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Is there anything I nust do before enabling the gate? Maybe I have to plug in and then switch on the gate, or switch on the gate and then plug in the cable?
Tried that already :(
Still doesn't work
Easy.  Ensure that the VCA control is set to 'Gate'.  Then press a key.
Here is an example of what I am talking about. I want to be able to sustain the note without having to connect to a computer to enable the hold function in the control software.

In this video, the person has the gate out to gate in plugged in, is using a 1/4" jack out, and a headphone out as well. http://vimeo.com/80525576

Had to have my Mac replaced (free of charge, may Apple be blessed) but now can't use the old activation code for V Collection.
Try to get a new activation code via the button and I'm told...
No products registered, click here (this is despite the fact that I can see it on my products)
So, I try to register it again, and I am told that, guess what, it is already registered so I can't.
I am stuck in an eternal loop.
Can anyone help? I have a case open but haven't heard anything for over a day.
All I need is a new activation code and I can once again be in soft synth heaven
BeatStep - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Firmware Update
« Last post by GnollinZ on Today at 10:53:35 am »
Any word from Arturia on a new firmware release?
I have a Microbrute. Everything works fine on it except for one particular hardware function. I want to be able to filter and modify the audio without holding down a key. I used the 1/8" jack from gate out to gate in, as mentioned in the FAQ, but for some reason it does not work. The note always cuts off when I lift my finger off. Is there something I am not doing or doing incorrectly? Is it an issue with either the gate in or gate out input jacks? Will a firmware update fix this issue?

Has anyone else had this issue?
Analog Laboratory / Re: VST activation problem - standalone works fine
« Last post by lpenguin on Today at 08:14:49 am »
I have the exact same error. It only happens with Analog Laboratory (audio Unit)+ Live 9.1.4  32-bit + Mac OSX 10.9.4

1. Updated V-collection
2. Ran elicencer maintenance.
3. Moved licence to hard-drive and vice-versa.

Please advise...
Here is a song that got radio play on 106.7 KROQ in Los Angeles, on the Kevin & Bean Show October 16th, 2014:


This song has some Analog Factory synths.  I can provide a link to the podcast of the radio show if anyone is interested.
I'm using my Beatstep to send sequenced MIDI data to control video in Resolume Arena.

I set my desired clip to be triggered by C1 on Channel 1.

I go into the Midi Control Center, and create a template where I set all 16 notes to C1, and 'Overall Tranpose' to 0.

I hit 'Store' to send it into Working Memory.

I check in OSX's Midi Monitor and I see... every note is a G#0 being sent out?!

What would be causing this?  I haven't touched any of the buttons on the beatstep itself, so I'm confused as to why it would have all of the output notes transposed.

I'm using the newest firmware and newest version of MIDI Control Center available.


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