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MiniBrute / Minibrute stuck in Arpeggiator "HOLD" Mode
« Last post by arturio on Today at 03:52:22 pm »
Hi folks, I'm new here and I've got the Minibrute to evaluate for today and tomorrow. Since time is limited I'm starting this topic right away.

To check out the sounds and mess around with the knobs of the MiniBrute etc. I let the arpeggiator play a sequence in hold mode. Doing so, I've already had 5x that the minibrute gets stuck, hanging itself completely up, playing continuously the last note when he got stuck.

Oscillator, Filter, Envelopes etc. controls still work, the arpeggiator, the octave knob, mod and pitch wheel, are stuck.

The only way to remedy this is to turn the Minibrute off and on again.

Is this a known issue? I like the sounds etc. and intended to buy the MB, but now this lets me hesitate a bit.


General Discussion on Beatstep Pro / Tuning CV Output?
« Last post by verstaerker on Today at 12:06:47 pm »
i noticed some offset between midi output and CV output .. i tuned my synth to a C when playing a C3 on the BSP via Midi .. the same Note transferred via CV created a 2 cent lower tone the synth

can this somehow be calibrated?
Pretty nifty solution.
i miss this random mode as well ... some days ago a friend with a BS was here and i noticed this device has this random mode - i was kind of shocked. Why did someone decide to remove this function on the PRO device?
the random-probability Mode is a very different thing ... i find this not as useful as random-step mode

it would be very nice if Arturia bring this mode back with a software update
BeatStep Pro / Re: Bsp and Cubase is hell.
« Last post by paulogic on Today at 07:15:05 am »
I use the BSP with Cubase 8.

USB sync in.
USB out for drums (routed to my Yamaha bij Cubase)
Seq 1 : Midi out for K. Arp and CV out for filter of K. Arp. (Velocity to filter)
Seq 2 : USB out to VST or Yamaha or ...

No problems at all when syncing.

Are you working with Windows or OSX?

I'm using a MBpro with El Capitan and all latest updates on software and drivers.
General Discussion on BeatStep / Re: Beatstep Black Edition
« Last post by gch1000@hotmail.com on Today at 04:36:22 am »
So Black Edition customers get SEM V and Analog Lab? And no love for the early adopters who have had to wait years for some adequately performing firmware?   ::)
Spark Users Community / Re: Envelope is beyond me
« Last post by CC4 on February 12, 2016, 09:12:59 pm »
The best way to figure it out is to hook up a simple modular patch with a Pad connected to the Envelope and Oscillator to the output.  Then you can hear what it's doing.

I think the "PreDecay Time" and "PreDecay Level" would be like the Hold stage on some AHDSR envelopes.  So after the envelope's Attack and before it's decay you can specify a length of time for the sound to hold there with the "PreDecay Time" knob and the level of the hold with the "PreDecay Level" knob.  (I think there's a bug with the "PreDecay Level" when it's set at 1.00 though, so try it at .99).

Set a larger Release Time and try the "Release Slope" to hear how it controls the shape of the release.  At one extreme the slope becomes convex, in the middle it's linear, and at the other extreme the slope is concave.
Spark Users Community / Re: How to export a song?
« Last post by masi on February 12, 2016, 08:37:39 pm »
Ok, thanks. I think I can manage that.

Though a bit odd that you can write (with the modular synths) a complete "real" piece of music (ie not only a drum track) completely within Spark that the software missing an export feature.

Spark Users Community / Re: How to export a song?
« Last post by CC4 on February 12, 2016, 08:30:53 pm »
You can export individual patterns as .WAV files but unfortunately there isn't a .WAV export for a whole song.  You'll need to grab yourself a host for that.
Origin / Re: Backward compatibility ogs xml format?
« Last post by Landsphere on February 12, 2016, 06:37:03 pm »
Hey Pstnotpd, how did you get on? What was it you were looking for? Given the original thread, editor based?
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