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How can i send sysex file to Minibrute on Win7?

Thanks ;D
I have the same problem,I try everything and nothing happen!
5101 start code.
General discussion on MiniBrute / Re: MemoryBrute
« Last post by stuart on May 25, 2015, 01:03:23 pm »
I got fed up writing down my MiniBrute settings, so I wrote an iPad app! MemoryBrute kick ass, even if I do say so myself ;)

Great little app. This should fly out the door for all brute users

Cheers, Stuart
iMini / Modwheel don't work!!!!!
« Last post by ndrecchia on May 25, 2015, 08:35:35 am »
After months you don't solve the problem with the Modwheel, wich don't work with midi controllers and keyboards. Solve the bug ASAP!
LE Crossgrade ordered  ;D

Should have it in 2-3 days. Will let you know how I go!
« Last post by djmental on May 24, 2015, 09:57:12 pm »
Regarding the comparison between the beatstep and one of the launch pad/control devices. One has faders and a few small buttons, a midi mixer if you will (they aren't big enough to be called pads) the other is specifically designed as a scene controller for live, again buttons not exactly pad sized but you could I suppose get away with using it on such a way. Beatstep has decent sized pads and is a CV/Midi sequencer. They are 3 different products and thus cannot really be compared, hence apples & Oranges :)
The Novation sample control on the other is almost identical to the beatstep albeit without the sequencer. 

I think youre very confused about Novation products. I mentioned it once but I'll repeat it here: Im just comparing the Beatstep to the LaunchCONTROL, NOT the LaunchPAD, not the LaunchCONTROL XL.

Both the BeatStep and the LaunchCONTROL cost $99. Both are promoted as Midi controllers (and as a sequencer in the case of the Beatstep).
Look at all Arturia videos of the Beatstep and youll see that they consider the BeatStep a sequencer AND a midi controller, hence what I say they are not "apples and oranges".

Adding to this fact, not few people in this same forum and in Amazon have noticed both products and have considered buying the Beatstep because of the sequencer and better built quality. So Im not alone in noticing the Beatstep midi controller capabilities.

You mentioned one guy was unhappy with the control but that's hardly everybody. The best thing you can do it to go and use them, go to your local music shop who has them in stock and plug them in and get hands on with them, you'll soon find out which one's you get on with and moreover, the ones you don't get on with.

Maybe I just noticed one person complaining about the knob control. Since then I've found many, TWO in this very same post.
And you can look for posts on the subject to see that people are not yet satisfied with Arturia firmware solution for the knobs.
Although there have been suggested solutions by forum users since Arturia appears to be deaf on the issue.
To Arturia it appears that the problem is "solved".

I cant go to my local music shop in my country cause they don't have neither of these products. Almost every time I have to pay considerable shipping to get these kind of products. That's why I ask so much.
« Last post by stuart on May 24, 2015, 08:55:18 pm »
But I would argue that there should be no jumpy hit and miss "finding" to deal with.

In a perfect world you would be bang on correct.

Cheers, Stuart
« Last post by jsmirk on May 24, 2015, 08:04:59 pm »
However, this movement is not 100% reliable - sometimes I rotate the knob by one "click" and the note jumps by 2 or 3 semitones.  I've found that I have to watch my MIDI data in Logic to be sure I'm dialing in what I intended, unless I'm merely looking for a happy accident.

When you first touch the knob it will give you the sound that the current midi CC is set to, even if turned. This is because older gear CC numbers can only be set up by ear.

I do find that it jumps 1 or 2 semitones it's not 100% reliable like that, but once i find the sound I want, I leave it. It's not like you need to move those during a performance. That's what the presets are for.

Cheers, Stuart

Yes I'm aware the first click is the current value.

So, ya it doesn't behave as is expected. Of course once you "find" the sound you want the sequence runs, yay. But I would argue that there should be no jumpy hit and miss "finding" to deal with. Often I'm counting the semitones as I move a note to a fifth of the previous, but it just skips over it and I have to look in my DAW to see what the note actually is. Slows down the workflow because it's unpredictable. Unfortunately I don't have a trained ear for recognizing exact notes.

Beatstep certainly works, and it's a nice piece of kit. I use it literally all the time. But i can't say it's a "joy" - mostly because of this one issue. Hopefully, for the people  in line for the Pro,there is some improvement to the encoders.
I don't know about what's included with what, it's difficult for me to really say as I own a fair bit of gear. I have Spark 2 which I upgraded from 1 but I also have V collection 3 which when upgraded to 4 included Spark 2.

I also have some of the expansion packs which are essentially different kits. I suppose that the EDM and the Dubstep are just Spark for those who didn't buy it with the CDM or LE and therefore only got specific kits.

As far as them being included in Spark 2, some of them were but as far as my system goes, some of them were not. 

I'm guessing that the Spark 2 license will allow you to use all kits from those Spark variants. I downloaded the EDM and Dubstep on my other system, I just installed the library and nothing else. I then just combined the kits into now folder and they are fine, the play with no issues.

Cheers, Stuart
BeatStep / Re: Change the knob acceleration with BeatStep SpeedDialer 0.9
« Last post by allnight on May 24, 2015, 05:27:36 pm »
What I did, was in my default template inserted a new Midi Track, applied an instace of Speed Dialer then mapped it. This is Preset Bank 16.

Two mre times for banks 15 and 14.

Grouped them and saved the group as part of my default template.

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