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Author Topic: KeyLab 88 - saving a split as a snapshots standalone or midi control center  (Read 648 times)


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I just got a Keylab 88 recently and I am trying to create a split and save it as a snapshot. I want to send one side of the split on midi channel 1 and the other side of the split on midi channel 2. I use Ableton 9 and I would like to play the 2 different VSTs in separate tracks; for example a synth bass VST on the left and a tine piano on the right. This way I could record the midi from left and right hand separately.

I figured out how to make a split by 1. starting midi control center first, 2. clicking "sync", then 3. starting Ableton; I then set the VSTs to receive on their own midi channel. This way, I can make changes in midi control center which immediately sync to the keyboard, but I can't seem to save anything to the keyboard's internal memory.

I want to save the split on the keyboard as a snapshot so I don't need to run midi control center. For example, I want to be able to press snapshot #1 and it sends midi on all channels with no split; then press snapshot #2 and I get the split. This way I could use the keyboard standalone; with 5-pin midi and an external power supply without the USB cable.

I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong because I can't seem to save or recall the snapshots from the keyboard's internal memory as described above. The manual is not very clear on this and there are no examples

Please help.


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