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KeyLab / Re: Keylab 49 has a broken Middle C key.
« Last post by Amalgamoth on December 20, 2014, 11:09:32 am »
I have a Keylab25 and it also got a key problem, as one got detached from the weight due to the inferior quality glue being used. I returned the Keylab to the shop were I bought it and they sent it to the repair central elsewhere. Then it was a matter of waiting, waiting, waiting. Weeks passed and after over six weeks it had finally returned to the shop and I rushed to take it back.
From what I understood It also had been abroad, probably to Grenoble, where they put a very different type of keybed inside which doesn't seem to have all this rubbish glue. It looks more sturdy now and I expect it to last much longer now.
I'm glad they put in a different type, because indeed I was worried about a repeat with detaching weights after this repair.
Knowing this I can only urge anyone to not go DIY in order not having to wait. Without your warranty you'll end up being stuck with a crappy glued-together keybed. Fixing a warranty-void instrument might cost you just as much as a new one.
In my opinion all Keylab instruments with the older glued keybeds should be withdrawn and replaced before someone buys them, because to sell a faulty product is just not okay. Unless someone at Arturia hopes that more people will screw up their warranty so they can keep their hands off the problem. But that philosophy would be a bit too cynical, wouldn't it?
Hi boof,

We are very sorry to hear that you encounter such problems with the Matrix12.

We are working hard on the voice skipping bug and unfortunately i don't have any workaround for this one now.
The CPU load is also on the work bench.

The 2nd point you've been spotting has not been reproduced here.
Could you please explain a bit more what is the problem popping sound ?

I guess the first thing to know is do you hear what I am referring to in the sound sample that I had attached to my previous post? If you don't hear it then it will be difficult to explain although it should be obvious even without headphones.

Additionally, I noticed the same  on other patches. not all and not always reproducible. I realize that systematic reproduction of an issue is key but I cant with 100% accuracy reproduce it all the time.
I had noticed the same issue with the MELLO TRANNY GTD patch (that is the patch that I remember off hand) and a few others. What I noticed last night was that I would load the MELLO TRANNY and get the puffing sound for the first 12 voices and then it would go away. I would then load the next patch Melo Bass MA or MEAN BPF play a few notes and then go back to the MELLO TRANNY. THe puffing sound would start again  and again only for the first round of 12 voices. change patch, go back to MELLO TRANNY same thing, repeat reapeat.  This was in my DAW not stand alone (although I have seen the same problem in stand alone)

I have also been able to reproduce this when opening a new project and loading the M12 for the first time. I have noticed this on the default template preset. unload the M12 VST instance and load a new one (same project) no issues.

Note since my original post to this thread I have made some changes
1. I rolled back to a restore point from December 7th
2. I reinstalled M12
3. I did not install the VST3 version and am using the vst2
4. the skipping voices has not come up since rolling back to the restore point
5. Changes since dec 7th (the point I rolled back to) and December 19th (The day I installed the current version of M12 looked to be a few critical updates including the flash plug in security update and a few others that I dont remember. I have not updated any critical patches yet since rolling back to the Dec 7th restore point.
6. At least the voice skipping and CPU load issues are acknowledged by Arturia. often that is half the battle to get a company to acknowledge that there is a bug.
BeatStep - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Use of MCC together with DAW app.?
« Last post by stuart on December 20, 2014, 10:48:31 am »
MCC complains when I try to sync it with Beatstep

Hi, it needs to be connected via USB to sync, then once set up, you can use Midi. But there is no need to have it open when in your DAW.

Thanks, Stuart
BeatStep - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Use of MCC together with DAW app.?
« Last post by heckstall on December 20, 2014, 09:21:35 am »
Hello Stuart,
I guess I do something wrong but;
I connect Beatstep with the MIDI in and output of the DAW. MCC complains when I try to sync it with Beatstep.
When I connect (sync) MCC first with Beatstep my DAW complains another app has already been connected.
So I think MCC and DAW cannot be connected at the same time with Beatstep.

For my eDrums I used Megadrum, a DIY control unit.
Thank you Stuart!
Analog Lab / Re: new analog update dec 1 2014
« Last post by vgmrmojo on December 20, 2014, 05:04:15 am »
KeyLab / Keylab49/Analog Laboratory snapshot default volume issue
« Last post by FairladyZ on December 20, 2014, 04:55:30 am »
Hey guys! First post here. I've been using the Arturia V-Collection bundle for a few months now, but only recently picked up a Keylab49 to work more efficiently within the programs. My only issue thus far is this: I've been programming the the snapshots in Analog Lab with my favorite sounds, however every time I switch between my snapshots the volume keeps defaulting back to 0. Normally, I wouldn't find something like this problematic (heck, for years I only ever used MIDI controllers for basic key work and disregarded all other functions and features), however I'm in a 2pc synth pop act, and the other person using the Keylab isn't the most gear savvy person, so I'm trying to eliminate any potential issues live. Just trying to maintain 127 level volume once I click the snapshot! Any ideas? Thanks!
Analog Lab Technical Issues / Bugs in Analog Lab
« Last post by jackn2mpu on December 20, 2014, 02:18:07 am »
The three new synths are missing patches in Analog Lab - Solina, Matrix and Vox Continental. This is with the latest build of AL and in both standalone and inside Pro Tools 11.2.2 in OSX 10.8.5 and OSX 10.9.5.

Another bug is that the Prophet 5 emulation in AL sticks on one patch and won't change.

Yet another bug is the three new synths won't highlight in the studio panel or if they do they won't stay highlighted and the highlight will go back to the last used synth.

All in all I'd say not ready for primetime.
Analog Lab Technical Issues / Re: Analog Lab midi prefs still not fixed
« Last post by vaikl on December 20, 2014, 01:39:16 am »
Stuart, there's a little change i encountered - now i can play with more than one MIDI device at the same time. That didn't work for me before But the start-up selection of all available devices is still there, i agree.
Matrix-12 Technical Issues / Re: losing Midi setup?
« Last post by stefano on December 20, 2014, 12:05:18 am »
Hi Sam,
I just download all available update through the ASC and, as far as I tested it, seems to have solved that MIDI input configuration "save" issue!
I haven't time to tested it deeply, but it seems to me that the last update also fixed the M12 "skipping note" issue, at least for my DAW.
As far as the other V4 Collection plugin updates, they seems to work ok but I only experienced a strange  issue with Analog Lab which, soon after the update, did not play any sound (even if my audio/midi card was correctly recognized and, for instance, midi input works), then after closing and opening again, it did play, and then again, after closing and opening, it did not; after that, it did play everytime I open it  ??? ???
BeatStep - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Use of MCC together with DAW app.?
« Last post by stuart on December 19, 2014, 11:51:51 pm »

I do not see a MIDI-thru on MCC so I guess it cannot be done

I'm not sure I understand... The MCC is just an admin tool really, it's just to write info to your beatstep and whatever other Arturia things you have. It doesn't work as an instrument so it doesn't transmit anything through it, hence no input or output. It will see your beatstep but only to configure it. (Via USB)

Plug in your beatstep into your machine and it should just pick up anything you open, as long as you have the input selected and your midi channels have the appropriate input, then any VST's on that channel will be playable with beatstep (or any controller you have plugged in).

In the past I used a similar application with BFD2 drum VST controlled by drum pads.

What did you use before?

I use BFD2 and Abbey Road Drums with beatstep.

I would verify that you have your midi inputs set up correctly, also try it with USB.

Thanks, Stuart

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