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I have just done a test on todays new update of Modular V3 version, based on a thought to only listen to the synced OSC too -again.

As we agree, then 2 equally tuned hardsynced OSC's should not give phaseshift relationshift behavior.

And actually my test show, if only having sound from the OSC that sync to another, then the hard sync do work like i believe is correct.

But if you also have sound from the OSC you sync to, then it go wrong even though those two OSCs are hardsynced.

But why do a synced OSC suddenly be both in and out of sync with another, just becasuse you listen to both OSCs at the same time?
It's like there are two different signals running. The synced signal, and a none synced signal/ waveform that come out of the waveform outputs of the OSC another is synced to.

We have discussed some things that might can cause the phaseshift relationship behavior, when it should'nt. And perhaps also the mixer can cause the wrong behavior.

We have also mentioned some suggestions to what might can help solving the phaseshift relationship behavior issue, when it's wrongly introduced, - at least in some situations.
But if for instance the mixer, the envelopes, the filters and other modules introduce the wrong behavior, then perhaps more is needed.

I still believe Arturia should pat this full attention. And perhaps look at Matrix, even if i had a few times that it went wrong too, if i first just tune the OSCs equal, and then use Sync. But mostly Matrix work correct i believe. Matrix work better regarding this issue.

KeyLab Technical Issues / Keylabs Midichannels
« Last post by hermy on October 25, 2016, 10:37:34 pm »
unfortunately the manual isnt available in German, which is my language. I cannot find, whether it is possible to define zones (whole Keyboard), so that it should be possible to play multiple instruments (layers) which are adressed by different midi channels. My idea was , to have one slider for each zone (volume control), so I would be able to mix the layers by volume controls. If this is possible with the keylab?, so I need help how to realize it by midi control center. Thanks for hints and help! 

I filled out a technical support ticket a couple of weeks ago about my output jack cutting in and out. Arturia said I could either send it to a service center or order a connector board and install it myself. I responded saying that I wanted to buy a new connector board and sent over the necessary info but haven't heard anything back in almost a week. I use my Minibrute quite often and really need to get it in working order. I filled out another support ticket and even contacted them via Twitter but haven't heard anything back. I am not sure if it's just taking some time to get back to me or if my ticket wasn't received. Can someone help me get a new connector board ordered? Thank you!
One more thought, something that just occurred to me, the oscillators should be synchronized, when set to hard sync, as soon as the connection is made, even before a key is pressed, because in analog the oscillators are constantly running even when the VCA is closed and so they're being forced into sync even when the VCA is closed.

That means for Arturia to depict hard sync authentically, when a key is pressed there shouldn't be any perceptible time that the oscillators aren't synchronized.
Why the hassle. Just hook it up via MIDI. Thatīs it
V-Collection / Re: V Collection 5 Packs for Push - Anyone tried them?
« Last post by sergeantsalt on October 25, 2016, 08:37:51 pm »
Just to come back on this, there is in fact a workaround that the folks at Crafted Sound gave me for working with your own presets, not perfect but certainly saves a lot of work; you just load one of their racks first then one of your own, and it keeps the parameter mappings from the first one
BeatStep Pro / How to get Jupiter 8 / Buchla easel clock synced with BSP?
« Last post by Garak on October 25, 2016, 08:12:42 pm »
So I'm about to have some precious time with a Jupiter 8. The big issue is that it doesn't have midi or dupin sync, but does have cv sync...

I just don't know what the settings would be.

On a similar line I'm looking at a Buchla Easel, sending clock to cv, what settings should my BSP have set up in the cv voltage?

KeyLab Users Community / Re: Keylab49 + MainStage 3.2.4 template, Interested?
« Last post by Era on October 25, 2016, 08:04:14 pm »
Hey - sigh!! MS 3.2.4. sucks  :'(

But you can upload this and continue tweaking...

KeyLab Users Community / Re: Keylab49 + MainStage 3.2.4 template, Interested?
« Last post by boodabill on October 25, 2016, 07:04:54 pm »
Thanks that is helpful! Please upload template.
Free Speech / Re: Wish List
« Last post by LBH on October 25, 2016, 05:32:48 pm »
Lots of wishes in the different forums.

None of the VC5 applications have soundmaps.  But some have wished for the return. I would like some kind of morphing feature.
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