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KeyLab Users Community / Re: KEYLAB WITH ABLETON LIVE 8/9
« Last post by J Flimsy on January 29, 2015, 08:27:12 am »
New to my Keylab 61, honestly had endless problems with very limited help, and here I am again.

BUT, I've followed the instructions on the PDF and am up to installing the 'Arturia keylab 49-61' folder into
Macintosh HD/Users/(username)/library/preferences/Ableton/Live (latest version)/user remote scripts/,
However I cant find this 'ableton' folder.

I can go: Macintosh HD/Users/(username)/BUT THERES NO LIBRARY FOLDER HERE!
or:          Macintosh HD/library/preferences/BUT THERES NO ABLETON FOLDER HERE!

The only 'ableton' folder I have is where the 'factory packs' and 'live recordings' folders are...

Please help Mr. Ben Arturia
BeatStep / Re: Problem with Knob acceleration
« Last post by WattSekunde on January 29, 2015, 01:28:33 am »
Me too. No difference on my new unit now running

The next problem ist that the rastering of the encoder is not equal to the switch-points of these. Very annoying if you try to "blind" modify a note in the running sequence.
Community / Re: Looking good arturia
« Last post by TonyFlyingSquirrel on January 29, 2015, 01:10:51 am »
I have similar questions, and will be downloading the .pdf manual as soon as it is available.
Community / Re: Looking good arturia
« Last post by Koshdukai on January 29, 2015, 12:05:46 am »
I look forward to getting my hands on this so much in a small box well done arturia.

I'm extremely curious about the Windows driver. Haven't seen any mention about ASIO so I'm starting to fear it's WDM only.

It's obviously important to be have a very well made WDM driver, but ASIO is a must for professional use, since some music apps don't even support audio input beside output unless through ASIO.

And the biggest question is really "how does it sound" of course and it perform at various sample rates, how stable and flexible the bit depth, sample rate and buffer settings are, etc.

Also curious about the Speaker A/B management i.e. if it's a 2 or 4 channel analog-audio out interface.

How are Line/Phono audio inputs 3 and 4 handled, are they soft-selected, mixed, hard-selected i.e. Line overrides Phono when jacked in, etc.

How Inserts fit into the audio path and from where will those FX inserts get the audio source (Speaker B ?)

Many many questions still, even with all the info released but I have a very good feeling about this new product :)
KeyLab Technical Issues / KeyLAb25 Fader F4 not working
« Last post by spinekg on January 28, 2015, 11:35:54 pm »

I have a new keylab25 running firmware 1.19. The Fader4 does not work properly:

* F4 does not output any cc values between 16 and 127 (skips from top to bottom) and jumps erratically if I wiggle the fader.
* F4 copies the output of Fader 3. 
  For exampe; increasing the sustain value in analog lab also increases the release value.

Anyone found similar problems? Suggestions?

I've re-installed the latest firmware from MMC and tried a reset of the keyboard. I opened a support ticket for this issue a month ago.


MiniBrute / Re: LFO sync
« Last post by Chi on January 28, 2015, 11:00:25 pm »
Yes - this is the same for me with triangle or sine settings!

The manual states that the lfo when synced to the seq is in "performance" mode!!

How anybody is able to perform with such glitching is beyond me.  All it takes for this to work correctly is that the new division does not take affect until the lfo has completed its cycle.  This is how it has been implemented on many other synths so that it adjustments are musical and smooth under sync.

Either this is a fault with some units only (mine has other faults)or a bug that needs fixing.

Please address this Arturia.
MiniBrute / Re: LFO sync
« Last post by Thunderroad75 on January 28, 2015, 10:43:41 pm »
I noticed on my microbrute using PWM with the triangle waveform as a modulation source that if the LFO is set to free run I can get a nice, smooth modulation speed getting faster as I turn the LFO rate knob to the right. When I turn the LFO rate to seq I notice there is glitching as I turn the LFO rate knob.

I think the Clocked LFO is divided into 4 different speeds and as you turn through into the next rate the clicks appear.
Analog Laboratory / No Plugins detected
« Last post by rainervonroit on January 28, 2015, 10:04:20 pm »
i have some of the plugins used by AL as full Version, but in prefs, AL always shows on all plugins not detected. What can i do ? Please help me.

System: Win 8.1.pro
Origin Technical Issues / Re: Big Knob
« Last post by SAGEA on January 28, 2015, 09:39:12 pm »

I also tried with contact cleaner and I have a big improvement.
By cons, when my Origin is just connected to power without any other cables I have no problems at all even after 30 minutes of use with just a headphones !

Origin Technical Issues / Re: MIDI Sequencer Origin with MOOG LP Tribute Stage 1
« Last post by SAGEA on January 28, 2015, 09:30:51 pm »
Yes, when I use my Korg M3 or my Motif XF with Moog, no problem !
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