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Synclavier V - Users Community / Re: Which is a "Beat it" sounds?
« Last post by Baptiste Arturia on May 25, 2016, 10:06:07 am »
The preset used for MJ's Beat It intro is called "Phased Gong".
You will find it under the "Original" preset bank.
Enjoy  :)
Analog Lab / Re: Help! connecting Analog Lab 2 to Ableton Live Lite 9
« Last post by Germain.arturia on May 25, 2016, 09:43:48 am »
Hi whc, hope you're fine.
First , sorry if you encounter issues with analog LAB 2 in live lite on osx.
To investigate deeper about your problem , i'd like to know :

- Do you manage to see Analog LAB 2 in your audio units and vst folders in Live ? if not, and if you have correctly installed AL2, here's a link to manage your audio units and vst folders in live ( as you wrote you're completely new to this, maybe it should help)

- What is the processor you have on your mac? 32 or 64 bit? here's a link to know more about it :

hope it helps, we'll going further if not. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Jup-8 V3 - Technical Issues / Re: Jup-8 V3 AAX Crashes on Load
« Last post by davemiles on May 25, 2016, 09:15:37 am »
Hi Ben,

I've just been through and done that and unfortunately it's still crashing when I try and load an instance of the plugin.

All the best,
Jup-8 V3 - Technical Issues / Re: Jup-8 V3 AAX Crashes on Load
« Last post by ben arturia on May 25, 2016, 08:57:23 am »
Hi all,
I've been testing with ProTools 12.5 on 10.11.
I really don't understand what's happening on your system...
Could you please try to uninstall the AAX file in :
Library/ApplicationSupport/Avid/Audio/Plugins/Arturia/Jup-8 V3.aaxplugin
Then reinstall the Jup-8 V3.
Synclavier V - Users Community / Which is a "Beat it" sounds?
« Last post by MickJP on May 25, 2016, 08:21:09 am »
Do you know a preset name of "Beat it"?
V-Collection / Re: V-Collection 4 versus V-Collection 5
« Last post by DamienMFO on May 25, 2016, 04:54:28 am »
So I'm hoping there's a bit of feedback from Arturia staff on this one...

The changes listed in the V Collection 4 update page sound great: Re-sizable GUI, integration with Analog Lab 2, new presets, and... "better sound engines"

All of those points are quantifiable changes, except for "better sound engines." What changed? How are they better? Most importantly, why is it worth my money to upgrade?

I'd like to know how the sounds changed from the last version to the next, or if the programs have been optimized to load faster or run with less load placed on my cpu (I'm looking at you, Matrix 12v). If there haven't been changes like that, I don't know that the quantifiable cosmetic changes listed above are worth the $100 to upgrade.
I'm really loving a lot about Modular V3 but compared to Modular V2 there is something I am missing. I used to be able to MIDI control the 'link', 'soft clip', and 'inverse' switches next to the mixers. I have a MIDI Fighter Twister and I really liked being able to control all of my mixer controls from that device.

In the next update, please bring that feature back.
Analog Lab / Re: Still crashing my daw and crackling noises
« Last post by TonyFlyingSquirrel on May 25, 2016, 02:54:50 am »
The memory of your computer may be the culprit.
I have limited RAM on my PC, which yielded similar results, as well as the knobs/faders only intermittently responding to realtime tweaking, both as a plugin and as standalone mode.

I recently got a refurbed iMac from and added a chunk of RAM and now it works flawlessly.

could the 4GB RAM be that causes me crackling noises on every synth from the v-collection 5 ?

I wouldn't be surprised if it were.  I have 32 gb now on my iMac.  Performs quite fast and very clean.

the strange think is that the task manager shows just about 1.32 GB use of RAM and round about 15% CPU usage and no sudden peaks or what so ever...

What are your buffer settings?
Do you have speakers that can have enough output, or full range?
My old monitors had zilch for low end, and I kept clipping all the time.
Modular V Users Community / Re: Workaround for lack of LFO Retrigger?
« Last post by LBH on May 25, 2016, 01:51:44 am »
When i say "defined" i mean the tone in the low end keep the timbre better in lower octaves. I still thing for instance Mini V can sound more like a moog, than it does. It do a fine job. But some sounds in could do better. That sayd, then i still think Mini V sound more like a moog than any other emulations even if other emulations also can have their good sides.
I wan't Mini V to supply certain sounds, that other synths can't do.

I'm not sure why you are right about why Arturia have done the defined sound as your understand it.
Yes Arturia has been giving much unfair criticisme. Some more factory presets that really showed the unique character of the synths, and some recreations of famous sounds could meet that criticisme.

And yes there is no FX versions of any synth in VC5. I have allready requested those, as i andd many others need FX versions to be able to route audio into them in their DAWs.

I hav'nt used ARP 2600 V3 yet. Also i hav'nt played a real one. I have played a real hardware minimoog (and also especially a Moog Prodigy), a real Jupiter 8, a real Solina, a real Hammond, a real Rhodes and wurli, real pianos and heard the Oberheims, Prophet and CS80 for real in private. But never a Moog Modular or a ARP 2600 in private.
I don't know what ARPs 2600 characteristic unique sound is. That's why i think it's important such sounds are in the presets for all synths. Off coarse we know some effects that was made on ARP 2600. And apparantly Depeche Mode has used it, but i don't know for what sounds. For now i only have the few sound examples i can find. But soundexamples is often not the sounds that is characteristic or unique for the synths. Often it's just a waveform or getting the synth to be as noisy or far out as possible instead of showing it's true unique sound character that really make it different from other synths.
That's also why i ask if you compare VC5 synths sounds with the original hardware synths?

Have tried Prophet V3 a little more in standalone mode. As said then i don't know it as much as other synths, but to me it sounds like it benefit from the new sound engines.
V-Collection / Re: Arturia V ver 5 and MIDI Program Changes
« Last post by Koshdukai on May 24, 2016, 11:59:41 pm »
I'm able to use program changes on Playlists.

Have you tried it? Just make a Playlist with the presets you need to go through with PrgChg and select it :)
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