarily dropped and reopened every time a retrigger occurs, irrespective of held note!

'Bugs' in CV , whaaa.. Well, let's say glitches or I may have a duff board

I'd like to find out ASAP

Simple CV test

Env legato mode must be off

It is easiest to test with last note mode, but all modes are buggy

All other settings in Microbrute do not matter, however, for simplicity, especially if you are auditioning the Micro, please set a simple saw patch up with a half closed lowpass filter and use a snappy envelope with about 15% decay! all others at zero, so you can hear the re triggering of the envelope


Patch a gate out to a gate in of another cv synth
Patch pitch out if you want too, but this is a gate related bug

I tried with a Dark Energy 1, set a similar sound up, snappy and simple

When you play a sequencer everything should sound okay
Switch seq off

Now play non legato, everything is okay

Hold a note, any note and play any others changing notes and rhythm, but hold the first note

The gate should always be ON, always, as you have not released, however I get random intermittent and inconsistent re triggering of the gate maybe 10% of the time

In terms of re triggering gate, It should behave just like it does if Env legato mode is on, but it does not, make sure you switch Env legato mode to off to test this

I can test the Dark Energy with an Analog Four and it works fine when using the Elektron, this makes me happy that there is no issue with my DE, the envelope should not retrigger randomly

Whilst this manifests in CV mode I believe it must be a software bug

Can anyone test and confirm

Please : - )

Then I will send in a ticket, if this is a broken brute or is not fixable I am still within returns period
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