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The STANDALONE version also has same issue...
this is OSX 10.10.5
MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010)

I was in AKAI MPC Software 1.9.6 ( that came out yesterday).
I added Synclavier VSTi to a track. It was the 4th track to contain the VSTi. Everything was working perfectly, building and saving my own USER sounds...
went to the presets library to load a sound for this new track. It was only playing the first default Preset.

In the Presets browser.... EVERY PRESET is GONE!
So there are no longer ANY Presets, No TYPES, No Charactersitics, No Artists.... NOTHING.
Entire Presets window is empty with blank sections. NO FACTORY/ORIGNAl/TEMPLATES/USER/.

Every Track that had OTHER Synclavier sounds, is also Blank now when browsing...

So I opened Ableton Live 9.6.1 and added Synclav VSTi to a track.. same issue, NO presets.
The Presets are all still located in Library/Arturia/Presets/Synclavier/
Also PRESET IMPORT does NOT work either now...

I just tried the AUDIO UNITS version and it has the same problem.
Also, when I reload my Akai MPC or Ableton Project... I can still here my USER sounds playing as normal. And I can see the USER preset name.. But its the only preset written...
I need help!


I totally agree, we NEED the Synclavier  RESYNTHESIS Engine to morph and mix Sampled Timbre slices
AND WAV/AIFF Sample Import for OSC sounds!

PLEASE , lets get this ASAP!
V-Collection / Re: Black screen
« Last post by AlexanderR on Today at 12:12:08 am »
Vcollecton 3 works.
Vcollection 5 Black Screen as described above (menu and sound works).

Runing Win 10 Home.
CPU: Intel U7300 @ 1.3 GHz

GPU: Mobile Intel(R) GMA 4500MHD
GPU Driver: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1) (Driver date is march 11 2013)
Resolution is 1366 x 768, 60 Hz.

Asus Laptop from 2009

As stated in above post
"If you have a cpu running Windows WDDM1.1 driver on Intel chips, you can not access OpenGL. Also there is no development to update these drivers to Windows 10. ".
If this is true I guess I am out of luck.
I updated my V-Collection 4 to V-Collection 4 Update with the result that all the plugins from V-Collection 4 are now Demos and all other should work, but they don't.
I could trigger as much as i can the deactivate all button nothing changes. I uninstalled all, reinstalled, clicked deactivate all and logout sync .... even removed the launchAgent script but nothing changes.
I can use my plugins because everywhere (DAW vst, DAW AU, standalone and even in NI Komplete it says "This software is not activated on this computer" But ASC says "Activated"
Could anyone help? I asked for many times with videos of what i did but get the same text in nearly each mail.
Click on deactivate all ....
But nobody realizes that it does not work.
Modular V Users Community / Re: Workaround for lack of LFO Retrigger?
« Last post by LBH on May 28, 2016, 11:46:12 pm »

This is a video demonstrating Synclavier 2.
jon appleton demonstrates the synclavier ii (1984):

Also i think for instance Michael Jackson, Tangerine Dream and Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode and many others did use Synclavier, even if most perhaps used the versions that you could put audio samples into.
But most perhaps rented it or used one a studio had.

There are other softsynths out there that are using FM synthesis, additive synthesis and or other forms of synthesis  that's not substractive. And also synths where you can put your samples into.

You said you have thought about going into additive synthesis. NI  Reaktor Razor for instance is a additive synth. Also NI Reaktor Prism uses additive synthesis.

In Synclavier you edit the individual partials it looks like. The above mentioned synth  do it another way.

Modular V3 - Users Community / Re: [FR] add the clamp section to the 921
« Last post by jmcecil on May 28, 2016, 11:35:31 pm »
Also, I have a pretty good grasp of the modular thing .. .I built a lot of these modules in my setup and have used a system 15 and 55 many, many times.

Modular V3 - Users Community / Re: [FR] add the clamp section to the 921
« Last post by jmcecil on May 28, 2016, 11:28:28 pm »

The Arturia one is basically just a subset of the capabilities as highlighted.
Modular V3 - Users Community / Re: [FR] add the clamp section to the 921
« Last post by jmcecil on May 28, 2016, 11:26:07 pm »
IMHO the LFO module doesn't resemble a 921 at all. See for images of both a 921 and a 921 a/b pair. The 921 has no LFO feature at all, but besides the clamp (what ist this BTW) it offers an aux output (same frequency) with a chosen waveform.

The stand alone 921 has a LFO mode

As do the 901a/b and the 921a/b

The LFO in the Arturia modular is a non-existent module as far as I know. 

The big advantage to the stand alone 921 is variable waveshape soft sync.
V-Collection / Re: V-Collection 4 versus V-Collection 5
« Last post by masi on May 28, 2016, 11:22:03 pm »
Also the FX versions is gone so many can't use the  external audio input features in their DAWs if they don't come back.

No problem for me in Reaper. Didn't expect thought that it is a problem for some DAWs.

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