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Author Topic: Then I raised head Student Groups  (Read 631 times)


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Then I raised head Student Groups
« on: October 21, 2013, 03:37:54 pm »
"Children ? What kids ? After you left I was wiped out , your child how I might want to do ? Even if you do not go I do not want, you're just bored of my college years , when pastime , but also really thought I was serious, right ? I Pooh ! "

I say that every word of the teeth, Isabel Marant Sneakers I found him more ugly face , grab the paper 's hands were shaking ......

I smiled again, his mocking , provocative tone, said : "I'll get married, you are welcome to drink wedding ."

Then I raised head Student Groups , dashing climbed into the car and sped away ......

Through the rearview mirror , I saw the son of a bitch stood there clutching the paper and looked at me away in the direction of the long did not move .

Car driving on it blurred my sight , and I had burst into tears , heartache can not breathe , damn cold bamboo Xuan , why you came back three years later opened my scars ?

You are also eligible talk to me about things that kids do ? You do not deserve , do not deserve !

I have been unable to drive, had parked the car in the street , then no one else crying lying on the steering wheel up ......
I do not know how long cry , feeling sleepy mind , I smoked a paper towel wiped his face, and then moved to the co-pilot position on the sight I have ever bag.

Unzip , I once saw a cell phone , there are some small objects.

Bag with a card that catches my eye , after opening saw a line of text .

Cold bamboo Xuan Fonts: " In early summer, I three years ago, I have something for you to do solemnly apologize to you , young and frivolous to do stupid things that you can Isabel Marant boots not forgive that I deserve ! Temporarily unable to explain a lot of things , possible ... later you will understand my feelings . Finally, sincerely wish you happy marriage , happy life , completely forgot my asshole ! "

I Pooh ! Do not give me this , his aging mother I do not care !

Now it is too late to say sorry to me the point of it ? You how not to die a smelly bastard !

That's when I order you almost lost even life , not an apology will be able to resolve the matter .

I swore in my heart Isabel Marant bitter cold bamboo Xuan , I told myself , no matter what he does I will not forgive him !

I cried in front mirrors compiled under the flower face , as well as messy hair , suddenly someone knocked on my window, I'm a side head , is actually hibiscus hoon .


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