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New to synth so appreciate if someone can answer this:

I wanted to play the Volca Keys using the Microbrute as a Midi keyboard but no luck!
Is that possible?
I have selected the midi channel on both but nothing happens..

What is the Midi for? Can I use to sync to other instrument's then?
Matrix-12 Technical Issues / Re: Matrix 12 not responding to Note off
« Last post by Koshdukai on Today at 01:05:14 am »
I can check this again, just to be extra sure.
Just checked with M-Audio's Axiom 61 (which sends Note ON Velocity 0 as its interpretation of a Note Off) and an Arturia controller (that uses proper Note Off) and both work fine with Matrix-12 V as standalone and VST 2.4 under Live.
Matrix-12 Technical Issues / Re: No sustain pedal by default
« Last post by looneytunes on Today at 12:35:33 am »
Actually, on further review, this is not the same solution as 'infinite sustain' (ie. where the VCA envelope is being held at the sustain level until cc64 is released).   This is different because the VCA volume is decaying while a sustain pedal is being held.  Granted, the MatrixV 's max sustain decays at a relatively slow rate - however that is not entirely usable when you need volume held at a static level upon a depressed sustain pedal.  It's impossible to keep mixes with relative volumes on multiple synths this way.

Kevin L
Solina Technical Issues / Re: No sustain pedal by default
« Last post by looneytunes on Today at 12:23:06 am »
The proposed solution on the FAQ page is to midi-map the sustain pedal (cc64) to sustain-length parameter on the Solina.  This is not the same as what is being requested (infinite-hold), and it only yields sustains ~ 3-4 seconds total. 

What is desired is the same as what is described as 'Legacy "HOLD" sustain mode' on the ProphetV.  This will provide infinite sustain from a footswitch (until the footswitch is released).

For usability, sometimes it is better to provide options that break from the original specification of the emulated machine.

Kevin L
Wurlitzer V Technical Issues / Re: Wurlitzer V 1.1.0 crashes Logic AU-Validation
« Last post by mmillhoff on January 29, 2015, 11:24:31 pm »
This is getting ridiculous. A new update for Matrix 12 and still crashing. Is there anyone listening at Arturia?
MiniBrute SE / Re: Swing function not working as expected.
« Last post by Chi on January 29, 2015, 11:13:58 pm »
Yeah, Ive had to return it to the store for repairs unfortunatley.  David from support confirmed that it needs one of the boards replacing by their techs.

I miss the little brute already. :-[
Technical Issues / Re: Offline Authorization issues discussion thread
« Last post by GGC on January 29, 2015, 11:05:23 pm »
Hey Alpha

thx for your help)

Load the Activation File
You will then receive an email with the procedure to follow

thats how far I get- awaiting an email from the team with my authorization file. I uploaded my request file a while ago...


maybe moderators can chime in?
KeyLab / Re: Ableton Midi User Scripts for the Keylabs
« Last post by Basil24 on January 29, 2015, 09:47:29 pm »
Does anyone got the Keylab 61 working with ableton?
Should the script show blue hand or retangle around the 8 tracks?

This script does not work for me.

Push emulation works, but the encoders don't work properly. Encoders send 00-50-100 to knobs so only three states.
MiniBrute SE / Re: Swing function not working as expected.
« Last post by ottsonic on January 29, 2015, 09:27:47 pm »
As it was explained in Terrym's earlier post.

It's to do with the way the sequencer is clocked and the number of available divisions per note.

Fortunately the available swing setting at 16th note is pretty useable.

To me anyway.

Did you find an answer to your noise issue?
MiniBrute SE / Re: Swing function not working as expected.
« Last post by Chi on January 29, 2015, 09:21:40 pm »
EDIT - I feel such a dick.

Arturia replied to my enquiry really promptly and explained the issue.

Unfortunately my email program was having a bad day and sending out emails from an account that I don't use any more and don't monitor. Consequently their replies were going to the wrong inbox.

My apologies to Arturia and their support staff. I hate to be one of those arseholes giving you a hard time when you don't deserve it.

Great synth.

Good to hear you had some success!  What was the explanation in the end? Forget that, just saw your edited post!
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