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Author Topic: Not able to stop Minibrute LFO pitch warble  (Read 49 times)


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Not able to stop Minibrute LFO pitch warble
« on: November 12, 2015, 03:50:43 am »
Hi all,

 My Minibrute recently started to have pitch drift connected to the LFO pitch function which ranges from minor glitching to huge warbles. It does this regardless of where the LFO->pitch knob is set. I've been able to verify that the warble is indeed connected to the LFO by making sure the tracking selection on the back is set to keyboard, that all envelope modulation knobs are set to 0, that the aftertouch is set to off, and that the mod wheel is set to filter and all the way off. With all of these settings the pitch warble still tracks/follows the LFO rate knob.

 I've also opened up and cleaned all the connections/pots/and knobs with either Deoxit Fader Lube and Deoxit D5. I also took a magnifying glass and checked all the circuit connections for a break or a bad solder. And of course double checked that all the cables and internal connectors where seated properly. Last but not least I tried disconnecting both the Mod and Pitch wheels. And tried tracking the pitch externally from a Rene sequencer.

Still no joy, pitch warble city!

Anyway I can fix this myself or somehow completely bypass the LFO?

I hope that you're having a nice day :-)

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