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BeatStep Pro / Can't access looper while in controller mode
« Last post by hzd on May 01, 2016, 03:14:27 pm »
Hi there.

I would like to be able to be in controller mode and use one encoder to control filter cut off while looping a section of the sequence.

Is there something i
i'm missing or do we need a new firmware update?
MatrixBrute / Re: manual
« Last post by Koshdukai on May 01, 2016, 02:36:11 pm »

This could (or at least used to) be the site with the highest res pictures of the panel (click the pics).

If anyone knows of a better source, please share :)
KeyLab / Keylab 49/61 still having issues?
« Last post by PeterNL070 on May 01, 2016, 11:27:36 am »

I'm thinking of getting a Keylab 49/61 but i was reading quite a few reviews about key related issues and some other issues i believe.
Are those solved now or are they still there?

Hope to see some response from (new) users.

Thanks in advance.
Modular V Users Community / Re: What is pulse wave modulation on the driver?
« Last post by Tausendberg on May 01, 2016, 11:12:36 am »
Been playing around with the Modular V a lot, one question though, I'm not sure if it's a bug or if I'm doing something incorrectly, but it appears that the pulsewidth modulation knob doesn't seem to affect square waveform oscillators 2 or 3, what could be the reason for that?
KeyLab / Re: Minor bug- can't change Volume encoder on Bank B
« Last post by Tausendberg on May 01, 2016, 08:37:32 am »
Wait, I mean, unless I'm not seeing something, I don't think the AUX can read CC.

EDIT: WOOOAHH! The AUX Pedal CAN function like an expression pedal, I just changed it, I must have misunderstood the options in the Midi Control Center. Thank you for setting me straight, I think I'm gonna buy another expression pedal.
actually, I use the toggle on the switches, they work well enough in practice because let's say I have a vst variable, for example delay sync to tempo, that is connected to a toggled switch.

Let's say I open up a project and the delay sync to tempo is on but I just turned on my keylab 88 and the related toggle switch is off. What I find happens is that if I turn the toggled switch on then the switch will light up but the delay sync to tempo remains essentially unaffected because it's now 'synchronized'. So yeah, I have to manually turn on the toggles when I open up a project file but what I'm saying is that what won't happen is that I'll have delay sync to tempo on and the toggle switch off and pressing the toggle switch won't cause the switch and the delay sync to tempo's values to be 'inversed'. You see what I mean?

And yeah, I mean, considering that when using Analog Lab, the keylab receives text information from the VSTi and displays it on the monitor, I would speculate that means that the Keylab 88 has the hardware necessary to receive and process received data and so consequently would just need the right firmware to receive midi data.
KeyLab / Re: How risky of a purchase is the KeyLab 88?
« Last post by Tausendberg on May 01, 2016, 08:26:04 am »
UGH! Don't even get me started on the MPK88,

I mean, they apparently could not make a keybed that doesn't have manufacturing defects to save their life.

True story; I tried six different MPK88s and every one of them had either a white key on either end that was mechanically defective or they had at least one black key which was electronically defective in that if you hit it rapidly it would cut out. I put way too much effort into trying to find an MPK88 that would work and finally I discovered that the Keylab 88 was coming out so I decided to preorder that instead.

I don't even know who the hell makes their keybeds, I suspect because it's not a named keybed, the MPK88's keybed might have been purpose designed by AKAI in-house.

And yeah, I agree with the rest of your assessment, there are alternatives to the keylab 88 or mpk88 but they all wind up being compromises... like Kawaii with the VPC1 quite literally just took as much of a piano action from an actual piano as they practically could and just stuck it in a box and from what I read in reviews, it feels perfect, but absolutely no encoders/faders/pads, hell the damn thing doesn't even have a pitch or modulation wheel, it really is like an amputated piano.

That's pretty much the gist of it from what I can tell, there simply isn't an 88 key controller that 'has it all'. What I've seen some significantly wealthier people do is that they find an 88 key workstation that has all of the controller features that they want and they just use it as a controller essentially, but that's a very expensive solution.

Arturia, if you're reading this, I wish you guys would release a 'Super Keylab 88'. A keylab 88 but with one of Fatar's really nice wooden keybeds AND motorized faders, last 88 key controller I ever buy.

EDIT: I looked it up... I'll just say that the VAX MIDI looks interesting... I mean, I have fixed a lot on a lot of cars, fixing up a car and selling it is actually how I got the money for a Keylab 88, and by comparison assembling a VAX MIDI doesn't look that daunting at all. It might be a viable business model for them because one thing to keep in mind is that a lot of people who build professional studios choose to save a lot of money by buying the parts for an audio console and putting it together and soldering it themselves, so they might have a market for an 88 key that takes 4 hours with an electric screwdriver to assemble.

One thing that's interesting about the VAX MIDI compared to the VPC1 is that just like the keylab 88, it is flat topped, so there is no reason someone couldn't just get some supplemental controller devices to get all the switches, pads, encoders, and faders they wanted. If I had some real money to spend then I would probably go this route, I mean, it's kind of what I'm doing right now, I use the keylab 88's "shelf" to put on a Quneo and a MIDI Fighter Twister for supplemental controls.
MatrixBrute / manual
« Last post by khidr on April 30, 2016, 09:52:54 pm »
I ordered one... :) and am eagerly waiting it's arrival. I would love to get my hand on a manual. It is probably being made right now, is there a need for beta testers for the manual. Is trhere a preliminary version to download?
Is there a very clear detailed image or a schematic overview available of the layout of the frontpanel? That would help to prepare for working with this monster.
MicroBrute Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Triangle wave always "metalized"
« Last post by deimortem on April 30, 2016, 11:11:30 am »

It seems u didn't get an answer but did you find a solution ?

I have the same problem... with my sin wave ...

The metalizer pots started to had weird behavior (when turning the knob the sound was heavier sometimes)
but since yesterday it seems the metalizer is always applied to my sin wave even if it s set to 0%.

It seems he start at it s maximum (100%) when turned to 0%  and when turning up, it s adding more metalize effect on the wave.

I lost my sin wave !!!!!!

I put here an wav of my sinu wave ... and what it should be from a youtube video

Thx for reply or admin answer

(IU started an issue with arturia, I ll post here the solution)


KeyLab / Re: Paint Rubbing Off
« Last post by TonyFlyingSquirrel on April 30, 2016, 04:06:27 am »
Dang, what's everyone eating.

I've had my "The Laboratory 49" for 4 years, and not a single artifact, and I use it constantly.
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