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Website / Re: Karma Love
« Last post by CC4 on May 23, 2015, 06:04:48 pm »
Spread the good karma.
Spark Technical Issues / Re: SPARK Lag with Logic X
« Last post by syz-x on May 23, 2015, 05:38:42 pm »
Hi ,there will be a update coming soon



Thanks for the info and for not giving up on this, but forgive me if I'm not jumping up and down, cause I've heard this once or twice before from Arturia and I'm starting to loose my hope for this to ever be solved.

Thinking of claiming my money back for Spark since it is useless with Logic X. It is almost two years now since Logic X was released and even if Arturia had to re-write the whole Spark code you would think that they solved it by now if they tried.

I urge all users, that use spark and logic X, to claim their money back! I'm sorry to say that this is the only way to emphasize Arturia to solve this bug.
my new microbrute has a different cv out issue:

the pitch cv output scale is strangely compressed in the lowest octave:
instead of 0v ... 1v, it's 0v ... 0.98v.
all the other octaves seem fine - with the same -0.02v offset:
1.98v ... 2.98v ... 3.98v ... etc.

any idea what might be wrong? is this a calibration issue or a defect of some sort?

no help from arturia on this issue at all. :(

thankfully, however, their german distributor tomeso have found a simple solution.
i posted about it in this thread dedicated to the cv output offset issue.
MicroBrute Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: audio in on microbrute
« Last post by mikrophonie on May 23, 2015, 03:39:40 pm »
thankyou for your reply. good news.
Technical Issues / Re: No help with ASC activation.
« Last post by mikloszar on May 23, 2015, 02:54:52 pm »
In case anybody comes across this thread looking for answers, please see my post here:
If anyone else has this problem please read my post here: I am running Windows but the general idea remains true for OS X.
Hi everybody,

I recently fell foul of this 'popular' problem in Arturia Software Center (ASC). After a few days of persistence and with the excellent help of Arturia support, I finally found the problem (In my case - yours may be different, of course).

Based on my own experience and on what I have seen online with other people that suffered from this error, please always check your firewall. In my case, even disabling the firewall didn't fix the problem so for a few days, I thought the firewall wasn't the problem

I am running Analog Lab on Windows 8.1. There may be a different issue on OS X, I don't know, but whether you're running Windows or OS X, if you get the 01 communication error in ASC, before you go through the process of trying to get Arturia support to fix your problem, I think it is well worth making 100% sure that your problem is not caused by your firewall. (You ARE running a firewall when you're on the internet, right?  ;D)

On my PC, I have disabled Windows' built-in firewall and am using Comodo Firewall. Comodo Firewall comes complete with some other tools that help to improve security. In addition to the firewall functionality, it comes with Auto-Sandbox, HIPS, Defense+ and Viruscope. In theory, you could make life a bit simpler by disabling everything except the strict firewall functionality but in my experience, the other functionality has caused few problems, so I'm happier to maintain the much-improved level of protection this suite provides.

Why Comodo and not just Windows Firewall? Well, in my experience, according to the many tests I've researched and established network security principles, it is not good enough to have a firewall that blocks intrusion attempts from outside, you also need a system that can spot and block attempts by malware to contact outside networks from inside your PC. With the best will in the world, you can never be 100% certain that you haven't somehow picked up some kind of nefarious critter and being able to spot/block internal attempts to contact the outside world is critical to having a decent chance of avoiding painful malware experiences.

Anyway, with that out of the way, I would like to recount my experience in hopes that it will help others who are suffering from the frustrations of the 01 communication error.

First of all, if you launch ASC and immediately get the red-coloured 01 communication error, I think you should take that as an indication that the problem is likely caused by something else in your system preventing ASC from contacting the internet. Obviously, check first that your computer is actually able to access the internet. Once you've confirmed that, the next stop is to find out if your firewall is to blame.

In my case, while installing ASC, Comodo had spawned a pop-up warning about the installer. Normally, at this point, I can click on the pop-up and tell Comodo to treat the installer as, yes you guessed it, is an installer. This will trigger the creation of relevant rules in the Comodo components.

Unfortunately, my mouse was acting up and went 'rogue'. Instead of opening up the Comodo dialogue so I could tell Comodo the ASC installer was an installer, the mouse left-clicked on something. To make matters worse, I had no idea what the mouse had clicked on.

Of course, your firewall may be set up differently. I have mine set up to require quite a lot of manual intervention from me. Most people just want to get on with their computing and don't want to be interrupted by their computer asking them for input. This was the cause of the uproar over the User Account Control in Windows. As a result, most people have their firewalls on fully automated settings and this means that when you install ASC, your firewall might decide not to trust the installer or the components it installs. I think Arturia could possible help alleviate this issue by working more closely with the providers of firewall software so that Arturia software is certified and recognized but I don't know how much of a headache that might create for Arturia. They do have a business to run, after all.

So, long story short - if you're suffering from the 01 communication error, please make 100% sure that not only can your PC access the internet but that your firewall has not somehow decided that ASC might be dangerous and has blocked ASC from accessing the internet.

