February 11, 2016, 02:29:48 pm
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Author Topic: Analog lab, Minilab, and Maschine not getting along  (Read 25 times)


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Analog lab, Minilab, and Maschine not getting along
« on: February 09, 2016, 11:15:51 pm »
I'm having a fairly specific and unique problem. I'm considering just uninstalling and reinstalling some things, but I'm busy and figured I'd ask if anyone has had a similar problem first.

I have a minilab, the analog lab (with full v-collection) and Maschine. I have windows 10, all involved software and firmware is fully updated, the minilab is fairly new, and my computer specs are more than enough to run everything at once. My issue involves knobs 1 and 9 (which are dedicated volume and program scroll, respectively).

When I run the analog lab in standalone mode, the minilab is able to send correct information to knob one, for the most part. It's a little glitchy if I turn the knob really fast, but if I take my time it seems ok. Knob 9, however, is a nightmare. When I turn it, at first there is no response, and then a split second later Analog Lab will scroll down through a lot of programs really quickly. When I turn the knob the other way, it continues to scroll down instead of back the other way. If I stop for a second and then scroll again (down or up), it will just continue back up to the top. Waiting for a few more seconds will sometimes reset it and allow me to scroll down again (but erratically).

When I run the analog lab within maschine, the problem is exponentially worse. Knob 1 usually won't work at all, or will just reset the volume to zero, and knob 9 doesn't seem to register with the software at all (including mapping it to other controls).

I'm using the factory template. I've tried setting the global knob acceleration to slow and medium as well as fast, and nothing seems to solve it. I've run midi monitoring software (midi-ox) to see what values the minilab is sending, and it's sending correct and smooth values with no delays (ascending to a maximum when I turn right, descending to a minimum when I turn left). This leads me to believe the issue is with the analog lab and maschine software...


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