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Solina Technical Issues / Re: Unplayable in Cubase 8
« Last post by det on Today at 11:07:50 am »
Hi. In my case it has nothing to do with cubase8, I think..... If I play it stand alone the Sound crackels even if the sample Setting of my RME UCX is higher than 128. I hope this will be a bug. All other instruments works fine.
Website / Re: general Arturia Standaloneproblem
« Last post by ben arturia on Today at 09:49:00 am »
Hi TinyVince,

This bug will be fixed very soon.
The Update will be available through the ArturiaSoftwareCenter.
This is happening to me also since the update.  I'm on Win 8 and using Reaper.  I haven't used standalone mode, but it the audio is cutting out after a few minutes on Analog Lab after a few minutes with every project I'm using it on.  It doesn't seem to matter what preset it's on.  It still shows the "keys" being pressed so it is getting midi data, but it isn't putting out any audio. 
Free Speech / Re: ARTURIA vintage effects emulations??
« Last post by stuart on Today at 01:27:06 am »

This is an amazing sounding unit. It's not your normal plug as it's reliant on DSP hardware to run.

Thanks, Stuart

Alright I have an update. I brought my Microbrute SE to work to have our IT guy help (He's the one who convinced me to buy the Microbrute). We started by plugging it into a Windows 7 computer with two different USB cables, and the results were identical as before. The computer knew the device was plugged in, but the software wasn't connecting. Then what he did was get his Apple laptop with the newest OS installed (OS X Yosemite 10.10). when we started up the connection software. It connected immediately and were able to install the firmware properly without any problem.

Then I went to my work computer which had Windows 8 installed and I tried using the software. It also was able to connect without any issue. I brought my Microbrute home today and hooked it up to my Computer which is a Windows 7 (SP 1). Though my Microbrute firmware is updated, I'm back to the same issue where the software isn't seeing the synth connected at all.

So at this point what has happened is that I've Tried connected to 3 windows 7 computers, one at work, one at home, and my friends laptop from my first post, with multiple USB Cables. All of these had the exact same issue where the computer has installed the device, but the connection software isn't able to find it. Then I managed to connect and successfully update on an Apple OS X 10 laptop, and successfully connect to a Windows 8 Desktop at work. What seems to be happening is that the connection software seems to have issues with the Windows 7 operating system.

I'd like to hear if anyone else has had this issue. Hartknocks, I'm sorry that this doesn't help your situation at all since you're problem also occurs on a mac. What OS are you currently using on it?
KeyLab / Re: Keylab 49 has a broken Middle C key.
« Last post by steveonbass on Today at 12:05:45 am »
I had EXACTLY the same problem with one of the keys on my Keylab 49 a few weeks after buying it new.

I also repaired it (no doubt invalidating the warranty but I didn't want to have to send it back to Thomann at my own expense to wait weeks for a replacement) using the same method.

Now, another key is sticking up in exactly the same manner.

What kind of nonsense is this?

Matrix-12 Users Community / Re: Feature request: Polyphonic AT
« Last post by martinl on December 17, 2014, 11:35:02 pm »
Thanks, Terry.

But this is not what I meant. When selecting PRESSURE as source in the modulation matrix, the synth reacts to "channel pressure". This, indeed, works well. What I was talking about is polyphonic aftertouch (few MIDI controllers are able to send poly AT). While many Arturia products also react to poly AT (best examples: CS-80V, SEM, ModularV), the Matrix-12V ignores poly AT MIDI messages.

By looking at those other synths, it should be easy to copy this bit of code also into the M-12V.

Best Regards,
Spark Technical Issues / Re: Saving kits.. help!
« Last post by stuart on December 17, 2014, 11:30:07 pm »
hey fizzy fizz

What i'd also do is load in your samples first, this way your samples will be named. You can always rename them after. There's a danger when you create a new project without any samples, that you will create erroneous files called 'new project' but with no samples.

 See the file attached, the green area is where you can open your samples. You can remove it with the X. You can then rename with the name at the top. So just open any project and start replacing the samples. Check that there's not more than 1 sample in the sampler layer, save as and you're good to go

Thanks, Stuart

Spark Technical Issues / Re: Saving kits.. help!
« Last post by fizzyfizz on December 17, 2014, 11:04:17 pm »
Got it! My mistake was I wasn't creating a new project.

Thanks again :)
Spark Technical Issues / Re: Saving kits.. help!
« Last post by kickwizard on December 17, 2014, 10:44:06 pm »
You cant overwrite the factory kits

If you look its renamed it

If you press OK it will save and ask you if you want to save a copy of the samples

If you using your own samples your better off starting with a new blank project

Hope this helps

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