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Author Topic: I put the car moved to the side of the road  (Read 538 times)


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I put the car moved to the side of the road
« on: October 21, 2013, 03:36:01 pm »
I try to hold back the hearts of anger , teeth and said : "You forced me ! Fine ass car behind me why ? Do not you know this is very dangerous ah ? "

He used to take Isabel Marant Bottes me helpless eyes looked at me , his tone softened a lot, one took my hand and said: "You first off , I have something to ask you ."

This situation reminds me of that encounter with hibiscus hoon , I sigh I told zebra grudges against you, why do you always here out of the situation ?

Your uncle , I did not lose at the starting line of life , but lost in the zebra !

"I do not get off ! You get out , I gotta go ! " I throw off his hand , intends to raise the windowpane .

He was tightly holding down my window , despite the car glass is about to cut his hand.

"Just a few minutes , I know you do not want to see me , I ask them went longer harass you ."

I looked around my car before and after the detour , out of civic-mindedness , I put the car moved to the side of the road .

" What you really want to ask me ? " I got off the station in front of him , asked him impatiently . I do not want to talk to him winded , in my eyes he has been characterized became a big jerk !

Cold dark eyes dark bamboo Xuan , and seemed sad to say: " Your bag ...... I did not know on my car, I have recently returned home only to find it has been placed in the trunk of my car . then I looked open ...... discovered this . "

His hand slowly spread out in front of me , her hand lying on a hospital has a little yellow inspection certificate .

I was the head of "Om " sound , suddenly ached ......

The note is my pregnant hospital medical certificate , when I was going to tell the news bamboo Xuan cold , but then have not had time to tell him that I was ruthless suddenly abandoned !

I would hold back the Isabel Marant Basket tears welling grievances , Chanzhuo voice, said: "So what ? "

"Children do ? Our children do ? " His eyes red , his brow wrinkled , it is extremely painful .

I had to laugh, laugh very mockery .


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