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I successfully updated my BDP to firmware 1.1.6, but afterwards, the Midid Control Center will not sync, displaying the message "Error. Device not found." I'm on an iMac running OS 10.9.5. Previously it was fine and I did not have this issue with the first BS. I have made sure that the BSP is not appearing as a device in Apple's Midi Setup.

General Discussion on Beatstep Pro / Re: Problems with Beatstep Pro
« Last post by sbDigisound on August 28, 2015, 12:13:13 pm »
I hadn't encountered the bug either after several hours use, but I decided to let one pattern play continuously for about 40 minutes while I did something else- and yep I noticed a couple of skipped notes. a couple times within that period, nothing as catastrophic as midi cutting out completely as someone else has experienced.

Yes, this is my experience exactly. Either skipped notes or missing note off's resulting in sustained notes. Were you connected via 5 pin MIDI?

It is possible that the same issue goes unnoticed by other owners as the effect is so intermittent and can be masked by the nature of the  sound being generated (eg - staccato where audio is closed off by the synthesis engine rather than a MIDI event).

Arturia - we would appreciate a fix ASAP lplease.
KeyLab Technical Issues / Small issue, but..
« Last post by Lottie on August 28, 2015, 08:15:10 am »
Yesterday (Aug, 27th) I bought the KeyLab 49 Black. But, nothing was besides the keyboard! No, quickstart manual, USB-cable, power supply and manual.. Yes, I have the MiniLab autorized already, so I can use the Analog Lab software, but I still want the stuff. How do I do to get it? Musically yours Lottie, Karlstad, Sweden
Mine had a little accident with the hoover and now i suspect the internal wiring is bust. Where can i get a genuine arturia replacement?!
BeatStep Pro - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Worst support ever.
« Last post by spike on August 28, 2015, 05:56:18 am »

at least you got some sort of a response.

i have posted here and emailed them regarding an issue about the Looper/Roller and NO ONE has fracken responded.

so i had to return my BSP.
Thank you for listening and commenting.  "Through Dark Decay" is currently at #1 out of 189,200+ "Alternative" songs on soundclick.  Thank you Arturia! 
Well, I've had a good run with the BSP since release and really haven't experienced any of the issues that others seem to be experiencing.

However, after turning it on this afternoon and attempting to record some sequences, I've noticed some incredibly odd and frustrating behavior.

Basically, any saved sequence or any sequence that I'm in the process of recording actively (and randomly) bounces alternately between FORWARD, REVERSE and ALTERNATE and also stalls completely on notes randomly. I can tell as I'm playing back a saved sequence while holding down SHIFT, I can see the sequence direction lights flashing between the three settings at random intervals.

Not only this, but sometimes it won't even advance the sequence after hitting PLAY. It will sound the first note and never advance.

Moreover, it has also begun to freeze entirely mid the entire machine. It suddenly just won't respond to any button press.

Is there any sort of factory reset?

This is incredibly frustration and has rendered my BSP almost entirely unusable.

I've confirmed the following:

1) It's running on firmware
2) SYNC is set to internal, though it does this even when slaved to an external CLK.
3) Randomness and Probability are both set to ZERO for global and current track.
MicroBrute Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Sequencer sync problem (BUG?)
« Last post by nashspacerocket on August 28, 2015, 01:19:02 am »
i'm wondering if there's another reason for not addressing this problem.
it's pish simple to  change the firmware code to support start/stop.
So i'm wondering if there's some hardware limitation that  they're not telling us about.
memory limitation or something??

General Discussion on Beatstep Pro / Randomness - Beatstep Pro vs Beatstep
« Last post by davest on August 28, 2015, 12:29:38 am »

Just got a Beatstep Pro after having used the original Beatstep for about half a year.

After some playing around, I'm wondering how their respective Randomness functions compare technically.

More specifically, I've always really liked the random note play on the original Beatstep (under shift+12, where the Pro has the new Triplet function), and I'm currently trying to achieve the same 'simple' randomness on the Pro.

Turning both Randomness and Probability knobs on the Pro to 100 - i.e. a 100% probability of 100% randomness - seems to come closest, which makes sense, but I'd like to know what I am (or rather it is ;)) doing. It's hard to tell since, unlike the original Beatstep, the Pro in random mode doesn't visualize which notes are played when. Or is there a way to change that?

Any insights welcome
80 obviously find your way around with all the Arturia sounds. But it might be interesting if you could find ways to beef up your bass sound (which seems a bit bare bones to my ears). Since your music strangely reminds me of Wire I'd suggest you check out some oldies like "Chairs Missing" and "154" and see what it does for you. And what about methods to make vocals sound more like an instrument, instead of a medium for words? There's so much more one could do.
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