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MicroBrute / auto sequencer start from midi
« Last post by nashspacerocket on November 18, 2014, 05:31:43 am »
being new to this stuff (i'm a guitarist)  i'm wondering if anybody can help me.
My korg volca bass midi synced to my roland r8 will start a sequence when the drum machine starts and stop when it stops.
i can't get the arturia to do this, however you have the keymode set it's a manual job to get them  to  start together.
if you have keymode = 'note on' you have to press and hold a note at the right time to start and keep the sequencer running.
if you have keymode = 'hold' you have to manually turn the sequencer on at the the right time to  get them in sync.
i'm currently using a kluge of leaving a blank  sequence and starting with that then turning to the desired sequence during the bar and when the next bar starts my sequence starts in time automatically. not the best solution since i have to  waste a pattern.
i do not use a daw or anything, just syncing it with my drum machine.
MicroBrute / another firmware update bug??
« Last post by nashspacerocket on November 18, 2014, 04:14:25 am »
VCA gate time is set to 'long' not 'medium', so switching between env and gate has no effect if your adsr setting mimc medium which mine did. you have to reset it in the software.
i thought mine was broken since the sequencer would not trigger (because it was set to gate not clk) and the VCA gate/env switch didn't do anything.
after resetting them in the software everything is hunky dory.
Really, in a firmware update, defaults for existing parameters should not change. If they do it should be in the readme.
Look at all the post for the syncing problems...I for myself have not found a workaround for that...I'm still waiting for a fix..hope the microbrute and minibrute are not going to be abandonware...
Spark Technical Issues / Factory Reset
« Last post by jrhythm on November 18, 2014, 02:04:28 am »
Hey all.  Is there a way to reset the Spark Creative Drum Machine back to factory default.  I was fortunate to get a great deal on a floor model.  The downfall is that many of the great preset grooves were altered by customers at the store.  I would love to hear what they sounded like initially.

General discussion on MiniBrute / Re: minibrute audio in
« Last post by beefinator on November 17, 2014, 11:56:27 pm »
Just hit the gate source switch HOLD or *AUDIO (I forget what exact term it uses)
HOLD makes it constantly on.  AUDIO makes it open whenever the audio input hits a threshold.  Not all that useful, because the threshold (even at lowest setting) is quite high (i.e. meant more for modular synth gear than a line input), but YMMV, try it out.
MiniBrute Presets - Media / Re: Good Starting Point for a Cello Sound?
« Last post by beefinator on November 17, 2014, 10:46:56 pm »
Sawtooth wave.  It resembles the physical behaviour of bowed string instruments.  Friction on the bow pulls the string back, till the tension overcomes the static friction, and the string snaps back; the string eventually "sticks" again to the bow and the process repeats.
Kind of like a sawtooth wave, it ramps up until it hits a certain level, then snaps back to the bottom.

Then play around with filters.  E.g. try different resonances and cutoffs to see if you can emulate how a cello or other string instrument has a natural resonant frequency of the hollow chamber it's made of.
MiniBrute Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Minibrute no velocity sensitivity
« Last post by beefinator on November 17, 2014, 10:21:31 pm »
It never responded to velocity.  no minibrute ever has responded to velocity.
General discussion on MiniBrute / DIY mini MIDI tool
« Last post by beefinator on November 17, 2014, 10:19:31 pm »
Just a simple DIY project to patch up my workflow.

IMO the Minibrute's internal parameters are a pain in the neck to modify without a computer, so I made a little Arduino-powered thing to make that easier. There's a small LED display to show what parameters and values are selected, and some lighted encoder knobs to select things.

So now, at a few turns of the knobs, I can turn enable local off on the MB, and change what MIDI channel the keyboard sends, so I can control any of the synths in my setup with the MB's keyboard. Plus I can access those other "hidden" settings.

Plus, there's a MIDI input. So although right now it's just an easy way to send specific CC's, I can program it to do whatever the hell I want. I could even make a synth with the same hardware (plus a bit extra stuff for the audio output)

tha guts:
CS-80V Users Community / Soundmap inconsistencies.
« Last post by Amalgamoth on November 17, 2014, 09:53:47 pm »
I'm currently studying the workings of the CS-80v and discovering new things all the time. Just recently I found the soundmap, which is very fascinating. But when going through the manual I noticed something very strange with regard to the soundmap. The soundmap in the manual shows a very different placing of all the soundsymbols In comparison with my version (both are version 2.0). They are nowhere near identical. When seeing them in full field ratio, it's like seeing two very different mosaic pieces.
What's more is that my version has symbol for String sounds, but on the map there aren't any to be displayed! Why is there a Strings symbol if there is nothing to choose from? WTF indeed.
Spark Users Community / Re: importing wav
« Last post by avdominello on November 17, 2014, 09:22:42 pm »
Thank you macmusic78 for posting the obvious solution that I completele missed.  Argh!  Whole day wasted not trying the obvious.

Thanks again!  Will pull my head out of my arse now. :-\
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