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Author Topic: He is the door from the hall toward me  (Read 555 times)


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He is the door from the hall toward me
« on: October 21, 2013, 03:47:08 pm »
Just hibiscus hoon am going to wear my ring when the door came a hotel lobby is very discordant voices .

"I would rather early summer , you can not marry this man ! He is a big liar ! "

I was surprised , to Isabel Marant Bottines the hall door and looked, and then I saw an intruder ...... cold bamboo Xuan .

He is the door from the hall toward me , he looks is very impatient, his words immediately caused a stir guests , we have to discuss them whispering .

I vaguely heard someone in the crowd said: " Who is this man ? "

"This bride is not simple ah ! "

" This will not rob marriage , right ? "

My parents and terrestrial Heying is stunned and stared at me very worried .

Hibiscus hoon Isabel Marant Baskets holding ring puzzled stare , I started to get nervous .

"He ...... he was one of my former friends ." Face hibiscus hoon , I suddenly little timid , I think my bamboo Xuan and cold things should probably tell him before the marriage was clear.

"Is the ex-boyfriend now ."

Hibiscus hoon sneered bamboo Xuan went cold eyes , and put a ring on my palm , very patiently watched him step by step toward us.

Cold bamboo Xuan: "I would rather early summer , you listen to me, this man he did not love you, I can not watch you cheated ! "

Hibiscus Hoon : "Today I marry rather early summer , you are saying that I do not love her , you is not sick ? Do you love her , why do not you marry her before it ! "

Bamboo Xuan cold dark eyes dark , not to be outdone : "I did not marry her does not mean I do not love her ! I do not allow anyone to hurt her cheating on her , do not use the guise of marriage to deceive an innocent woman , okay ? "

At this point two men's eyes like a bullet in the air " whoosh " of flying !

This sudden situation was very surprised me , so the idea that this story how ? !

Like a movie plot of the novel , women married ex-boyfriend suddenly grab marriage !

"Cold Zhu Xuan , you enough ! Are you doing here ? You know, you bless me not rare ! Could you make haste to leave, everyone else look good preservation come ."

I'm cold bamboo Xuan Isabel Marant Betty Sneakers unceremoniously Xiazhukeling , cold tone, so that the people can see that my position.

Cold Zhu Xuan his face in front of many friends and family say that this madness , this scene so people see a joke !


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