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Author Topic: Remote midi with pc possible from Studio One 3?  (Read 104 times)


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Remote midi with pc possible from Studio One 3?
« on: August 06, 2016, 11:49:12 pm »
Please respond only if you have direct experience with this setup in Studio One 3,

My Microbrute is hooked up with USB cable to my Win7 laptop. The MB audio out is fed into some guitar petals then into a Presonus interface.

Is there any way to send midi notes from Studio One 3 to the MicroBrute so the pc is playing it remote, then the audio will be recorded on a separate track?

Ive been able to do this with the Native Instruments Machine software, use the NI M to send midi to the MB but I can not seem to send midi within SO3. If I try to use the NI M as a work around by importing the NI M as a VST plugin the MB midi option disappears.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Remote midi with pc possible from Studio One 3?
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2016, 12:07:16 am »
Hi friend,

I have managed to so this, after several hours of tearing my hair out. I find Studio One to be so unintuitive. I should say that this is on a Mac, but probably the same. My audio interface is PreSonus AudioBox iTwo, connected via USB to the Mac. Brute is connected to input of iTwo. I assume you have selected your PreSonus interface in the Studio One setup.

1) In Studio One you need to create a new Instrument external device (you can create a Keyboard too, if you want to record the notes from your Brute - see below). I've called mine "Brute Instrument". Keep "Receive From" as "not connected". For "Send to", select "In 2" which I guess is the name Arturia have given to the USB MIDI input.

2) Create an instrument track for your MIDI. The Instrument Output for this track should be "Brute Instrument" or whatever you named it in step 1.

3) Create an audio track to receive the audio from the Brute. Select the appropriate input from your PreSonus interface, mine is called "Input 2". Arm the track for record.

Now any notes you have on the MIDI Instrument track will be sent via USB to the Brute's input, and the audio output from Brute will be recorded onto the audio track. 

As mentioned, you can add an external Keyboard (not Instrument) in Studio One to record the MIDI notes from the Brute. Leave the "Send to" as not connected, and the "receive from" should be "Out 2", with the appropriate MIDI channel selected (or All).

Hope this helps.


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