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wrong, this issue has been bought up in another thread if you'd bothered to look, song files have been sent and screenshots sent and it still doesn't work, so pipe down

Did you ever find a solution?  I have the same issue as well guy open spiking closed no issue opened case 230020

Did you ever find a solution for this?  I am having the exact same issue except in studio one on win 7 64bit
Oberheim SEM V Technical Issues / Re: SEM CPU spike with GUI open again.....
« Last post by boof on July 28, 2015, 04:28:57 am »
Not sure about that  it seems very specific and the same issue seems to affect other people with other daws.

For any support people that might be reading. The relevant case is 230020
Only happens when the gui is open the gui cpu usage shows what would be normal. Daw cpu spikes with the usual resulting distortion, crackle etc

When will a fix be coming since this is not an isolated incident?
BeatStep Pro Presets - Media / Re: Volca Beats Drum Pad Mapping
« Last post by Steinberger on July 28, 2015, 01:55:10 am »
Nice! but everything is off by -1 octave.

Here's a good chart I found on the Intertube.

I made a post a couple days ago.

i don't understand why you won't use midi channels, like i suggested. you can still have practically a thousand possibilities. there are 48 knobs and buttons that can be mapped. each of those can have 16 different functions (1 for each midi channel). that totals 768 different controls you can use on ANY project. instead of switching projects and cc/mcu, all you have to do is press CHAN and select a number.
FL Studio is sending a Master clock signal to BSP but BSP seems not to respond to it.

The access advice does work on normal midi connection.
with usage of a DAW (FL Studio) the virus control plugin switches back on full controler receive and the BSP again starts to slience the synth sounds.

Access is asking Arturia why pads are sending CC data while playing the pads where only note on and off and aftertouch is needed?
randomness should be default at zero. wouldn't it be hard to program a sequence if it started out 100% random?

swing should be default at 50%. that is the zero position.

i've never hit the touchstrip on accident. it seems to work just fine where it is and i've got fairly big hands.

the encoders seem to be same quality as all my other midi controller gear that i've had for years. i like actually having endless encoders now, which my roland and denon gear does not (which is surprising since they cost twice as much and have even more layered controls then the BSP). as far as the encoders being too touchy, i can't replicate your problem. hell i can hover my finger over the knobs to see what the value is. don't even have to touch them, which prevents accidental changes. also tried shaking and rattling the device - never had any of the values change.

i think your complaints are unwarranted. i've had it running for hours without even a hiccup. i think the demo videos DO show exactly what the BSP can already do. 

MicroBrute / Microbrute connected to BSP - no LFO
« Last post by msing on July 28, 2015, 12:08:20 am »
When my microbrute is connected to my beat step pro using CV, I can no longer modulate the LFO using the knobs on the microbrute. Is there a way that I can utilize the mod matrix to regain the ability to control the LFO?
I have a seperate USB power supply, too.

Because I planned to use one of the BSPs in standalone.

It does not make a difference if its hub powered, computer powered or with extra power supply.

But what I figured out is, that the 3 left side encoders are doing a bad job. Jumping values, even it the controller is moved on the table or hit a little bit.
Furthermore the tough/roller/switches are not clever made as well.

1 - A tough sensitive ribbon style switches in the middle of the  master section placed is not really clever.

2 - this sensitive stylish grap is completely missplaced here. another 2 pairs of rubber pads would do a 20times better job, ,when placed on the bottom side.  Seems like the beta testers are not really experienced, even if they call themselves the  vice president and  have a grey beard. Maybe next time you should ask for someone else´s mind.

3 - hopefully it will come to disable the toughy, or at least, maybe only, to work together with a pushed button like

   shift button etc.  .... maybe the 3 left side encoders as well..... might reduce lots of toughing trouble.

4 - Sure that the 3 encoders will not overcome for a long time distance, so maybe Arturia offers then a better quality to replace them

T. S.

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