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MiniBrute / Minibrute Sync via midi with Kaoss Pad
« Last post by radiofaber on September 30, 2016, 11:12:15 am »
Hi everyone! I'm new here and I hope someone could help me with my question  :)
I wanna buy a Minibrute and I have a Kaoss Pad3, I was thinking to use the KP3 like a multi effects with the minibrute, and I know they have both midi port, so, can I send midi for the bpm from the kp3 to the Minibrute? I think yes, but if everyone have tried it before, can explain me how to do that?
KeyLab / Re: Having trouble getting responses to my support emails
« Last post by sixstringeek on September 30, 2016, 11:02:32 am »
I feel your pain. I've been posting here as well, in hopes to tell future buyers please look elsewhere for a device.

Software good! Hardware and support = Turkish Prison and kidney stones are fun compared to Arturia customer service.

having to shame them on twitter and Facebook to get a response, it did however work twice.

try @Arturia_Official usually Eduardo will respond in 2 or 3 days.

(I'm not exaggerating, ive waited exactly 2 months come 10/3 when my replacement of a NEW 61 key lab black that I bought new from zzounds for my birthday, arrives. ) I started the replacement and help emails on 8/4

I am still waiting.

Oh and Arturia wasnt even the one to tell me the new one was on the way, it was the mediator to zzounds because the people in California were too busy to email me back.

I guess only people who spend over $1000 get attention or have a Label or major representation.

I'm gonna gaffe tape over anything Arturia I see from now on. I swear to god.

even when I do get the new one, this experience has been so bad I will have a hard time using it, I'd sell it, but I swear to God I wouldn't want my worst enemy to have to deal with their support so I won't sell it, it will just get turned sideways till I can afford the new Deepmind 12 or something. Maybe I'll just get a Novation or NI keyboard.

I don't know man, sorry good luck and hopefully your issue will work out.

please future people and prospective buyers, DO NOT buy their hardware.

just don't do it.

KeyLab / Re: KeyLab 61 broken middle C key just popped by itself...
« Last post by sixstringeek on September 30, 2016, 10:55:40 am »
Trying calling them out on Twitter. its @Arturia_Official unfortunately.  Its the only way I was able to get a response to my existing 2 months old trouble ticket I've posted about elsewhere, including the cool guy here who fixed his own key.

I had to also involve zzounds.com where I bought mine NEW and am still hopeful I will have a usable unit. I will find out on 10/3 when the replacement is due to arrive. They apparently have sales reps deployed begging vendors to still sell their products and fix the terrible service issues.

Hope it works, I have had better experiences with the Cable company. Arturia you have the worst customer service I'ver ever seen in 51 years of life.

its such a damn shame, they clearly love their sounds and product. The Beatstep pro and Microbrute etc have a huge following, but god help them if they break.

the best bet is just throw them out and buy new, luckily they aren't overpriced like the Teenage Engineering stuff.
KeyLab Presets Zone / Re: User Presets
« Last post by sixstringeek on September 30, 2016, 10:49:16 am »
I -love- the sound of the V Collection but after waiting since 8/4/16 to do a simple exchange for a defective out of the box Keylab Black 61, I'll be Gaffe Taping the name Arturia on everything I see.

I have a heavy investment of time in presets and hybrid patch creation and I will use the sounds but if the replacement Keylab I get isn't perfect I'll make a youtube video warning people about the Customer service which makes Comcast and the IRS Seem absolutely perfect, by comparison.

I've had to call out Arturia on twitter just to get a response ( twice ) and when you do get service in California, YOU pay the shipping ( $58 in my case ) to just -exchange- a new item.

Let that soak.

You pay, to get a replacement of a defective piece of hardware, and wait 2 months.

How about every time you do email them for support? It autogenerates a new ticket, confusing the hell out of whomever you do look to speak with someone everyone has a different ticket #.

just insane.


do not buy their hardware. Good luck selling Matrix Brute.

Keystep Technical questions / MIDI mapping in Ableton Live 9 basics
« Last post by tvr on September 29, 2016, 09:36:09 pm »
Right away I tried to map the Keystep tap to control the Ableton tap and it is not possible.
I'm connected via usb. I see that the tap button does not even send midi. ??

Am I missing something? That seems to be an obvious thing to need to do.

I would love a breakdown on the basic options for all midi mapping w Keystep.

KeyLab / Re: KeyLab 61 broken middle C key just popped by itself...
« Last post by Norke on September 29, 2016, 08:26:25 pm »
Ok so i got my keybed from arturia 2 weeks ago... i'm still trying to find what the screw type is to fix the under metal plate because the screws doesnt fit the new keybed, they are too big for the new holes under the new keybed...
I have no replies from arturia since 2 weeks...
BeatStep / I have a request for a future update :)
« Last post by Torben Scharling on September 29, 2016, 06:34:40 pm »
Hey Arturia and fans, I love the look of the Beatstep pads when in SEQ mode, but find it pretty dull looking when in CTRL mode...Would be awesome for a future software/firmware update, to be able to switch the pads in CNTRL mode to all shine pink/orange permanently while in CNTRL mode, and then when you hit a pad, it will just light up into one of the other 3 colors available...that way it would also be easier to see the pads when performing while in CTRL mode and it would look cool'er :)
I support the HELL out of this. And I agree that there is no technical reason (as far as I can tell) why the velocity signals shouldn't be able to be routed as described- I think that this is such a clean and elegant solution that should be able to be implemented fairly easily.

Please Arturia ... it is time to just publically release the software/code. It is clear to all of us that our complaints and requests are falling on deaf ears. The entire community would benefit ... just LOOK at the success of the Volca series simply by releasing the schematics.

Regardless, this feature would be invaluable to me (and many others, I presume) as it would give the unit even more potential in a live setting (or otherwise).

Thank you for your continued support.
Not to mention MIDI tempo sync issues with the sequencer which basically makes the sequencer useless in 'hold' mode.
MicroBrute Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Sequencer sync problem (BUG?)
« Last post by AustinBru on September 29, 2016, 05:36:39 pm »

Another frustrated MicroBrute owner here. Unbelievable that this issue has not yet been resolved.

Arturia, if you are not going to work on the issue, JUST PUBLICALLY RELEASE THE CODE- there are more than a few dedicated users who are likely better at these kinds of things than your support team has proven to be.

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