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KeyLab Technical Issues / after touch
« Last post by maze on October 26, 2016, 08:22:08 pm »
The after touch on the Keylab 49 takes about 1/2 second before actually responding.  There is an actual delay after applying pressure to the key before it responds with the after touch midi message.  This makes it absolutely unusable for many applications.

I use after touch a lot and have done so on many keyboards and have never seen this kind of response.  In addition... and I understand this may be more of personal preference, but again I have never seen it before in other keyboards.. the after touch is extremely sensitive. So it can be activated  by what I would consider just regular playing.. without really digging in to press down on the key.  It would be great at least if there was an adjustment for the sensitivity..But as it stands now, the combination of these two things makes the after touch not usable for me.
Analog Lab 2 - Technical issues / Not responding properly to Program Change mesasages
« Last post by maze on October 26, 2016, 08:05:28 pm »
When sending Program Change messages to Analog Lab 2 playlists (both in standalone mode and as vst in host), the highlight on the preset changes to the selected preset, but there is no sound when played.  You can see the keys being depressed in analog window, so it is getting  midi note on and off info, But no sound.

If I just click with the mouse to change presets there is no problem.  And if I use any of the V collection synths on their own, they respond to the program change messages correctly and will play and make sound.
Keystep Technical questions / Re: Keystep and BeatStepPro
« Last post by faster on October 26, 2016, 08:03:22 pm »
Hi Antmen, thanks for reply.

What I had in mind was to go actually "backwards", meaning: MIDI out from KS >>to BSP MIDI in.
MIDI out from BSP to my ZOOM u-24 MIDI in. (To record sequences to BSP)...and send them to iPad...

For sync, I want to use the 1/8" TRS cable clock out from BSP to KS in, so it is slaved to BSP.
I read that stereo trs cable also enable transport.

KeyLab Technical Issues / Re: Keylabs Midichannels
« Last post by pax-eterna on October 26, 2016, 07:48:47 pm »
It can only transmit on a max of two channels
Keystep Technical questions / Re: Suggestion: delete last "played" step
« Last post by cfcarter on October 26, 2016, 07:18:00 pm »
Thanks! Dont understand why noone else asked for this but probably everyone's playing perfect sequences all the time! :)

Yeah, "undo" is the right word for it!

I'll give the "rest" button a try! Cheers!
Free Speech / Re: Do I need to export all my custom patches to switch from HD to SSD?
« Last post by LBH on October 26, 2016, 05:46:47 pm »
I would guess that Arturia has nothing to do with Abletons presets.

So i would think you shall back-up your Ableton presets and move them to the new disk.

And then i guess you have to be sure, that the paths you use in your Ableton presets to open Arturias applications with the Ableton presets, is the same as in the old one, or be sure you can change the paths very easy.

In this i pressume thats how Abletons presets work. I don't think you can open a Ableton preset inside a Arturia application. I don't think a DAW preset save the Arturia (or any other applications) preset it self, but only a path and the settings for an application/ the application and alike.
If the Ableton preset had all data and functionality, then you could use it without having the original third party applications, i suppose. So i don't think this is the case.

Actually i would allways save my presets as a Arturia preset and back them up too, so they are availble inside Arturias applications to use anywhere. And then save as a Ableton/ a DAW preset alongside when needed.

Hope this helps you.
I don't use Ableton. Perhaps someone who use Ableton can tell more.
But i think i would do the above anyway, to be sure to get things to work as easy as possible.

I can also suggest you ask in Ableton forum. As i see it, this is about Ableton.

Can someone tell me if the iPad will power the Keylab49?

Or do I need an additional power supply?

Can someone speak to the workflow, is it great or just okay?
KeyLab Users Community / Re: Is a Keylab usable with an iPad?
« Last post by BiggCess on October 26, 2016, 05:30:21 pm »
Can someone give me some feedback on the experience with working with iPad + Keylab??

Looking to buy the Keylab49 to use with Beatmaker2 (and other apps) and wanted to know what the workflow was like and if there were any issues.
Keystep Technical questions / Re: Keylab 49 + iPad
« Last post by BiggCess on October 26, 2016, 05:25:14 pm »
Just realized I asked about the wrong controller!!

Can I use the Keylab 49 with an iPad??
Keystep Technical questions / Re: Keystep 49 + iPad
« Last post by O-li Arturia on October 26, 2016, 05:03:45 pm »

The Keystep works well with phones or tablets, you just have to use an OTG adaptor (Android) or a camera kit adaptor (Apple).

It's a low-power device, so you can even power supply it with your iPad (no need to use an external supply + an USB cable).

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