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A problem I had at one point with a regular unwanted signal - turned out to be because one of my devices was actually running in midi omni mode and was picking up some of the Drum sequence!
General Discussion on Beatstep Pro / Re: Problems with Beatstep Pro
« Last post by Burnart on August 27, 2015, 12:28:08 am »
That's good Zymos you are confirming it isn't a universal problem. Like I said earlier it is an issue with the Arturia Origin module which is the device I mainly wanted to use it with. However, I've had no problems with soft synths and it worked fine the evening I had it hooked up to a microKorg. What I have been wondering is whether there is any continuity of experience across a group of users. Is there someone else using the gear I have mentioned with a BSP? - is their experience different or the same as mine?
Hi Bruno.

thank you for posting the way to "fix" the phase of the saw and square, this mod is working great!
now i'm really happy with my minibrute :)
tomorrow i'll try to upload a vid that shoes how it work.
one thing...the saw became a bit lower in Vol then the square, i really dont care about it, but maybe some people will.

Isak E.
would attenuator cables (lowering the BSP's output voltage to 5V) help? the MFB takes + 5V to -5 V. Is there a (alternative) way to change the output voltage on the BSP?
KeyLab / Re: Programming KeyLab49 Pads for Reason's Kong Drum Machine
« Last post by judas_christ on August 26, 2015, 08:23:42 pm »
Did it work in your case, cause it doesn't in mine. Do i need to do any more configurations on the keylab as well?  ???
Spark Technical Issues / Re: Wierd Pattern Select Issue
« Last post by Schrage Musik on August 26, 2015, 07:08:26 pm »
..and then it stopped happening. Wild.  ???
Your more than welcome

if you don't ask questions
you don't get answers

It could be the Metronome. Try [SHIFT]+[TAP/METRO] to activate/desactivate it.
Another param is the random/proba, check if there are set to 0.

@ turbo key

You made my day ;-)

Worked fine, for the time being.
I did not check out at the moment what happens then to sequencer2,
and how to exclude Seq1 or Seq2  on the fly from transposing....
I have to chacke the next days

Thank you man

General Discussion on Beatstep Pro / Re: Problems with Beatstep Pro
« Last post by Zymos on August 26, 2015, 04:57:51 pm »
I'm not saying it's not happening to the people who are saying it is, but I've used this thing for many hours by now, controlling hardware and software synths through both USB and 5 pin MIDI, and I haven't experienced this issue a single time.
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