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BeatStep Pro / New BeatStep user
« Last post by ChadDavis on February 03, 2016, 06:35:17 am »
Hi guys!

So I recently (like today) bought a BeatStep to work with my Roland Boutique series. My question is, will BeatStep start the sequencer on the Boutiques without sending note data from the BeatStep? I don't mind reprogramming the sequences but would rather not have to...

BeatStep Pro / Re: How to record the BSP into Logic X (?)
« Last post by smutek on February 03, 2016, 04:43:37 am »
Oh man, the Dark Time looks so killer, it's been on my wish list for a while now.

Well, that definitely sucks about the clock - let me ask this, if you're running all out board gear do you have timing issues? For example, if I have BSP driving 3 Volcas everything syncs up fine and sounds tight.

But, if I record a sequencers output to midi and then play it back from the DAW, that track will be noticeably out of time with what's playing on the sequencer.

I just took these two screen shots this evening, both devices are slaved to Logic's clock.

This one is a 4/4 kick pattern sequenced with Lemur for iPad, with the iPad connected directly to an iConnect Midi device (not wifi).


This one is the same 4/4 kick pattern sequenced with BSP, connected via USB.


BSP is definitely off more than Lemur, but what would you say that is, milliseconds?

I dunno man. So, why did you get rid of your Dark Time?
Well, I'm not going to buy another device. Making a firmware update for the BeatStep which adds 2 ppq doesn't seem like rocket science, does it?

Please Arturia!

I'm not suggesting you do.  Maybe I should have added that the fact they are listing that functionally could indicate that it's something Arturia can implement on their other "Step" products.

In the mean time, why not set up a drum track to feed your device with a 2ppq click track?  I do it with my Rhythm Wolf and it works fine.  You can also run custom swing templates by not sending a straight 4/4, 2/4 or 1/4 pattern to trigger your box.  You can mute and unmute the single pad running the sync track to stop and start the device using this method independent of the transport controls too.

Thanks for all the help, guys!  Especially the D4 link.  I was able to load 3 sounds to 3 pads, though Im not sure how I did it.  Point is, it DOES work.  now, if I can ONLY find a library of the DM Pro sounds for free.  Going to You Tube to brush up on the instructional vid's.  Thanks again y'all.  I WILL be back.  And...  ARTURUA FUCKIN ROX!!!!  We mean it, man!!

Now, how about letting me know if there are some Coil fans out there,  hullo?  Anyone?....
Spark Users Community / Where are the Upper & Lower panels? I can't find them....
« Last post by damnedcat777 on February 03, 2016, 02:07:11 am »
Where are they?  I got the CDM Spark , then got a Spark 2 with the V Collection I bought last December.  Have never seen the Upper & Lower panels mentioned in the manual and online.  Did they get rid of them?  must have.  Right?......
OK, it's been a few weeks, and I'm DEF getting better.  I LOVE the DrumUlator, especially after finding out Big Black used it for a lot of their stuff (saw em live in 86, awesome!!!).  I'm downloading the D4 VST link someone posted above, but I DO have a new question: Where are the Upper & Lower panels that are mentioned in the manual and online?  I don't see ANY buttons at the top of the screen for them.  I Have the Spark 2, now that I also bought the V Collection to go with the Keylab 25 I bought (I now own a MiniBrute, a Keylab 25 and the V Collection, along with the Spark & Spark 2).  My next thing will be to get the Hollywood expansion pack.  And the Noise one too. 

So, WHERE are the upper and lower panels?  I'm guessing that Arturia got rid of them?  True?  Help?
General Discussion on Beatstep Pro / Re: Bsp with Yamaha Cs1x
« Last post by mihalw on February 02, 2016, 10:47:06 pm »
CS1x operates in two modes: XG/GM and Performance. In XG/GM 16 parts are available. In Performance mode 4 parts are 'taken' by the performance which consists of up to 4 layers, but other 12 parts can be used as in XG/GM (the default setting is MIDI channel #1 for the performance and channels #5-#16 for other voices). This means that only a single full-featured performance voice can be used at once.

I see two options to make use of the performance mode (which is more attractive sonically):
- use any of the additional 12 XG parts for the bass leaving performance for the lead (or the other way around),
- prepare a split performance using note limits, which would cover both bass and lead on a single MIDI channel depending on the note value.
In both options drums would be triggered on channel #10.
KeyLab / Re: Arturia Support = Non Existent
« Last post by Steve_Karl on February 02, 2016, 10:40:38 pm »
Fast replies from 2 indivuals for me also with pre sales questions. Awaiting delivery scheduled for today on the KL88.
The specs for the KeyStep list 2ppq sync as one of the sync options.

Well, I'm not going to buy another device. Making a firmware update for the BeatStep which adds 2 ppq doesn't seem like rocket science, does it?

Please Arturia!
BeatStep Pro / Re: How to record the BSP into Logic X (?)
« Last post by Recbutton on February 02, 2016, 05:21:51 pm »
Hey Recbutton - sorry, just saw your post.

My input to logic is pretty consistent with your second screen shot - see the image here -


I think that's just latency, no?

Compare that to Ableton, which is just a ridiculous amount of latency -


Cheers Smutek!

That is not a latency I am afraid mate, this is messed up clock in BSP.

MIDI latency is a past, it does not exist in modern gear, not to that degree anyway.
Last time I have experienced such MIDI latency was on Logic 3.4 with a crappy M - Audio midi interface about 13 years ago.

I had Doepfer Dark Time before BSP, the recorded notes were bang on, all in time - also connected via USB, also a digital sequencer.
I have NI Maschine, there is no latency, all the notes start right at the grid, unless shuffled of course.

This sucks man, it totally sucks!
This and other bugs.
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