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You are welcome.

And yeah, this thing have it's issues. I made two posts about my problems. Now I don't know should I wait for an update or simply sell my BSP and get an Electribe 2 or some other sequencer.
That sir, just made my day.

...now if only all the bugs were simple user errors like this...

come on with these updates Arturia, this machine is Not finished in it's current state, it is only a potentiality...

thanks again Peter!
In case anyone is wondering, I just tested it and the mixer shifts the phase by a slightly different amount (apparently slightly less) compared to the filter so I don't think the mixer can be used as a perfect offset for the filter unfortunately.


Alright, so, after a bunch of experimentation, long story short, the main filter module shifts the phase of the signal slightly more than, apparently, every other audio processing module including the formant filter, the filters on the noise module, the ring modulator, and the mixer output. What that means is, to compensate for the phase shift of a main filter module, you need to use another filter module and all the other modules can be compensated with any of the other modules.

Arturia, if you're reading this, if you could somehow streamline or remove these phase shifts entirely from the VST, that would go quite a long way to simplify things.
I just did some further experiments...

There is good news. I just tested all of the filters including all of the settings on the multimode and they all shift the phase by the same exact amount so all I need to do is run one duplicate signal through a fully open low pass filter and the other duplicate signal through any filter I want or mix and match and they'll be in phase, not an ideal solution cause it costs me one of three filters, but it works.

There is a limitation to this trick though, apparently if you run a signal through more than one filter (osc 1 > Filter 1 > Filter 2 > Mixer) Then each filter applies more phase change and so you don't have enough pass through filters to offset 2 or 3 filters' phase changing in this manner.

Did a little further testing and apparently mixers can also cause phase change. (Sawtooth 1 > VCA 2 :: Sawtooth 1 > Mixer 2 > Mixer 1 > VCA1) and I can see when wired up this way that the signals are out of phase.

I don't know how big of a deal this might be to some people but the way I see it, part of the advantage of using multiple outputs from a single oscillator is that they will be perfectly in phase and this quirk (don't know if it deserves to be called a bug per se) does complicate things.
Ok, simple experiment, you take a sawtooth oscillator and output the same sawtooth oscillator twice to two of the mixers and then link them together and output them into VCA 1. Predictably what happens when you adjust the mixer output is that they essentially just cleanly adjust the amplitude of the signal because they're in phase, they're duplicate signals basically, and so it's just more energy in the waveform.

But something I just noticed, while intending to mix a filtered oscillator output with an unfiltered oscillator output, is that if I take an oscillator and directly connect it to the mixer and then I take the same oscillator and put a second output through the default low pass filter and then put it to a 2nd mixer input and link it, I can clearly see on my oscilloscope (with the lowpass filter completely open) as I adjust the mixer levels between the clean and filtered that even though the source signal is the same oscillator just duplicated, the mixed signals are visible and audibly out of phase relative to one another.

I don't know if this is a bug per se, maybe a slight alteration of the signal's phase is some kind of byproduct of the DSP, but it would be nice of Arturia to perhaps put in some code to align the phases of the oscillator outputs when a single oscillator has more than one output.

Incidentally, I can connect two outputs of an oscillator to two low pass filters and then put the outputs back into two mixer channels and the signals are in phase again.
BeatStep Pro - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: NO Metronome Tick?
« Last post by Midimoose on October 20, 2016, 11:01:11 pm »
I doubt they'd be able to add it as the BSP has no audio outs or speakers it's just a controller
You must hold the Sequencer 1 (or 2) button and press a pad. Hope it helps

okay, so after finding out the "there is no way to use more than one midi channel for the drum sequencer BUG", now this:

Transpose latching. Could someone please tell me with what settings you have to make this work? I have tried everything (I work with midi for 27 years now).
What I want to do is transpose-latch a sequence with the internal keypad.
In MCC I tried setting the Transpose input channel to all possible settings. Just as all the other settings.

I am thinking of returning the Beat Step Pro. I only had frustration until now  :(
I am on the latest firmware.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
I agree as well maintaining the mute button just doesn't work for me neither.
So many time I accidentally mute the whole drum...
General Discussion on Beatstep Pro / Re: We want the DrumBrute firmware on BSP !!!
« Last post by blueprint on October 20, 2016, 08:34:58 pm »
+ a zillion
The possibility to have polyrythm and flams ( like 1/32 on 1/16 steps)  should definitely be on the menu!
And please add a pattern speed x2  /2 so we can change the step speed without affecting affecting (when possible) the original pattern speed.
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