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General discussion on MiniBrute / Re: Arppegiator for SE!!
« Last post by terrym on August 22, 2016, 01:26:08 pm »
Hi did you use the correct file there should be 2 one for minibrure and one for se

ARP2600 V3 - Technical Issues / Re: Sequencer synch with Ableton
« Last post by jeffbart on August 22, 2016, 12:58:06 pm »
There's a manual that outlines how the *original* hardware sequencer worked, and assuming that the Arturia implementation is faithful to the original, you might find some hints in the original manual re getting it to stop/start/synch how you want.

there's a link to it in the post below.

KeyLab Technical Issues / Re: Keylab 88 firmware upgrade error: crc error
« Last post by ftc on August 22, 2016, 10:00:42 am »
i've solved my issue.
information from these two posts along with trial and error led me to the solution:

basically, what i've learned is that the firmware upgrade process is error prone and unreliable, and how OS X handles midi controller names may be partially to blame.

if your keyboard is stuck in a weird mode (probably firmware upgrade mode: the character LCD displays all solid blocks), get the newest midi control center and then do this:

open "Audio MIDI Setup" (it's an OS X util, ships with the OS)
go to Window -> Show Midi Studio
select anything that says keylab88 / keylab 88 upgrader (or similar) and Remove it.
note that you can probably only remove a device if you have it unplugged / powered off.

then go into Midi Control Center (the arturia app that you update the keyboard in) and try to upgrade the firmware.
if you run into problems...

after it downloads the firmware update and tells you to reboot the keyboard to put it into upgrade mode, if your keyboard isn't going into that mode (lcd shows all blocks)...
turn the keyboard off, remove all keylab88/upgrader devices from "Audio MIDI Setup" util (described earlier), then force the keyboard into upgrade mode:
hold edit+multi+sound buttons while powering it up, and the lcd should show all blocks... then press OK in midi control center to flash the firmware it had downloaded.

good luck guys.

you can close my ticket, artuira.
thanks for your help... not sure why you couldn't tell me how to do this last week ::)
AudioFuse / двери перего
« Last post by AdelinaRot on August 22, 2016, 04:03:45 am »
826 Май 2015 - 10:35
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устойчивость конструкций;
пантограф стене
Hi yes you can if you mean sync 2 bsp sync out to sync in.


That's great! I'll never be without a usable cable. Thanks Terrym.
BeatStep Pro / Re: MIDI input to BSP sent directly to MIDI output
« Last post by Richtowns on August 21, 2016, 11:53:10 pm »
Agree completely.

+1 on Midi Thru

Analog Lab 2 / Can't save edits in user multis
« Last post by filipblaauw on August 21, 2016, 11:49:32 pm »
I created a multi, and when changing some of the parameters, an asterisk (*) appears next to the patch name, indicating unsaved changes. However, I can't figure out to save these changes.

This is what I do:
- Open the user multi, "My test multi"
- Transpose one octave on one of the parts
- Hit Preset - Edit - Save using the same preset name as I first used, "My test multi"

When opening this multi again, the one part is not transposed as I wanted it to. I tried changing other settings as well, levels, midi mappings, etc. Nothing can't be overwritten.

I'm using Analog Lab in stand alone mode.

Is it a bug? Anyone have a solution for this? It must be possible to edit and save your own presets?
Hey everyone, I've tried everything possible, and now I'm at a total loss. To begin, my Microbrute does not have a warranty, so anything that goes wrong, I have to fix myself.
Last week, I accidentally plugged an 18v power supply into my microbrute, only to realize that I literally burned the internal fuse to a crisp. After opening it up, I soon discovered that my model DOES NOT use the standard glass fuses that early models were originally designed with with, but a small, soldered-on square. I desoldered this and got to work adapting it to use replaceable glass fuses, seeing as the fuse housing leads still exist on the circuit board. I soldered on 2 wires to the leads on the board, and the other ends to the leads on the fuse housing.
Here's where I'm stumped: the circuit is completed, as I can tell by the lights that light up on the front panel, but I can't actually interact with it in any way. Instead, a persistent clicking noise can be heard, and is generated independently without any input you give it. Please see the attached video to see and hear what I mean. I love this thing, and I refuse to accept it is broken for good. What do I do?

Here are the pictures detailing what I did:
Here is a short video of the noise:
Hi yes you can if you mean sync 2 bsp sync out to sync in.

Does anyone know if you can sync two Beatstep Pros with a standard Mini Jack cable?
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