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Okay! Perhaps I shouldn't have done this, but I wondered how it would sound if it even worked at all. -- Running a mix of oscillators out to a resonant LPF then running the output of that LPF back into the very same mix-group of the VCOs that were sent to it.
Well, it didn't work. It made absolutely NO sound whatsoever, though the instrument was clearly getting MIDI signal (tried both as a VSTi and standalone) ... well, so much for that idea.
But, not only did it not work as expected, but it broke all the filters as well. As in, NO patch I subsequently loaded, that used any filters, would make any sound!! That is, until I "reset" the instrument by loading up a preset that did not use any filters at all. Then the instrument started making sounds again, and I could subsequently load patches that used the filters, and they would work again.
Clearly, one should not be running feedback loops using the filters I guess LOL  :P
Still, it seems that the complete lack of audio upon loading a totally different preset is a bit of a bug, no?

Anyhow, thanks for such an awesome virtual instrument. I'll likely never get my hands on a real Moog Modular, so having a virtual one to mess about with is too sweet!

Also, I recently read that you guys  are working on updating the GUI of all your instruments to make them re-sizeable. I sure hope this is true, and VERY much look forward to a readable interface.  8)  ;D

Actually, doing some sound design last night, I discovered that it's not just creating feedback loops that causes this problem. I had it happen with another patch I'd set up. I wish I'd saved the patch to show you what had happened, but I forgot to. :( oops
Basically, something glitched out and I started getting crackling and pops, then no audio. Again, switching to a patch not involving any filters did again create sound. I encountered the problem this time while messing about between S&H, ring mod, bode shifter, two LFOs, an envelope generator, and two filters (one LPF the other multi-mode) but I don't recall exactly what I had running into what. I was using 3 VCO for audio, and a few others for additional LFO generators.
It was a pretty complex patch, really. But nothing was feeding back into anything else .. I'm pretty sure ........ it was working fine up until it glitched out, and when that happened I was merely adjusting knobs, not placing wires.
This time I was working in my DAW (Reaper) and actually had to delete that instance of Modular V and open a new one to get any patches involving the filter to make any sound.
MicroBrute Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: MicroBrute Dead :(
« Last post by Amalgamoth on April 24, 2015, 06:36:32 am »
Take it to the shop to have it tested. If the Minibrute appears to have an internal problem, use your warranty and let your retailer send it to an Arturia service point to get it fixed. Then be patient, very very patient.
MiniLab / Minilab - receive MIDI messages
« Last post by Alex H on April 24, 2015, 03:26:14 am »
I am coding a new Remote codec for Reason and want to know if it's possible to send messages to the Minilab to do things like control the pad LEDs, etc.  Is there list of what MIDI messages the Minilab can receive, and the data formats?  I've searched but found nothing so any information would be appreciated.
Analog Laboratory Technical Issues / Re: Presets are not loaded on plugin restart
« Last post by terrym on April 23, 2015, 11:20:50 pm »
I know there a new update coming soon. i tested this on OS X and do not have your problem.
so i hope it helps

Hi, hope your enjoying sparkle .
Not sure what you mean about 3 gui to sparkle
why do you need to exit proj/kit inst mode  you can use the short cuts see picture as press select and the step number .if you press select+step 7 and in library hold select and use the daily to move to disk mode.
to enter song mode press bank/patt/seq/tune on the controller
to exit press select + step 12
for tune mode change in the pref .tune mode to pads

hope this helps


Hello all,
     I have recently bought Spark LE controller, love the sound, but have few questions I did not manage to resolve with manual:
  • Manual mentions 3 parts of GUI, however I can see only one (it is Spark 2.1.0). Where are the others?
  • How to exit project / kit / instrument selection from hardware controller?
  • How to enter / exit song mode from hardware controller?
  • How to use tune mode with pads? Manual mentions it, however there is no selection when right clicking

Could someone please help?
Analog Lab Technical Issues / Re: Presets are not reloaded on plugin restart
« Last post by joepalos on April 23, 2015, 04:30:36 pm »
Let's hope we can get some answers. This is driving me crazy.
Minimoog V / Midi channel for mini V
« Last post by imwalker on April 23, 2015, 03:15:05 pm »

I have a Keylab 49 and mini V software, I am trying to setup the mini V to recieve on a different midi channel but cannot for the life of me work this...it cant be that hard!!...I have changed the global midi channel in MCC to the same channel as the midi recieveing channel on mini V (in this instance channel 3) so I should get sound when I play the keylab keyboard right?...Wrong...Is ther something simple I have overlooked. I am using Ableton Live btw..i/o is set to all ins...

Any help much appreciated!!...
Analog Lab / Re: Analog Lab not closing OK in OSX Yosemite and Ableton Live
« Last post by nateholt75 on April 23, 2015, 01:28:33 pm »
Did you ever find an answer to this, besides using AU?
General discussion on MiniBrute / Re: Newbie trying to connect Minibrute to Korg SQ1
« Last post by dog01 on April 23, 2015, 06:01:25 am »
Hi stevieo i think the easiest method would be midi out of sq1 into midi in of minibrute but i believe you could do gate out of sq1 and cv1 out into gate input of minibrute and cv1 into pitch to vco of the minibrute.

regards dog01   
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