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General discussion on MiniBrute / Re: KEYBED - BROKEN KEYS
« Last post by vien on Today at 02:22:20 pm »
I'm still waiting for a reply on a replacement keybed.

Seems technical support is lacking. I've been trying to contact them for several weeks. Seems no one is answering support tickets.

What's going on over there???

BeatStep / Re: Launch Ableton clips with Beatstep?
« Last post by Dom2Dom on Today at 02:13:32 pm »
ok, if we have to do in manual mapping, it's not really honest to do publicity about launch clip in ableton because ALL OF MIDI CONTROLLER's have this capacity.
it's just a way in marketing to give better bizzness.
BeatStep / Re: Velocity for Beatstep SEQ mode
« Last post by Dom2Dom on Today at 02:07:59 pm »
+ 1000
Shift + rotate seems to be usable and simple.
i"m afraid that now with more focused beatstep pro, arturia let beatstep normal like this...
frankly, it's elementary that the control.... control the volume... i can't beleive that it's not the case... strange politics !
i have to precise this on forums, because before buy we had'nt advertise by this fat fat problem.
Technical Issues / Offline Authorization issues discussion thread
« Last post by GGC on Today at 01:34:52 pm »

So it seems that users have had various issues with Arturias Offline Authorization process.

To clear things up, please (arturia staff) answer the following questions so that we can handle this objectively.

1. Who is in charge of offline authorization?

2. What is the hold up? (technical issues, lack of HR, etc.?)

(I regret having to register on this forum , not to praise the synths and arturia, but to wonder what happened to my authorization. I had bought the v-collection on 2015-01-11 . 18 days later and I still cannot use the collection. Support tickets are randomly closed without being answered and there is no communication from Arturia.)

If its a manpower thing: I will gladly help out via remote to ease the load (for my authorization and some extra sounds)
If its a technical thing: what is it (roughly) , when will it be fixed (approximately) and can I use my elicenser in the mean time.
Is it a NAMM thing and you are all somewhere else doing something?

Lets work on some answers and solutions.

most importantly: communication.

Thanks for your prompt reply=)
KeyLab / Re: Can the KeyLab change an instrument's sound patch?
« Last post by mrforged on Today at 01:07:53 pm »
The answer to your question is: NO.  The Jupiter 8V only responds to Control Change messages and MIDI Patch Change messages were not implemented as far as I know.   :(
Free Speech / Re: V Collection showing its age?
« Last post by Koshdukai on Today at 01:06:13 pm »
I dont think GUI's contribute anything to sound ;)
If all you care about in a soft-instrument is sound, I guess you can ignore the GUI and use your DAWs own parameter editor.

I care immensely how a good sounding instrument (software or hardware) presents itself to me i.e. its GUI, especially if it's a virtual recreation of an existing one. How it looked, how its sections were organized and exposed is part of its legacy along with how it sounds.

Having said that, I agree that older Arturia soft-instruments would benefit from a GUI update to support the higher DPI densities of today (and the near future if possible) while retaining their "legacy" look.

Analog Lab is a good "more modern GUI layer" to use over those GUIs, for those that don't really care to use the original GUIs directly.
Hi everybody,

As I was playing a lot with my new KeyLab 88 now, I unfortunately discovered, that once in a while one of the notes I play just has a 127 velocity. It seems to be completely random which note it is and when this occurs. Is there a way to fix this?
Is this maybe a matter of warranty and I can request for a repair or different model?

Thanks for reading!
Same problem here with the last firmware update.
Community / Re: Looking good arturia
« Last post by terrym on Today at 12:34:47 pm »
Hi all , i have not got my hands on one yet but looking at the interface on the back you can see there are outputs for 2 sets of speakers  for A/B also there 2 inserts one for each channel (for FX's/outboard) also the phone input 3/4 are shared with the 1/4 inch inputs also labeled 3/4 .when set to line.
Not sure about the drivers yet.


KeyLab / Re: Keylab displayed no preset names
« Last post by marble on Today at 11:10:08 am »
Hi flexibel,

It seems I have the same issue as yours. Out of nowhere I am not able to see preset names anymore. I tried with the factory reset and it didn't help. I guess you turned the knob-fix option to "on" and then synced it to your Working memory, am I right?

Thanks in advance.

Arturia support was not able to help me although I bought Producer Pack. Support guy simply stated: I don't know what the reason is.
General Discussion on Beatstep Pro / Re: More quantizing options ?
« Last post by Seb on Today at 10:59:59 am »
Indeed, Beatstep had Random play mode on pad 12. Beatstep pro has a full featured random/probability feature, so this mode is not needed anymore. It is replaced by triplet, that should work on any time division (1/4 - 1/32)
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