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Origin / Re: Origin & BeatStep Pro
« Last post by rcmusic on October 06, 2015, 08:08:11 pm »
the problem with the delay it's the time it takes to be really ON, i don't know if it's related to "smearing" ?
Origin / Re: does the rate save?
« Last post by rcmusic on October 06, 2015, 08:00:32 pm »

Also I recently noticed that there is a bug when using this "Preset BPM" option while using a MULTI preset. It seems that  all slots are using the BPM from slot pgm1 ???

Hi Philippe,

I actually regard this as a feature rather than a bug  :)
I want all programs with sequences in a Multi to run at the same bpm speed to to stay in sync...and the pgm1 slot seems to make logical sense.

well, i see your point, but having a slot running at 60, another one AT 90 , another one at 120 or 160....etc you can achieve something nice too. actually, there should a case to tick  in any slot ("tick to be master bpm in this multi"). anyway, poor chance we'll see this bug/feature to be fixed...
BeatStep Pro - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: BSP and Reaper - BPMs don't match
« Last post by nnay13 on October 06, 2015, 07:43:43 pm »
As I said in my previous post the latest firmware is installed.  You're definitely right  music is the only goal. BUT as you certainly know  your BSP  is plaggued by  several bugs and  this might be another one.  My main goal was to help   debugging, Mainly because BSP  is quite and I invested 250 in  it .  I will run a 5 minutes sequence in order to check tempo drifting

As a french I support french "savoir  faire"   ;) Free Beta testing  for Arturia .  ;D
BeatStep Pro - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: MS-20 mini CV pitch issue
« Last post by mon3y on October 06, 2015, 07:34:43 pm »
Hi Valentin,

Thanks for your answer.

Of course, and the 1V MIDI note reference is not a problem anymore, but wouldn't it have seemed more natural to have the BSP send the same notes in CV and in MIDI (for the same exact same settings on the BSP and the synth) ?

For the pitch issue, the problem is a not a matter of fine tuning, and it's not about a slight detune between 4-5 octaves, but only within one octave it's really detuned, which makes the BSP just simply unusable in CV on a Hz/V synth (At least in the tonal music world).

Another detail, the problem doesn't come from the MS-20 since it works fine receiving CV from the Korg SQ-1 sequencer.

Any leads will be appreciated.

Hi nnay13,

Are you using the last FW ( ? If you don't ear 2 different tempo, it doesn't matter, music is sound first :)

Please refer to our FAQ :
-Tempo seems not to be very stable (digits numbers change when MIDI sync (bsp in salve) is running)

BeatStep Pro - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: MS-20 mini CV pitch issue
« Last post by Valentin Arturia on October 06, 2015, 06:06:31 pm »

An other weird thing I noticed is that to have the same note playing in MIDI than in CV, I had to transpose ''Seq1 1V MIDI Note'' up to C2.

Hi mon3y,

That depend on your synth settings (16', 8'...). It's not a weird thing, it gives you the possibility to play at different octaves. For example if you want your cv-synth plays lower raise the 0v note.
About your pitch issue the tracking may not be really fine on the whole range with all synths (you could use the fine tune on your synths).
BeatStep Pro - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: MCC and DAW
« Last post by Valentin Arturia on October 06, 2015, 05:56:25 pm »
Windows 10 should bring an MIDI port emulator (Mac does it) but for now we've make a tutorial to emulate until 8 ports  :

BeatStep Pro - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: modify all gates lenght with one knob?
« Last post by Biosynth on October 06, 2015, 05:45:42 pm »
thank you for your answer.

great  :D
So let me try to recreate what just happened. I am syncing my Volca beats, Volca Keys and Microbrute all through a midi through port. I was jamming on the BSP and I was messing with the roller looper. I found a nice rhythm using the 1/8 for a certain part, I hold it down and transpose the notes up. Well I tried stopping it while I had the looper pressed, and was attempting to start from the beginning again. Even though the roller alternates between step 1/2 when I stop and start it somehow starts around step 7/8. Also, I don't know if this is an intended feature but after I stopped the song once while having the 1/8 roller down and stopped it and started it, it started playing the roll without me holding the looper down. If I tapped the 1/8 it deactivated and started from the beginning. So I am trying to do this again, because it's not what I was hoping would happen but I had to try to see if it worked again just out of curiosity. It doesn't do it again so I try it for a third time and then nothing plays for like 3 seconds. All of a sudden it sounds like R2-D2 is having a galactic orgasm and a sequence that I have never programmed nor is even anywhere close to the sounds I had coming out of my synths starts playing. It was like what the fuck just happened type of thing. Then none of my buttons work and I had to restart my BSP.

I don't know if I hit some weird command or what but it was pretty odd. Anyone get anything like this?

Hi do not have any audio equipment on so cannot confirm sounds but I just tried running a pattern and then pressing roller/looper at 1/8 then stopping pattern. Can confirm when pattern is restarted I can unlit (un-programmed) steps flickering on and off intermittently the unit runs for a short time and then freezes requiring a hard reset. It is not your unit.
KeyLab / how to root sound with labtop and external audio interface using usb ?
« Last post by serge-music on October 06, 2015, 03:37:19 pm »
Hello there,

Is someone could tell how basicaly run the sound from a labtop to speakers using a external audio interface (such as octa capture from Roland) when we play on the keylab ?  I play on keylab 88 that sent information with usb cable to my labtop. This one is supposed to send sound with a second usb to the audio interface that root sound to main audio out jack to esternal speakers.

I've tested sending sound directly from windows (from the laptop) and that is ok (octa capture responds well and roots correctly the test pc sound to external speakers). I've also tested the keylab with analog sound plugin on the labtop, ok that is working and pc internal speakers sound it.  But when i play on the keylab, no sound or transmission seems happen from the labtop to the external audio interface. Any idea ? (sorry for english that is not my first language !).
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