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KeyLab Technical Issues / Re: Painful to use in Cubase!
« Last post by Goa Travellers on Today at 10:56:35 am »
Thanks. I did a factory reset (Octave + / Octave - /Power ON), and it seems that the problem was solved...
KeyLab Technical Issues / Re: Painful to use in Cubase!
« Last post by m1ke on Today at 09:41:51 am »
I did not observe this with the keylab 88, but using USB. It's always powered before I start cubase.
In cubase I've configured it as midi in and out so it can communicate with analog lab for instance.
Even the transport section works after configuring it as mmc slave.
Yes, Thomasdha. I forgot to push the value button after making the change. Duh!
Suddenly my LE controller started acting strange. No mode light is on. Only a few lights are on and I cannot change any of them although the parameter still changes in the Plug in. Itīs getting itīs MIDI messages across but the controller doesn't respond whatsoever. Iīve tried using the MIDI Control Center,  installed firmware again, used other USB port on my computer with no success so far. This happens in Standalone mode or in Live 9 as well.
I can do everything the same but the lights are stuck and do not reflect any of the actions, except PADS. They reflect any action.
Has anyone else had this problem? I can't find any answers.

I've wasted several hours and tried every conceivable way of trying to get this junk buggy software fully running on windows 7 64 bit.The nearest I got it to running is by installing version 1.03 or 1.04 first and then updating to But, even if I get it running it still full of bugs and crashes Cubase.

My Analog Lab bugs on Windows 7 64 bit with Cubase 6.5 64 bit DAW

Fresh install from latest version to

  • Bug 1. consistent "cant access library message" so software won't run.

Installing version 1.03 or 1.04 first and then updating to Software runs but with major bugs.

  • Bug 1. You can't edit/activate any of the synths within the preferences section.
  • Bug 2. In audio midi settings - all midi devices are constantly defaulted to the on state every time you start the software.
  • Bug 3. Crashes Cubase every time Analog lab VST is opened

Sort it out Arturia!!!!!
Hey, anyone know where to find the audio files or samples associated with Analog Lab? …I assume there are some because the install is almost a gig.

If there are any docs that show the file structure on a Mac, that'd be great…I couldn't find that info in the manual.

I want to experiment with moving any audio files to my samples disk.

BeatStep / Confusion with MIDI applications of the Beatstep...
« Last post by squideatingdough on Today at 12:45:59 am »
So far I've had great success sending CV to an old Moog, and also sending the MIDI to a quantizing looper. It's been a blast, but I'd like to send MIDI to numerous devices, and I've instantly run into problems.

Normally I send the master clock MIDI to a splitter (a Quadra Thru), but when I send the Beatstep's MIDI out to the splitter, it doesn't power the device. I'm assuming that is because it isn't sending power via MIDI? Is this the case?

Also if I try daisy-chaining devices, the first device will receive the clock information, but if I continue the MIDI signal via the first device's "thru" the second device will not get the clock signal... Now that really confuses me. EDIT: I ran the MIDI to a MicroKORG and it and then sent it to the splitter - viola! It powered it! I now have seven devices that I can control with the Beatstep clock... Although frustrating that it doesn't display BPM, but I can always monitor it with the MIDI control program.

Last, how on earth do I send MIDI clock info TO the Beatstep. I'm not interested in using a computer whatsoever - Ideally I would use a drum machine or sequencer that gives me BPM values. Will this require a MIDI-to-USB converter? Would that even work?

These are real drawbacks to the Beatstep for use with other devices, as I'm guessing I'll have to invest in a MIDI power adapter and a MIDI to USB coverter just to make the Beatstep functional beyond the simplest of applications.

P.S. This thing kicks ass.
Spark Users Community / Spark and Live Drum Rack
« Last post by grzes on January 31, 2015, 09:42:26 pm »

Is there any simple way to configure an ableton drum rack with one Spark instance, so I could control Spark with my Push interface?


BeatStep - Technical Questions - FAQ / Multi-Function Setup
« Last post by Greglor on January 31, 2015, 08:08:13 pm »
Hi there,

I have just purchased a Beatstep.  I am having difficulty setting it up to sequence hardware and trigger samples in Ableton separately.

Part of my issue is with MIDI mapping in Ableton 9.  I've worked out how to map in the software but can't seem to set samples up to trigger whilst I hold a pad down, and turn off when I release the pad.  At the moment I press and release a pad and the samples continue to play.

More importantly however, when I activate the sequencer, it sequences both Ableton and my hardware.  How do I stop this from occurring? 
I'd like the sequencer to only affect the hardware via midi/CV, and be able to trigger samples on the pads in the software.  I'm sure this is possible.  Any advice greatly appreciated! 

Many thanks

KeyLab Technical Issues / Keylab 88 does not work with external 5V DC supply
« Last post by m1ke on January 31, 2015, 07:48:37 pm »

just got a Keylab 88 and just some problems.
I started with an external power supply 5V DC/1000mA and midi. But this was not successful.
As I switched on the Keylab, the display was quite bad to read, see picture "keylab88_ext_5V.jpg". And I was a little bit afraid too.
OK, then I started to play around with some stand alone VSTi. The middle C and G key did not work and after some time the sound got more and more crazy, wrong notes were triggered. ???

So I searched an USB cable and plugged it into my USB hub. Ah, the display
got readable and bright, see "keylab_USB.jpg" (same exposure of my cam!), but still playing nonsense.
After turning off and on the keylab worked well. :)

I checked my 5V DC, it had about 5.1V still connected to the keyboard and measured 2.1V between the
USB 5V and 0V pins at the and of my disconnected USB cable. Just for a test.

If you can take a view of
there a different voltages mentioned. But with such a dark display I'm sure, the external 5V DC is not
the right voltage.

How can I get my keylab 88 working with an external DC supply?

Regards, m1ke
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