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KeyLab / Re: Keylab 61 Knob Acceleration
« Last post by Teksonik on October 20, 2014, 07:50:51 pm »
Oh well it doesn't matter now. The first time I used the Pitch Bend wheel the down return to zero spring broke and now the PB wheel is useless. I should have listened to the online reviews about poor build quality.  I'm getting my Return Authorization from Musician's Friend as we speak....too bad as I was really starting to like this controller............... :'(
Just checked and yes, similar thing here: both my Origins and Analog factory have disappeared from the list and also Analog Factory. iMini is there but I have it. Then there's The One with Mini V; I have bought Mini V.

Very annoying indeed, hopefully Arturia can fix this...
Analog Lab / Re: Analog Lab Plugin Problem (dll is 0kB)
« Last post by CausticRCB on October 20, 2014, 07:28:36 pm »
Yes, that's the same problem as me.

I was wondering if it was something to do with my OS being 32bit?

Or possibly something to do with the licence

I can use all the other Arturia plugins that are in the programdata folder in demo mode
Spark Beta Test / Re: Spark 2.0.1 Beta
« Last post by Le0 on October 20, 2014, 07:01:13 pm »
suggestion: could we maybe have the library/explorer seperate to the main interface, like a tab on the right or something. I'd much rather use the browser while tweaking sounds simultaneously.
i really want: shift + turning jogwheel = scroll through tabs!!!!!
Pushing on jog = [open libary] is ok for me, but pushing select + [sequencer steps], bugs as hell!
MicroBrute Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Tuning Problem on Microbrute
« Last post by avantronica on October 20, 2014, 02:48:23 pm »
Could you share the tech note with us ?
I presume you are allowing for 10minutes vco warm up time before adjusting ?
MicroBrute Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Sequencer sync problem (BUG?)
« Last post by avantronica on October 20, 2014, 02:45:30 pm »
Having found a few wee gremlins myself, I thought I'd check this out, latest firmware, and the sequencer syncs well, I slaved it to an Elektron box. Perfect, if you are sloppy with your timing the sequence could be triggered late, but as far I can see the sequencer is fine. Is this not just predictable computer related and user gremlins !?

Why would it matter if the operator is sloppy with the timing?

If I sync a couple of Monotribe, KP3, pair of Volca, Juno-Di and a MicroKorg all together with almost any drum machine added to the end, there's no way that someone can go "off-beat" with any of the units unless they deliberately trying to do so.

It's not "oh crap I messed the timing", it's more like correct clock overlaps and makes is go off the beat while you're still being almost dead on with the input.

There's no half-synchronized or partially synchronized synchronization out there. If it's in sync, it is in sync, hence the term in-sync.

What's the purpose of having a step sequencer that can be synced to a master clock but also needs a manual dexterity to operate it so it can be in sync? That sentence even doesn't make any sense and that is the situation here..

Oh, and I don't understand what did you mean by "Is this not just predictable computer related and user gremlins !?" brother. :)

What, exactly, do you guys think is wrong, I'm not even sure what bruno has supposedly acknowledged as a bug ? ! ?
From my tests, the mb holds sync rate perfectly, you just have to hit the key at the right time, if you are late, the sequencer will be late. Easy !
If your sequencer sends the correct stop and start messages (IN THE CORRECT MANNER), then the micro will play ball, perfectly.

So, testing with Elektron and Roland boxes, the microbrute starts properly after it has received a MIDI stop message when you then send a properly scheduled Start message (when you hit play)
After that point, if you manually restart the sequencer using the keys, it'll be okay if your timing is good or early/late if you are

Are you asking arturia to implement coarser quantisation on the seq retrigger key input so it accounts for a running count of the 24ppqn clock since the start ?!? Otherwise there's nothing in the spec that i can see it is not obeying properly.
My gripe is that the phase of the sequence is not corrected when the synced rate is adjusted, i.e. even if you start perfectly in sync (on the 1s) and you then double or half the temp, the 1s will go adrift, this should be accounted for either with extra notes/blanks to ensure that the adjusted rate 1 also happens on the 1 prior to changing the synced rate.

Can someone point to a video showing their problem because i just don't get it with the rock-solid gear i'm using, even though i'm also able to *manually* trigger late/early etc
Sounds like an expectation issue although the seq retriggering could probably be more forgiving

It's odd that there's a lot of hot and bothered voices on this thread but hardly any on the clearly wrong LFO phase issues, or even the fact that the sequencer plays seq 1 irrespective of the knob position at boot up, or indeed the horrible glitching of mod wheel lfo amount whilst synced, these are clearly 'bugs' !
Announcements / Yosemite and the Vcoll3
« Last post by ben arturia on October 20, 2014, 11:43:55 am »
Hi all,

We have been testing the Vcoll3 on 10.10 Yosemite.

We have an installation problem with it.
It's certainly caused by Elicencer version embed with the Vcoll3 installer.
In order to make all our plugins work on this OS you should install all plugins one by one.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused and we will try to fix this as soon as possible.

Here you will find all individual installers :


Arp hold works only with original Editor, but not with midi-cc 117. Is there anywhere a Sysex-List?

Analog Lab / Re: Analog Lab Plugin Problem (dll is 0kB)
« Last post by loboloco on October 20, 2014, 08:36:44 am »
I have the same problem. Dll is 0 kb, and no matter how many times I uninstall AL (also delete manually the dll from the folder) it will appear as 0 kb and "date modified" 19/5/14 (also tried different folders). My platform is win7 /Live 9 intro . Vst folder is the same in Live as Analogue Lab. Live recognizes all other vsts from the folder AL is supposed to be installed. Just sent a support request to Arturia about it. Any thoughts?
Spark Technical Issues / Re: "Send midi from sequencer"
« Last post by terrym on October 19, 2014, 05:26:37 pm »
Hi sparkle is working fine in ableton please download the manual and see page 99 .its best to use the vst than the au as you don't need to use the iac .
you have to set up a midi track as well as an spark track and record the sequencer on the midi track.
and problems get back to me.



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