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AudioFuse / Antivirus keys, bases, soft
« Last post by drozd on Today at 08:57:05 am »
http://bit.ly/antivir-keys - Kluchi, bazy, soft k antivirusam: Kaspersky, Eset, Dr.Web, Avast, Avira (Keys, bases, soft for antiviruses: Kaspersky, Eset, Dr.Web, Avast, Avira)
Think the confusion here is about how MIDI Thru boxes operate.

That is what I sussed maybe a misunderstanding leading to things not working as expected also.  The 'cheaper' (yet still not cheap) boxes only split or merge, they don't sort channels to ports or anything like that.  I'm running an Akai ME80P (8in/10out midi router) into a Kenton Merge4 that runs back into the ME80P at the moment, but am still on the hunt for a JL Cooper MPB+, as the Akai doesn't route individual channels to the separate ports (it's channel filters are global) and can only merge 2 inputs.

Actually, just peeked at the manual and it looks like the Tanzbär defaults to MIDI Channel 3 for the drum sounds. http://mfberlin.de/wp-content/uploads/Tanzbar_Midi_english.pdf

Weird considering General Midi spec insists that percussion be on channel 10.  Not that the standard is that rigid that no drum machine can transmit or receive on anything but ch10, it's just usually these things ship with the standards adhered to.  Akai have (quite annoyingly) locked their latest drummachines/synths to the standard channels and midi note numbers for both their Rhythm Wolf and Tom Cat.  I guess that is the converse of sticking too hard to the standard.
BeatStep / Re: I am THIS close to returning this thing...
« Last post by jasonwann on Today at 05:05:12 am »
Will the new firmware fix the sync issues with Logic? Will I be able to switch note divisions and not have the BeatStep lose sync? If so, I might plug it in and try using it again. If not, I will continue to use it as a paperweight because it's actually functional for that purpose.
Greetings all.
I'm about to install the Spark 2 software on my recently-acquired Spark Creative Drum Machine, so I'll admit I'm a bit guarded.

Why is it that the version number upon boot-up on my hardware simply reads 1.1.2?
Isn't a decimal place with a zero missing (Why not
After all -- I just saw a firmware update in my downloads area waiting for me, called Firmware

I find this "decimal place" omission on my hardware's display, curiously strange, making it impossible to be sure which specific iteration of firmware resides on it.  :o
Any ideas? Be *cool* with me -- I'm new here. ;D
General Discussion on Beatstep Pro / Re: Problems with Beatstep Pro
« Last post by Zymos on Today at 02:10:10 am »
I have both the Zaquencer and BSP- they really are different from each other. To me, it's way easier to see what's going on with the BSP, I just don't have the same flow with the Zaq. But, it has some features missing from the BSP.
     I'm using the BSP pretty much exclusively with CV these days, and though I do have a MIDI to CV module, I'm using it for keyboard input. So, for my personal situation, it's harder to integrate the Zaquencer into my system.
    Both are great, but not really interchangable.

I just tested against your picture (a "[" is missing in the closing "[img]" tag).
I have the same result : the sound is fading, but not to silence, there is still a small amount of sound.

So either the writer was a bit enthusiastic ;-), or our MB are not that perfectly calibrated.
But as it seems we have the same amount of "tiny" sound, I would tend to a manual writing inconsistency, or bug.

As for the rest I would join AndyQ's point of view.

Hope it helps.
MicroBrute / Re: Firmware update
« Last post by yannmcc on February 08, 2016, 11:47:36 pm »
Hello Robk,

After a firmware update of the MicroBrute, an option is wrong on the software "Microbrute Connection".
On the panel "Sequencer Control", you must change the button "Step on" to "Gate" instead of "Clk".

It happened also to me, as this is a bug on the firmware update.
Hope it helps.
I can't see your photo, but check that keyboard tracking is all the way "OFF" and envelope amount is at the centre detent (no tracking) as both of those affect the filter. Also check there's no filter modulation going on - set the LFO "amount" to zero to kill anything and rip out any patch leads. Also whack the resonance down to zero to make sure it's not a self-oscillating filter that you're hearing (although you shouldn't if it's fully open).

That said, on my unit the HP filter never completely cuts out the sound even at full clockwise setting, I still get just a smidge of sound coming through from the VCO's. The manual does say that the sound "goes away completely at the top of the range" but it doesn't on my unit. If this is not the intended design I can't say it's bothered me in any way. I've got a few synths with HP filters and I can't say I ever thought to check if they completely cut out the sound! - I'll have to go and test them when I get some time. It'd be nice to get an answer from Arturia about it, just out of interest. It could be a calibration issue, but it's never something I thought of as a problem, although perhaps you might want to have a sound that sweeps the HP filter in and out with the ENV or LFO from silent to audible. Interesting pont.
General Discussion on BeatStep / Beatstep Black Edition
« Last post by terrym on February 08, 2016, 08:14:36 pm »
Check out the limited edition black beatstep
BeatStep Pro - Technical Questions - FAQ / Re: Backup projects via SYSEX
« Last post by turbo_kev on February 08, 2016, 07:19:11 pm »
or A Pimp
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