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Ok so I've been pulling my hair out trying to get this thing to sync to a trigger pulse from a Roland TR 808. The BSP is set to 1step via its midi software editor and is set to clock on the sync setting on the hardware box. I know my cables are good and I am plugged into the correct input port. Everything I've tried doesn't work. I know the 808 has a strong pulse so I tried a Korg SQ1 with both its sync out and gate out and it still won't sync. When I switch the clock in to din sync and connect it to the 808 everything works exactly as it should. Has anyone successfully synced it to clock pulses. What precise voltage is it looking for for this port to work. Also I did manually hit play as you have to on most analog sequencers so I also know it's not that. And I'm on the latest firmware.
iMini / Re: can Imini be used to progroam a real moog?
« Last post by ndrecchia on October 04, 2015, 08:10:07 pm »
Can I load a patch then copy the knob settings to a real mini moog and will the moog and the imini sound the same?
That way I could copy down some presets as im not that handy with a moog.

I wonder if they will sound the same?
both will not sound the same, because the real minimoog is 40 yaers old and each Minimoog sounds in a way different from the other. in the "body" of each Minimoog's been about 40 years of electricity. iMini is  an hypothetical minimoog, that does not exist in the real world.
iProphet Users Community / Re: Problem with personal presets
« Last post by ndrecchia on October 04, 2015, 08:05:20 pm »
Maybe they are not completely lost.  Can you import those files into the desktop version?
I don't have the desktop version and i want to use my presets with the ipad version. so is the iprophet useless. you cannot work for professional use, because you cannot save the work, and if you lost a sound designe-works of months, the app is useless. Arturia have to solve this bug asap.
Hi, I just bought my BSP and the first sequence I programmed began to stutter and kinda skip notes. The next issue is similar to yours, as i was playing a sequence i hit the looper and the first few times it worked as i would expect. By about the fourth or fifth use it ended up freezing/locking up the BSP and the keyboard it was hooked up to as well. I hooked it up to a drum module and tried the looper and the same same thing happened each time freezing both BSP and drum module. Every time this happens it displays error and then od or 06 but it kinda looks like od which is kinda funny in a way. I decided to stay away from the looper i continued to play around with the BSP and these long drone like notes appeared from no were and the single note would just play until i shut the power down. This thing is haunted I think.
    On a more serious note  I have to take this thing back and it will be a long drive and take a huge part of my day. Since my issues I came here to this forum and read some similar stories. I suspect the retailer will offer me an exchange or refund. Some of the experiences i have read here make me wonder how something that is this flawed and buggy can be allowed to be sold.Is it just a small few that are bad or is this with "many" of the units. I have to decide tomorrow if i refund or exchange. I do like the unit and setup of it in fact i am very impressed but like anything in the end i need it to work as it is designed. I had my previous sequencer for literally 25 years (qy10) and from when i took it out of the box until it finally died(rip) last month i never had any problem with it.

for reference I had the BSP midi out connected to a korg triton midi in and the second time BSP midi out to Yamaha dtx midi in. even with nothing connected with just the power plugged in through an outlet the behavior with the looper was the same each time freezing the unit.
MicroBrute / MicroBrute to play both speakers
« Last post by JST1 on October 04, 2015, 07:36:53 pm »
Hey Users,
I just bought the Microbrute - and i do love it!
I dont know if there is something i've totally missed, but when i plug my brute to my behringer DDM400 mixer which i connected through to my KRK Rokit 5 it only plays the Left speaker.
I Connect the Brute with minijack to phono in channel 3 Line on my mixer.
Is there any way to connect it through the mixer and play both speakers?

Thank you, Julius
I found a solution for Studio One Version 3:

In Options Advanced Midi I choose Use legacy Midi insted of direct music.

In External Devices I made a Keyboard device and an Instrument device, here I choose Send Midi clock and Send Midi Clock start.

The Timing is now perfect.

But: I must choose a the smallest (64 samples) or a small buffer size in my Steinberg UR22 soundcard. If I uncheck Use legacy Midi insted of direct music the timing goes bad.

I misunderstood the sync knob settings of Beatstep Pro, INT and USB sends MIDI and clock out over USB and the MIDI out socket, MIDI means an external device is connect over MIDI in socket and clock means that a DIN SYNC device is connected over clock in socket.
BeatStep Pro - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Voltage attenuation?
« Last post by Old_School on October 04, 2015, 05:28:37 pm »
The KOMA cable looks simple enough but from what I saw of it there does't seem a way to know how much the attenuation is. The CP-251 looks like it could step down -5v but that's a $400 solution.
I'm having the exact same problem and I have tried the octave settings but it's still a couple of octaves high - even when sending the lowest notes possible frpm the BSP! No clue!
General discussion on MiniBrute / Minibrute doesn't receive Midi input
« Last post by frowlyk on October 04, 2015, 04:15:42 pm »
Hello there,

I bought a minibrute and i'd like to control it by midi , anyway it looks like I did something wrong:

My Minibrute is setup like this:

.Jack (master out from Brute) into Soundcard's channel 1 ( knob is on INST)
.Usb to midi from Brute to PC

Ableton :

-Output: Minibrute 1st option ON   Sync OFF  3rd option ON   ( i don't know those options name since i'm not very good with english  :-\ )

Note that I did try to do the same for the input Minibrute [into live pannel] as well as Output
I do also have a mirror from all my midi chan like(I don't know why tho..)  :

Minibrute(port 2)

Launchkey input ( Launckey 61)
Launchkey 61 ( Port 2 )

same stuff about output

I did try to setup those mirrors as well it didn't change anything


I'm trying to send midi note from ableton to minibrute
My ableton chan is setup like this:

External inst:
midi to: Minibrute ch.1 ( same as the ableton's midi chan)

Audio from : 1

I did try to set up like
midi to : minibrute (Port 2) ch 1
Audio from : 1

Even with a wrote pattern into live's chan, Minibrute doesn't make a noise.. atleast nothing else than the withe noise if i'm turning the soundcard's gain knob around 80-100% but that doesn't require me to play anything it's just residual noise.

I tried to play Midi with my Launchkey to Minibrute too it didn't work.

May u help me please ?

I'm sorry about my english i should practice more  :-*
Thanks for your help!

BeatStep Pro - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: SH-101 constant portamento?
« Last post by Steinholtz on October 04, 2015, 12:55:13 pm »
That is absolutely not true. AUTO portamento work fine with CV/gate on SH101 - I have used it with a Doepfer MCV4, Kenton Pro solo, and I have it hooked up to a Kenton PRO 2000 as I am writing this, using the auto mode to get slide only on legato notes. But using the BSP - portamento is always on.
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