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Spark is in the VST folder. I have no trouble moving VST's in/out of the VST folder and having them show up in Studio 1 (same version as George). I'm running Win 7 Home Ed, 32 bit (maybe that is the problem).


Thanks for confirming it's just an issue for me! LOL

Community / Re: Looking good arturia
« Last post by TonyFlyingSquirrel on January 23, 2015, 01:02:38 am »
A breath of fresh air.
I always recommend the book Sound Synthesis & Sampling by Martin Russ.  It's a great guide to sound synthesis.

If you can find it cheap, Keyboard presents Steal This Sound by Mitchell Sigman is a pretty decent book on learning to create popular synth patches that specifically refers to some of Arturia's synths. 

Also, the entire Sound on Sound: Synth Secrets by Gordon Reid is a great series;  It's a collection of articles from the late '90s to 'early '00s on a variety of synthesis methods, available for free on the Sound on Sound website.
Free Speech / Re: Audiofuse
« Last post by CC4 on January 23, 2015, 12:23:22 am »
It looks slick a hell, but I hope I don't need to buy myself another audio interface anytime soon.
So, I'm an happy man tonight...
Now another question and I can open a champaign bottle if the answer is "yes" ...
Does the swing will work in standalone (and midi sync slave).
I'm asking that cause the swing on Beatstep is only working when connected in usb....
The Beatstep Pro looks like a great piece of hardware... looks like I bought one version too soon.  But my wallet is absolutely shut to Arturia until Spark is dialed in.  In the meantime, I grow more fond of some other samplers (hardware & software) out on the market.
Spark Technical Issues / Re: SPARK Lag with Logic X
« Last post by syz-x on January 22, 2015, 11:50:56 pm »
This problem occurred immediately when upgrading to Spark 2, released in August 2014.

After contacting Arturia support several times without answer I finally got this message from them September 27 last year (2014)

"This is a known bug with the GUI, and we are working on IT.
Please accept all apologies for the temporary inconvenience caused.

Feel free to come back to me if still any problem or misunderstanding.
Yours cordially,"

This was the first time Arturia admitted that it was problems with Spark 2. They also claimed that an update would be available soon that would fix this. Now six months later, this update still do not exist. 

I must say that Arturias support department is really bad, and sometimes I start to question their intelligence. But even so, to make Spark work with the market leaders of DAW's should not ever take +6 months to solve!

All I can say is that if all of us users keep shaving their backs, demanding a solution, they ought to do something sometime.
I confirm you can do it. It would have be mean after the beatstep to not add it :).
Free Speech / Re: Audiofuse
« Last post by stuart on January 22, 2015, 11:30:35 pm »
Yeah it's nice, I think it's a nice mobile size and good features. I would have liked to have seen actual midi ports rather that those silly breakout cables but that's a minor thing. 

But then you could argue that with USB midi you don't need actual midi as most devices nowadays use USB. I'm not sure I would use it in the studio, I think the form factor is more a mobile device. Plus, although i'm sure they have spent a lot of time on the audio side, they don't have the pedigree yet of someone like Lavry or Lynx.

Not sure i'm totally over the moon about the Beatstep pro mind you. Not that it's a bad unit or a bad idea. It just seems that it's the same thing over again. Arturia have a great idea then they release a product, they then rethink it a bit and release a slightly better product a year or so later.

If, if they were to just hold off on releasing things and wait until the ideas were a little bit more formed, we would have 1 Spark unit, 1 Beatstep & 1 Minibrute unit. (And yes, these are the units I own) There also seems like a fair deal of crossover ideas on each unit.

Anyway, back to the Audiofuse, great little unit.
Hello again,

ok NAMM '15 starts right now.
ok realease of new stuff to the crowd is important

But not ok is that you give a fuck on your running machines, your cash cows, specially the SparkLE.
This and other explained issues makes SparkLE competely unusable because it is not possible to produce a track or Loop in one bunch as you promise in your glossy brochure.
Anytime I hope you hear the crowd screaming to fix bugs a bit more frequently, but you just sitt on your asses and present new products which will have the
same fucking Beta Status as SparkLE.

I'm very pissed about your money making strategy!
But and that's the good News, many many other people will do the same with your company if you still treated your customers as they are idiots.

Beta Stuff
No good customers Support
Just money making
Thats the stuff of bankruptcy made of!

WIll never buy any Product of Arturia again!

Bad english, who cares!

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