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Analog Lab Users Community / Best external usb/midi "sound card"?
« Last post by rianmurphy on Today at 01:13:38 am »
I have Analog Lab installed on a Windows 7 laptop. (My keyboard controller is a 49-key Analog Experience.)
I'd like to improve the quality of the output using a "sound card", which for a laptop is a box connected via USB.
Any recommendations for the best USB sound card to use with the Analog Lab?
Thanks, R.M.
Spark Presets Zone / Re: MFB-SCHLAGZWERG kit
« Last post by Franko_83 on Today at 01:01:14 am »
Very nice, thank you   :D
Has anyone else experienced this ?
BSP latest FW, Auria on IPad Pro 9.7" ios9. Apogee Duet.
So if BSP is clock slave, the Auria faders do not jump and function correctly, apart from jumping to 0 on initial movement of the BSP pots.
BUT the BSP pots are still sending pitchbend info to Auria also so i get volume control combined with pitchbend. This can sound interesting but of rather limited use.
BSP is in MCU and controller mode.
Is BSP supposed to send a stream of pitchbend data from the pots whilst in mcu mode?
Is the spurious data supposed to be sent as per MCU protocol and Auria isn't processing it correctly or is BSP sending erroneous data?
I've looked for these answers and haven't found what I want.

Analog Lab 2 / Analog Lab 2, Nektar Impact LX49 and Logic Pro X 10.2.4
« Last post by AndyParkerLee on September 24, 2016, 09:44:14 am »
Hi Forum, I'm new to Arturia and Analog Lab 2 and need some help. My Midikeyboard is a Nektar Impact LX49 and the DAW is Logic Pro X 10.2.4. The LX49 is also a DAW-Controller and works fine. My problem is when I activate the midilearnbutton in Analog Lab 2 and klick on cutoff (or another Parameter) and dial a knob on the LX49 nothing happened. Has anybody a advice for me what I did wrong. Best regards Andy
Spark Technical Issues / Re: SparkLE drastic volume changes with each kit
« Last post by 019297 on September 24, 2016, 05:46:00 am »
the way spark is set up....There isn't much of a way to control this other than riding the volume. I have factory kits, expansion kits, user kits from the internet, my own kit designs, etc.... The volume is all over the place. The controller DOES have a master volume, and I often turn this way down after switching kits. I start very low and just ease my way in! Sorry I don't have a better solution. Spark is a pretty diverse sound engine and samples can really be anything so... Factory kits have number authors as well, some really red line it with multiple compressors and limiters, and some have very natural sounds. Spark also has a lot of vintage drum machine emulations, which are going to sound way less hot than a newer dubstep or hip hop kit. You could always slap a limiter on your master channel every time, or route it into your daw with a comp/limiter on the channel to make this easier if you wish. I agree the kits that start with clipped samples should not be happening....
Solina V2 - Technical Issues / Re: Solina V2.0.4 no longer recognised by Logic 9
« Last post by reddog on September 24, 2016, 03:53:07 am »
As I said in my first post, the latest version of Solina V2 did initially work in Logic.

It was only after I had to force quit Logic that this problem arose, and for some reason it now also affects the latest version of Vox Continental V2.

Yes, it is an audio unit issue, but I suspect that some file or files, possibly an Arturia file(s) that is used by all Arturia audio units, has become corrupted after I forced quit Logic.

I've tried whatever Logic fixes that I could think of including trashing the cache file, but still the same problem.
Are you trying to sync the KS to the BSP or vice versa?
Spark Users Community / Re: Routing output of each individual drum to an input in Pro Tools?
« Last post by LBH on September 23, 2016, 11:24:12 pm »
In the bottom of the mixer page in Spark Plug-in there is a "Outputs" menu. You can select the preset "16 outs".
Read about this in Spark manual from section 7.2.
Also under each mixer channel you can select the wanted output. When loading the plug-in the channels is set to send to "Master".

The rest is how your DAW handle plug-ins that can use multiple outputs. I use Studio One and i just have to check the channels i want in checkboxes in a drop down menu for the plug-in.
If you can't find how to do it with Spark in Pro Tools, then search how to do it with Native Instruments Kontakt. There are info about that on the web. It should be the same procedure for the things done in Pro Tools.

Hope this helps.

It looks like this have been fixed in Solina V2 version

It's not fixed in Solina V.
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