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Prophet V Technical Issues / Re: Prophet clipping and dropping out
« Last post by Rays on Today at 01:21:18 pm »
hi you are welcome

do you use Studio One 3 as DAW? Good... I have another little question for you  ;D (sorry). I use Ableton Suite 64, and I'd like to rewire Studio One Artsti (version 2) as slave... is it impossible to do, isn't it? I tried, but it doesn't work. I read that Studio On is master, never slave.

About Prophet... thanks so much, I'll wait for updates. I have just a copy of that bank in Prophet. Cause in my dowload process there was a new version of TEKNOTANZ_P5 bank, with more sound... so, I have to TT_REVERB preset, and the problem is the same...  :) Have a good day
No, this is perfect, thank you for the education!
Origin Technical Issues / origin freezes at start
« Last post by cipher on Today at 09:49:46 am »
hallo arturia,
i need help because my origin dont boot anymore...can you send me the technote2 file that you suggest it will resolve the problem? i didnt find any link to the file...
Free Speech / Re: The Next One ?
« Last post by crystalmsc on Today at 07:18:10 am »
What about Arturia diversifying slightly and doing an FX plugin?
Great suggestion, I found the fx in Spark 2 to be rather nice. A modular fx processor like the Eventide H3000 Factory would be great.
Can't wait for this as well. Hopefully this update will make Mini V as the best. The browser in the new interface looks clean and more modern. Hopefully the updated filter will have a next gen quality, rivaling The Drop and Plugiator.
BeatStep / Beatclock
« Last post by epd242 on Today at 01:57:09 am »
Someone gave me a beatstep that they arnt using and i'm trying to figure out how to slave it to an external midi beatclock. I'll either use a sample pad or Ipad as the beatclock. i see that a lot of people have trouble getting the beatstep to sync with ableton...doe that mean it also doesnt sync well with physical sample pads like the Alesis Sample Pad Pro or other hardware that can generate a clock? i'm running a bunch of other stuff off the same clock, so they kind of need to be in sync with one another...
Prophet V Technical Issues / Re: Prophet clipping and dropping out
« Last post by LBH on Today at 01:02:29 am »
Add-on to my  previous post.

You can try to create a new bank and preset and suse the same parameter settings as in the corrupt preset. That might help.

Good luck.
Prophet V Technical Issues / Re: Prophet clipping and dropping out
« Last post by LBH on May 03, 2016, 11:56:53 pm »
Hi Rays,

Your welcome thanks.

It's an issue that occour sometimes in my exsperience. Mostly in older stuff i believe, but i'm not sure.
In general many preset's are way to loud. Over 0 db in the output. I find Arturias softsynth has a sound not found anywhere else. So many other softsynth sound the same way - hard, noisy. cold and clinical. Arturia sound different catching some of the real character from the originals and i hope they work on doing it even better.  And i do hope they fix annoying unprofessionel sloppy things like this, as i believe it will be in Arturias interest too.

The stand alone versions is 32 bit (x86). The plug-ins come both as 32 and 64 bit. If you run a 64 bit system then use 64 bit plug-ins as bridges (what i know) often is'nt that stable.

When you install you see the options and you can choose install paths.

Yes check your ASC (Arturia Software Center) sometimes. Updates are usually announced somewhere but check ASC anyway.

I use Studio One 3 Professionel DAW 64 bit version.

Prophet V Technical Issues / Re: Prophet clipping and dropping out
« Last post by Rays on May 03, 2016, 11:17:51 pm »
HI LBH, thanks...

I try as plug-in and it drops out again... but, I can play some chord first :D
So... is it a common issue? I thought I missed something with download... it's a relief yet
But, I have seen, my Arturia folder (with all the programs, Prophet too) is in Programs(x86)... is it a problem? The .dll file is in the folder I made for Ableton precisely.

I don't understand why it doesn't work, I'm so irritated  :-\
The updates you say arrive on Arturia Software Center, right? They'll send me a notice I hope...

Thank you so much LBH
Prophet V Technical Issues / Re: Prophet clipping and dropping out
« Last post by LBH on May 03, 2016, 10:36:53 pm »
Your welcome thanks.

With the TT_reverb sound with Prophet in stand alone mode i do have some issues where Prophet drop out with a bad glitch and just  stop working. It can take some time before it happens, but it can also happen the first note played. But i can confirm a not wanted behavior in the standalone mode on this preset.
I even have to restart Prophet to make it work again it looks like.

But in this case i don't have the issue with that Preset when using Prophet as a plug-in it looks like. Do you?
Perhaps after a longer time than i have tried it out.

I'm on Windows 64 bit and use 64 bit plug-in.

Unfortunately other Arturia synth do have some preset's where things like this happens. Also when used as plug-ins. Can't remember the presets now.
I hope that it's something Arturia have corrected when the new updates arrive.
The fault can damage hearing and equiptment as it sometimes give a nasty loud gltching sound when the synth stops working.

It's hard to tell what it is with this sound or if it actually is a Prophet issue. I guess it's some kind of overload somewhere. But it's not the main volume or the resonance in this case. Perhaps it a bad code connection in the application.

That's all i can do in this case i'm afraid. You can contact and inform Arturia giving them examples and details of your OS and if it happens both in the 32 or 64 bit plug-in and in the 32 bit standalone mode or not.

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