May 23, 2015, 02:08:10 pm
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Author Topic: switch between minibrute [arpeggiator] and minibrute se [sequencer] using sysex  (Read 111 times)


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i know this has already been mentioned in this thread and in this thread, but i think it might be worth a thread of its own:

on his minibrute hacking site, yves has explained how you can easily switch any minibrute between the regular brute's arpeggiator and the se's sequencer just by sending a short sysex string:

Except for the external look, the only difference between a vanilla and a SE depends on a small string of  commands written to the EPROM of the microprocessor. The hardware and the firmware ( or greater) are the same. Therefore in order to have your machine behaving like a vanilla or SE it's up to you to send a short SysEx command to your MiniBrute. [...]

Vanilla to SE
Here is the SysEx command: F0 00 20 6B 04 01 75 01 3E 01 F7 

SE to vanilla
Here is the SysEx command:  F0 00 20 6B 04 01 46 01 3E 00 F7

apparently, you have to reboot your brute after sending one of those commands, and that's it.
i can't try this myself, as i sold my mini some time ago and got two micros instead - but this might make me get a mini again...
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it works i have already tried it both ways. having sequencer on the mini is great :) next thing to try is to map the sysex commands to a midi control so you could switch in a live situation. thanks arturia and to ever work this out now we just need need midi out support for arp and sequencer and a polybrute 5 voice minum around $1500 please arturia make it so   


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I am working on a template for TB-Midi Stuff which will in essence be a iPad version of the connection app.
I made buttons with the sysex commands and that worked fine.
I can easily switch to the sequencer and arpeggiator.


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