In my particular case, Comodo firewall had created a HIPS rule under its Defense+ area for a component of ASC.

Here is where it gets even more complicated. I had already been suspicious of the firewall. I had tried both disabling and shutting down Comodo firewall but ASC was still throwing the 01 communication error, so of course I thought Comodo wasn't the problem. However, I had not looked close enough at the HIPS rules. They are separate from the Firewall rules, and though I looked, I had not spotted the HIPS entry for ASC.

Thanks to Arturia's help, I persisted, however.

Remember that my evil little mouse had clicked on the Comodo pop-up so I didn't know (and still don't know) what Comodo thought I had told it, so I went in and thought I had found all instances of ASC in Comodo. For every entry, I had either removed it or told Comodo it was Trusted. As I mentioned above, I tried disabling the firewall and even shut down Comodo at one point but the ASC communication error continued, so I thought it wasn't Comodo. It seems that even if you shutdown the Comodo software, some Comodo networking component will block some activity.

Anyway, finally, I found the last entry for ASC in Comodo under Advanced Settings > Security Settings > Defense+ > HIPS > HIPS Rules. I deleted the entry and started up ASC. This time it went straight to green/blue color instead of the red communication warning. I entered my login details and all is good. I have activated my Minilab and am updating Analog Lab.

Comodo now appears in one main entry for ASC under Advanced Settings > Security Settings > Firewall > Application Rules.

The bottom line is that if ASC opens and immediately complains about the communication error, I reckon the problem is likely that it cannot access the internet. Furthermore, if you enter your email and password and ASC immediately tells you the email/password pair is incorrect, take that as evidence that ASC cannot access the internet. Unless you are connected to the internet via a huge, fast pipe AND are geographically close to Arturia's server, it has to take just a little time for ASC to communicate with the server.

I hope this post will be useful to some of you suffering from the 01 communication error in ASC. Now that I have solved the problem on my PC, ASC is running very happily and has updated my software for me. I'm a happy bunny and you can be too!

BTW, Comodo users can get to the above settings this way: right-click on the Comodo icon on the System Tray. In the pop-up menu, left-click on "Open...". This brings up the main interface, most likely in the 'Home' window. Near the top-right, it should say "Tasks" with a curved green arrow next to it. Click on 'Tasks' to flip it around to the Tasks window, with 'General Tasks' shown.  Click on the "Firewall Tasks" bar and then on "Open Advanced Settings". On the left-hand side, you will now see the top-level categories to which I refer in the above paragraphs.

I'm pretty sure that if I (with the help of my bastard mouse) had not accidentally given Comodo the wrong instruction concerning ASC, I would not have had any problems.

Also, I have to add that right from the very beginning of my experience with Arturia support, I have found their quick responses and helpfulness to be incredible, to the extent that I am now thinking what else I can buy from them.
MicroBrute Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: audio in on microbrute
« Last post by on May 23, 2015, 01:49:41 pm »
yes and yes.
KeyLab Technical Issues / Re: Assigning KeyLab 88 SNAP Buttons
« Last post by podzoid on May 23, 2015, 01:02:18 pm »
Well another 3 weeks has gone by and dozens of reads of this posting. I have learned to understand that most people these days probably are not trying to use KeyLab88 the way the other poster and me are: to control external Midi devices. While i would venture to say this is probably true, but however there are still going to be a certain percentage who are going to try to, for instance, hook up external synthesizers like i am, --for after all it is still considered a Midi Keyboard Controller, and thereby should be able to handle what we are trying to make it do, that it appears to be able to be programmed this these ways to do. So is nobody commenting on the posts because there really are nobody using it other than as a hybrid software only synth, still though a controller? It might be old school now to hook things up this way I am; but still, as a controller, the KeyLab88 should work this way. I'd like to challenge Arturia to assign someone to try to hook up a variety of external Midi synths this way the posts mention to see if there is an issue here they need to look seriously at or not.....
as usual, no help whatsoever from arturia - either here or via their support. i think the way arturia treat their customers is a discrace. :(

by contrast, arturia's german distributor tomeso have been super helpful. they checked back with some arturia tech people and found that the pitch cv offset can be set by an internal trimpot, t1. that way, i was able to all but fix this issue at least on one of my two microbrutes (the other one seems to have an additional cv scaling issue which i haven't found a fix for yet). using t1, i was able to adjust the pitch cv output so that all notes except for the lowest c now have a correct v/oct output.

so instead of:

0v ... 0.98v ... 1.98v ...

i now get:

0.02v ... 1v ... 2v ...

not perfect, but good enough for me.

if you have the same issue and want to try this fix, it's really easy to do. (if you brute is still under warranty, i would advise against opening it without first checking back with their support or at least your local distributor, though) all you have to do is remove the 12 screws holding the bottom plate in place, gently lift up the bottom plate (watch out for the ribbon cable conneckting the kb), find t1 and adjust it for correct voltage for the second or third c (1v or 2v respectivley).

many thanks to frank of tomeso for researching this for me - and no thanks at all to arturia's useles support.

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