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KeyLab / Re: Tweakable parameters?
« Last post by drob on Today at 05:30:27 pm »
It does, thanks! :-)
General Discussion on Beatstep Pro / Re: New Setting Drum request
« Last post by jahasw on Today at 05:17:24 pm »
to add to this note above, drum tracks really need to be able to switch midi channels per track, and midi notes sent per track from the BSP itself, without the need for software.

Melodic sequencers effectively have this behaviour of changing instruments via CHAN button. It would make easier of having different drum instruments per project without having to resort to win/mac which all of us don't have handy.

And a lot of other feature requests that I think make a lot of sense for BSP, including all sorts of group edit, copy/paste, default pitch/velo/gate values for newly enabled notes, queued pattern change mode / finish pattern before change, pattern nudge left/right all activated via maybe shift button and step buttons, currently only 1st step button has function of "clear ptn" with shift button.

maybe assign more features accessible from hardware, ppl can always use label makers to have other labels under other step buttons too, so don't have to memorize what is what :)
Analog Laboratory Presets Zone / Re: how to import presets
« Last post by yudiwatanabe on Today at 04:30:28 pm »
I wonder if someone got import presets in the lab analog, preset file would be something .lst
MicroBrute Presets - Media / SNARE and HI HATS SOUND
« Last post by alpacalisergico on Today at 03:39:32 pm »
I try to have a good snare and hi hats sound with the microbrute but I don't like my result!! So can someone help me please??
 ;) :) ;D :D
BeatStep Pro / Routing FA06/Arturia Beatstep Pro
« Last post by crimsel on Today at 02:22:44 pm »
Hello everyone
I've a big problem with routing between FA06 and Arturia Beatstep Pro.
Anyone can suggest me how to connect that two machines?
Thanks a lot
General Discussion on Beatstep Pro / New Setting Drum request
« Last post by Jezza on Today at 01:52:12 pm »
I would like the ability to assign  more drum sounds to the pads, may be use the octave shift to make a second set of 16 pads available?
As the previous poster notes clocking the PO-12 from drum triggers works just fine, program a drum pattern with every other step set (if in 16th notes). The PO-12 needs to be reset by stopping/starting the play mode in order for the BSP and PO-12 to start at the same place.
KeyLab / Re: Tweakable parameters?
« Last post by ben arturia on Today at 09:29:21 am »
Hi drob,

You'll be able to tweak all parameters you want with your keylab using the plugin itself.
When using KL with AL bank 1 works with AL and bank 2 is left free for custom mappings with your DAW.

If you use your CS80 with your KL you'll be able to map both banks on whatever parameter.
I hope this answers your question.

Je testerai çà ce Week-End, mais oui le soft midi définissait le bon chan; j'étais connecté en usb. Je vous enverrais les photos ce WE, merci de votre réponse.
Spark Users Community / Re: What is the future of Spark?
« Last post by dokbrown on Today at 02:22:11 am »
ARTURIA’s commitment to this software will make or break SPARK.  AKAI is getting killed by NI b/c it is clear that NI is dedicated to see maschine grow.  I don’t see a need for spark 3.0 so much as bug fixes/updates until 2018.  I think they should add hardware shortcuts to the SPARKLE AND SPARK CDM, then publish a PDF with all the shortcuts listed for power users. 
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