October 23, 2014, 05:58:42 pm
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Author Topic: MicroBrute Connection Available  (Read 4225 times)


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Re: MicroBrute Connection Available
« Reply #15 on: October 06, 2014, 08:15:05 pm »
...the LFO's aren't phased properly in the current firmwares, and when you DO upgrade the firmware, go back and check all the settings in Connection Editor because if I recall correctly it changed my settings on me and made sequencer not work until i switched it back to the way it was....

They say to update the FirmWare BEFORE using the Connection software... now I'm doubly prepared√


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Re: MicroBrute Connection Available
« Reply #16 on: October 07, 2014, 12:11:23 pm »
There is currently a discrepancy in the connection software and the better range that is available via midi cc settings for the gate length parameter. Ultimately this means that there is more control options available via midi cc and that is always preferable, however, it also means that there is an error in the defined ranges in the manual. There are four ranges, with a second variant of the long gate mode which is half as frequent. Handy, also mentioned elsewhere on the forum, but I found this too when setting up a Lemur editor. Please note, the Lemur app does not find the MicroBrute over USB although other iOS apps do. This is frustrating when you want to use USB for control and the DIN port for clock and notes etc

I'd like to make a suggestion here for the following

A key latch / sustain switch in connection software that has a midi control, so that gate can be held without using the gate out to gate in trick, this setting should not be saved upon a reboot, it should be a temporary switch

A user selectable mode in connection software to swap the square LFO (currently out of phase by 180 btw) for a sample and hold style stepped random mode,this would be a saveable mode and would also have cc control. I think this option is sensitive to the existing UI and would be VERY welcome by all users

A user selectable mode to increase the options of the synced LFO rate to permit the current 'coarse' mode with one which permits triplet rates to be synced too etc

I'd also like to see a switch in software which allowed the selection of current or double or half rates for the LFO speeds which I find to be too rapid for slow sweeps and not fast enough for quick synced effects

The phase of all Lfos could also have a software 'inverted' mode so that more variation could be offered on they slower retrigger and synced modes

I'd also suggest a toggle in the software that could allow random reordering of the sequencer steps per repeat or retrigger

All these suggestions are software based and do not affect the default simple nature of the synth, they just extend the musical functionality for adventurous users, most of us are that way inclined

Not related to connection software

The sequencer plays sequence 1 on reboot, even if another position is already selected !

Saw LFO and square have phase issues

Synced mod wheel LFO amount exhibits zipper issues

The synced sequencer rate selections will throw a pattern out of phase when it is doubled or halved, it should be possible to ensure that a pattern is starting on the 1 when the rate is changed in sync mode, it makes no sense when it is currently random where the pattern will sit when the synced rate is adjusted

Another +1 for a tie mode in the sequencer

Otherwise it is a mighty mighty micro synth : D


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Re: MicroBrute Connection Available
« Reply #17 on: October 08, 2014, 04:36:02 am »
"A user selectable mode to increase the options of the synced LFO rate to permit the current 'coarse' mode with one which permits triplet rates to be synced too etc"

+1! i like your other suggestions too but this one is most welcome for me


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