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V-Collection / Re: Really disappointed about new GUI
« Last post by Koshdukai on May 24, 2016, 11:32:07 pm »
Indeed, on the CS-80, the text "stencils" only become clearly readable with zoom>=100% :/

The Solina, Wurli and VOX didn't get the same "high-res GUI" treatment as all the others.

*One can only hope that those improvements will show up on a future minor update :)

TBH, I prefer (temporarily*) dealing with some cosmetic GUI fuzziness but still be able to zoom them now.
Analog Lab 2 / Re: So, what's new in Analog Lab 2?
« Last post by Koshdukai on May 24, 2016, 11:19:34 pm »
I usually use the 2nd bank of sliders/rotaries to control specific functions on the DAW (or on specific VST effects) keeping the 1st bank for the Analog Lab.

About this thread topic, these are to me the differences:

1) Now it acts as a unified front-end to all VC5 instruments presets, including any presets you make on each of those instruments (something not possible on the previous Analog Lab).

2) GUI zooming, like all the rest of the VC5 instruments now have

3) Full instrument editing now happening inside AL2's GUI instead of on an additional window.

maybe there's more, but these are the ones that jumped at me :)
Analog Lab 2 / Re: Analog Lab 2 - Open individual synths
« Last post by Koshdukai on May 24, 2016, 11:17:28 pm »
Seeing the features of Analog Lab 2 says " Full preset editing available for owners of the full versions of our synthesizers (Mini V, Modular V, CS-80V, Wurlitzer V, etc.)"

so that means that only when having the v collection you get acces to all synth? (or when buying them individually?)
or will I also have full access with just the Analog Lab?

Analog Lab 2 works as:
1) a preset player (but provides access to a lot of the instruments parameters, just not the full GUI)
2) a split/layer manager by allowing 2 presets to be played
3) a unified front-end to all VC5 instruments presets, including any presets you make on each of those instruments (something not possible on the previous Analog Lab).

So, yes, just like with the previous Analog Lab, you can only access the instruments full GUI if you own them too.
Mini V 3 - Technical Issues / Re: Import . minibank into V3?
« Last post by Koshdukai on May 24, 2016, 10:54:17 pm »
All well and fair BUT as evidenced on these forums that while the synths work a lot of them don't work correctly. Hard to get a job done when you don't know where the next formerly working feature doesn't work right.
hmmm... well, they are working fine on my systems+DAWs :)
I guess you don't care then that some of the synths have features that aren't working as they should. But then again you're a beta tester and beholden to Arturia. Step out of your ivory tower and actually READ what posters are saying here.
if I didn't care, I wouldn't be here collecting info about the issues being reported and checking them on my setups and provide either help if possible or validating/confirming them  because that's all I can do.

What I've seen so far was Arturia staff being as informative and helpful as they can, either explaining misconceptions and proper to use the existing features  (like the sustain pedal on Prophet), recognizing missing features that are planned for a free update (like B3's bass pedal) or acknowledging issues with solutions (like the gfx driver updates) or taking note of true bugs being reported by helpful users (like the Channel Aftertouch issue on Chords after the 1st NoteOFF).

Regarding this thread, it was already said that VC5 presets aren't compatible with previous versions (by design) and a conversion utility is being worked on. ...what else do you want ? :)
Analog Lab / Re: Still crashing my daw and crackling noises
« Last post by kouros on May 24, 2016, 10:50:41 pm »
The memory of your computer may be the culprit.
I have limited RAM on my PC, which yielded similar results, as well as the knobs/faders only intermittently responding to realtime tweaking, both as a plugin and as standalone mode.

I recently got a refurbed iMac from and added a chunk of RAM and now it works flawlessly.

could the 4GB RAM be that causes me crackling noises on every synth from the v-collection 5 ?

I wouldn't be surprised if it were.  I have 32 gb now on my iMac.  Performs quite fast and very clean.

the strange think is that the task manager shows just about 1.32 GB use of RAM and round about 15% CPU usage and no sudden peaks or what so ever...

BeatStep Pro - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Many problems with MCC and BSP.
« Last post by Marucian on May 24, 2016, 10:39:11 pm »

Thought I might share my experiences and doubts about the MCC. Oh and this is my first time posting in a forum, the fun fact here being that an Arturia product took me to a place from which I would normally shy away :)

I can easily change midi configurations within MCC and then save... Sorry, "store" my configuration to whatever project or memory in my BSP. It does however, get rid of any sequence patterns that were previously stored into that project.

Obviously, I could just decide to configure the knobs before creating patterns but what if I wanted to go back and assign knob 1 to CC# 11 instead of 12 as an example? I can't store that change without wiping out my patterns... Can I?! :)



Analog Lab / Help! connecting Analog Lab 2 to Ableton Live Lite 9
« Last post by whc on May 24, 2016, 10:32:18 pm »
Hi have tried for hours now, searching ang searching for answers, but have not been able to find solution.

How di I connect Analog Lab 2 to Ableton Live Lite 9, so that I can record sounds from Analog Lav to Ableton Live?

Am on MAC, running El Capitan, just got my first MIDI keyboard today (Keylab 49), so completely new to this, so hoping for some help here, thanks.
Synclavier V - Technical Issues / Re: The Synclavier V... sampling missing ?
« Last post by jackn2mpu on May 24, 2016, 10:15:13 pm »
I think you might find your going to have a heavy number of users who want you to add the sampling side on, i cant think of a single person i know who would expect the synclavier to NOT have some kind of sample manipulation on it, for example the fairlight did FM synthesis, but you would hardly think of the fairlight as an FM synth, you would think sampler first.
If you made the plugin for a Fairlight and took away the sampling feature, you would get laughed out of here.
I personally think it should be a paid upgrade at worst, but one you should definitely implement in order to make it an authentic synclavier emulation, its something producers young and old out there have lusted after for as long as i can remember.
Agreed 10000% At least let us fly in our own samples.
Synclavier V - Technical Issues / Re: The Synclavier V... sampling missing ?
« Last post by jackn2mpu on May 24, 2016, 10:13:07 pm »
A virtual fairlight would be brilliant too or a virtual emulator II.

Are you aware of UVI's Darklight IIX or Peter Vogel's Fairlight app for ios?
I don't think Arturia needs to make haste with a Fairlight VST.
Difficult to tell what your reply was but I figured it out. Hard to believe but there are those of us who don't own an iOS device. As to the Darklight UVI vst emulation that one isn't even close to what a real Fairlight was.
B-3 V - Users Community / Re: Bypass the Leslie?
« Last post by jackn2mpu on May 24, 2016, 10:08:26 pm »
Hi Jackn2mpu.

on the leslie, right to the "drum accel" knob, you have a "on/off" switch. Setting it to off will bypass the leslie.
Hope it helps,

Thanks for the reply; it's not clear what that switch does as it just says on/off but on/off what? Maybe active/bypass would be better.
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