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Technical Issues / Re: New Arturia Software Center crashes on load
« Last post by NeilS on Today at 02:42:25 pm »
Hi Everyone

Well I've kinda made it work.
I'm sorry Arturia, and perhaps my understanding of your activation instructions has not been clear.

1. I downloaded & installed Piano V (ie new instrument).
2. Launched it - it reported itself as 'not activated'.
3. From the list of activation options, I clicked the one "Open ASC to register & activate".
4. ASC launched, I logged in, synchronizate proceeded, then voila (oooh, sorry....) there's all my products!
5. Finally, I activated Piano V successfully.
I can see the list of 'not installed' V5 applications there with "Download" button. My assumption is that I can (when I want) download & activate this way.

Is this the expected behaviour?

Hope this helps other users & our friend Mathieu who recently posted.

Technical Issues / Re: New Arturia Software Center crashes on load
« Last post by ben arturia on Today at 02:42:07 pm »
Hi all,
Maybe you can try this :
And tell us if it solved your problem.
SEM V2 - Users Community / Re: Sound quality vs original
« Last post by jackn2mpu on Today at 02:40:27 pm »
I can agree and confirm. That need to be fixed.

Also that there don't seem to be any notchfilter working.

Big GUI's was to be able to see things. The font's used is to small.

I find there is quite a big sound difference. I'm not sure i'm thrilled about the direction the sound is going. Seems more bright and thin.
Would be nice to compare to the real thing on certain characteristic unique sounds for the synths. I miss that in VC5 too.

Seems to me the values in the display perhaps not allways reflect the correct value.
And it's not so good to have the display in the bottom. It disapears when opening other modules so you have to resize the GUI smaller. So the very tiny Fonts get even smaller. And it's bad workflow.

CC4 - I can fine tune if i use right mouseclick. That's good. But i can't see the fine tuning values in the display.
Not nuts about values being displayed in the lower panel and in some instances they're hard to see with my aging eyes (yep me too CC4). Why can't we have them as floaters like tool tips night next to the control? Or even a pop-up windowlet?
Free Speech / Re: where are the old presets?????
« Last post by artao on Today at 02:29:30 pm »
We will provide a Preset converter ASAP.

Thank you :)

This issue has been reported a few times, apparently it's Mac only.
I'm investigating this and will keep you informed.
ARP2600 V3 - Users Community / Re: Tutorial series on the ARP 2600 V3
« Last post by encore1 on Today at 02:26:13 pm »
Thanks a lot grymmjack  for your time doing (and posting) these videos.

It is always great to see what other people are doing with these synth as it is "time saving" for people , like me, who hate to reading the manuals...  ;)

Mini V 3 - Users Community / Some suggestions for UX
« Last post by jeffbart on Today at 02:19:50 pm »
Mini V3 sounds great.
Here's a couple of questions/suggestions about the gui/ux if I may.

1. You can't see if any modulation or effects are enabled, or it's in classic mode, unless you open extension panel and open mod or effects page. Would be good to have small indication of this at all times in top application window bar, like v2.
2. Small thing, but the list of modulation sources has 'VCA', 'VCO', but 'Lfo'. The Destinations list has 'LFO'
3. Source and Destination 'off' would be more convenient at the end of list (like CS80 V3) or top of list (prefer top). It's kind of in the middle now.
4. Destinations are grouped oddly - most VCO types at the top, except a few which are at the end. No big deal.
5. Parameter values are now shown on the bottom window bar. When you resize the window larger than your screen you cannot see the value. would be nice to have them hover near the mouse so it's always visible, like v2.

new panel looks great. Very happy with the sound of it. I've made other general comments about the new application window for CS80v3, so i won't go on!
Congratulations and good work to Arturia for getting these updates out.
I'm happy to wait for the preset converter knowing that it's on its way.

cheers jb

Hi oromanow,
Thank you for taking time to report this one.
We already know this bug. It will be fixed in next update.
To get trigger pulse after step 5, you have to dim the link button between steps 5 and 6.
All other buttons are working properly.
See attachments!
Mini V 3 - Technical Issues / Re: Some Issue reporting
« Last post by Germain.arturia on Today at 12:02:23 pm »
Hi LBH, hope you're fine.

about your issues :

-OSC tuning : do you talk about reseting the "fine tune value?"  if move osc 2 and 3 coarse knobs ( tuning by semitones) , double click on it reset it to 0. fine tuning (which you can change by right-click and drag) is not reset. i'll report this issue.

-mixer and main volumes : didn't manage to reproduce this one. if you double click on it , mixer go back to it's initial state ( 5) , just as volume does.

-saw the thread about aftertouch, we are currently investigating on it.

i'll investigate further for the softclip, feedback, filter, presets.

i'll keep you aware anyway.

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