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General Discussion on Beatstep Pro / Re: disable midi clock out?
« Last post by littlem4tt on February 20, 2017, 01:14:46 pm »
you said 'It can be also be set to send MMC only.' how is this done?  I can not seem to find this anywhere.  Just this alone would be worth trying.

obviously I could put a filter on the midi out, however the idea was that the midi timing on the output might straighten up if the clock is taken out of that bus.
The other sequencers will be use to control the modular so i can't mute them.

In the old days, even with unitor 8's on a serial bus, squirting clock through them would affect the timing of the notes.
MatrixBrute - General discussions / Re: Release Date
« Last post by PXPT on February 20, 2017, 11:21:39 am »
For those of us that are not so lucky to find a MB in a small shop somewhere or are not famous enough, I'm hoping that the MB will be more easily available next month in March when Arturia start shipping their pre-orders. If I don't get my MB next month I will be severely [CENSORED] I can tell you!

In the meantime I have been twiddling my thumbs, rearranging the studio just for the sake of it and eyeing up other synths and kit.
General Discussion on Beatstep Pro / Re: disable midi clock out?
« Last post by megamarkd on February 20, 2017, 09:06:26 am »
You can set the BSP to run from an external clock, either MIDI (din), MIDI (usb) or CLK (1pulse per step/dinsync24/48ppqn).  This is set using the button on the far top left of the unit.
The BSP won't send MIDI clock when stopped or paused.  To stop the data from any of the sequencers, use the "MUTE" buttons below the "KNOBS" button on each sequencer track.  This will most likely mute the CV and GATE outs too.
It can be also be set to send MMC only.  This *should* stop the MIDI sync data from being sent, but I can't remember what happened when I turned off the MIDI CC transport TX to avoid the cutoff on the Pulse from hitting 127 everytime I hit record, but I do know I had to turn that function back on so there is a good chance nothing worked without it.  You set the types of MIDI transport messages that it sends in the MCC software.

A MIDI filter would do all you are wanting to happen.  You can get MIDI filters in various forms.  Some MIDI controllers have filtering functions as do most MIDI patchbays/routers.  Filters will (generally) remove real time messages (transport and sync), notes, prog changes, sysex, system common (song position etc) or all events.
Prophet V3 - Technical Issues / Prophet V3 vst not working in ableton live 8
« Last post by ariddle on February 20, 2017, 07:38:57 am »
just downloaded and installed the latest version and when i load ableton live it only recognizes the vst version, not audio unit (the .component is in the correct folder). I have rescanned in lives preferences but am not sure what else to try. Furthermore when i attempt to load the vst, i get a blank white screen in place of the gui. I have reinstalled and made sure to have all the latest updates. Please help...  i am running a brand new macbook pro 3.1ghz, 16gb ram.
MatrixBrute - General discussions / Re: Just got the Matrixbrute
« Last post by flux302 on February 20, 2017, 05:13:16 am »
I think with the 256 presets , it's an impossible task to please every genre .
Luckily with the MCC editor , it's easy to save banks, rows , and individual presets .
Glad you are liking it mike.
MiniLab MKII Users Community / Re: Arturia DEMO for Ableton 9.7.2
« Last post by Basneit on February 20, 2017, 04:43:54 am »
And can pls mention a date for the update pls. Its really bad that they have taken a product that does not meet its main characteristics mentioned, could be very badly affected for do that to the clients.
Modular V3 - Technical issues / Linear Vs Exponential FM
« Last post by rishabh on February 20, 2017, 01:18:12 am »
Is there a reason why the Linear & Exponential FM modulation inputs work almost the opposite of how it would in the real world?

So according to the manual the FM on the OSC Driver is a exponential one. Plugging in another oscillator here produces a pretty controlled FM sound which key tracks really well. There is subtle change in pitch when the FM index is changed but not drastic like you would expect from a exponential FM input on a analog modular synth.

The Lin FM input on the other hand changes the pitch quite drastically and also doesn't key track at all. Even when both the carrier and modulator as set to keytrack K1.

Any reason for this?
Modular V3 - Technical issues / Re: Freezes
« Last post by normanh on February 20, 2017, 12:35:31 am »
HI its no fun when the program freezes, i raised a ticket with Arturia over a similar fault they asked me to do this:

Please try to reset the Arp's pref files:

1) Depending on your operating system, navigate to this folder :

Windows ==> C:\ProgramData\Arturia\<product name>\Temp
(you might need to copy "C:\ProgramData\Arturia" in your Windows file explorer address bar to access this folder)

Mac OSX ==>
a) Open Finder
b) Click on the Go menu and select Go to folder ( or just hit cmd+shift+G )
c) Type : /Library/Arturia and click on Go.
d) Open the folder of the concerned product and then the Temp folder.

2) Once you are in the right folder, you will see numerous files with the ".prefs" files. Delete all the ones you can find with the .prefs extension. It will reset your plug-in's preferences files and could solve potential issues.

Also delete the .settings files in the same folder if available.

(Note that it does not actually harm your installation as they are files that are created at the first launch.)

I am a PC user and included the whole of the text they sent me, just use the mac OS part, hope this helps mine hasn't crashed since. If it doesn't raise a ticket with them in the support section. Good luck.

Thanks for reply. I tried your solution and it didn't work for me.

I've done a complete OSX system rebuild. Still no joy. I raised a ticket some time ago before the rebuild and didn't get a satisfactory response. Perhaps I should try again.

I'm really, really, really disappointed. The Modular-V and the Jupiter-8 are two of the main reasons I purchased this package. The only saving grace is that the CS-80 works...

Perhaps it's my system: OSX 10.12.3 on a rMBP 10,1
Spark Users Community / Re: recording midi from spark vst
« Last post by 019297 on February 19, 2017, 11:43:17 pm »
turn off quantize on the spark, select+ record button. Use the roller, it should work fine. Make sure on prefs that the boxes for send midi from pads and sequencer are checked on.
Spark Users Community / Re: inputting into Spark sequencer from daw soft synth?
« Last post by 019297 on February 19, 2017, 11:40:10 pm »
I don't really know Sonar, but I'm on Cubase with windows. I will tell you my steps.

Open spark vsti normally. I usually make an audio track as well, route a send from the vsti there to capture the audio. Optional for your way of working.

Open another midi track. Use spark OUT as your midi input. Make it output to another drum machine vsti that is already opened. I use it with groove agent 4 for example.

Make sure channels all match and confirm that you are getting midi input from the spark. On THAT midi drum track, you may have to use a "custom map" (cubase lets me do this, It just remaps midi notes in a chart). You can hold ctrl or shift or something while clicking on a spark 2 pad in software to get a remap note option as well.

At this point, you should be getting sound. If you want spark sequencer and pad midi out, you have to go into spark prefs and enable those boxes. while you are there, double check the rest of your prefs in spark.

I basically do this when I want a more realistic drum sound, but I still like the seq and using the controller for laying down grooves. Your way of getting there exactly with Sonor, I do not know.

I have even ran both drum machines at once, for some extra crazyness.
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