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Hi there,

I was thinking about buying the Minilab but I heard from someone at Guitar center that everyone returns this item bc it works TERRIBLE when you use it with third party synth plugins (instead of analog lab). I have a mac osx laptop and ableton 9. what are your thoughts? Has anyone used it as a regular controller with third party plugins?

i would love to be able to set all the knobs to do automation with the plugins, like cut off filter, pitch, modulation, etc.

The ones I like to use are the g-force m-tron, oddity as well as my own modeled synths i create in ableton, and native instruments. please let me know before i go ahead and buy.

Analog Laboratory / Analog Lab and expression pedal usage
« Last post by salaboy on Today at 01:20:27 pm »
Hi there, I'm just trying to configure an expression pedal (moog ep 3) into my Analog Laboratory 49 + Analog Lab (software latest version) and I'm having issues understanding what's the procedure to map the expression pedal to something in the User Interface. I was looking at the manual (analog lab PDF) and there is nothing in there about that.
I've already calibrated my expression pedal, and it is not working great.. but at least it is sending data to the controller, but the Analog Lab is not picking it up at all.. it seems that by default nothing is mapped to the expression pedal. I don't mind manually mapping parameters, but it doesn't seems to be a way to do that.
I've enabled the Midi Center and Midi Log output and I can see midi data being sent. Any recommendations?
Jupiter-8V Users Community / Re: Larger gui status
« Last post by richielg on Today at 12:57:09 pm »
Come on Arturia this is not acceptable. You have a beautiful instrument with the CS80 but you cant read the dials so its practically useless.

For many years the GUI has been out of date. I started using on a dell laptop in 2010 and i couldn't read it. So thats at least 5 years you have left one of your main software synths with out basic functionality.

I got over the lack of tactile response in software synths a long time ago. But not being able to see and having no tactile response? Well this is fucking useless so sort it out as soon as possible please. Some of the others need sorting as well but this is the worst.


MiniBrute Presets - Media / Re: Brute 4 Live - midi plugin
« Last post by cereyanlimusiki on Today at 11:14:36 am »
Is it possible to implement switch or button to send sysex messages to switch between standart ( arp ) or SE ( Seq. ) published recently ?
Use Midi-OX.

Plugin your MiniBrute open MidiOx
Go to Options/MidiDevice
Select your MiniBrute as Input and output
Then go to View/Sysex.
Type your Sysex in the command window then click on Command window menu and click on Send Sysex
Reboot your MiniBrute
BeatStep / Re: Legato Mode for CV/GATE
« Last post by smbenn on May 25, 2015, 11:14:43 pm »
Looks like it's the BeatStep Pro I need.  It's got a separate note tie.  Wallop.
Matrix-12 Users Community / Re: Building a Matrix-12V hardware control panel
« Last post by stuart on May 25, 2015, 09:25:36 pm »
@OneLittleFonzie: while iPad apps look great, I personally can't live with flat glass as an alternative for a button, knob or slider. I love the tactile aspect of real hardware.. YMMV.

Absolutely, iPads apps etc being great and all but you can't beat that tactile experience

Cheers, Stuart   
Stuart, thank you very much for the detailed answer. I'm afraid Receptor is beyond my budget, but I'm happy to have learned such a technological concept even exists..

I find it a little surprising that AMS on Mac only deals with hardware MIDI devices, since a soft synth can so easily be made into a MIDI target.. from my (inexperienced) point of view, AMS could allow any soft synth to be defined as a (soft) Device, and wired to the rest of the MIDI network.. a unified approach always seems more elegant to me.

One of these days I need to dive into Java's MIDI support and explore what that gateway can teach me of the Mac's MIDI architecture. Maybe that way I'll grok why AMS is so hardware-centric. ;-)


@OneLittleFonzie: while iPad apps look great, I personally can't live with flat glass as an alternative for a button, knob or slider. I love the tactile aspect of real hardware.. YMMV.
Analog Lab Technical Issues / Re: Presets are not reloaded on plugin restart
« Last post by joepalos on May 25, 2015, 07:27:35 pm »
I found a "fix":

If you go to the "LIVE" part of Analog Lab, you can assign individual presets to one of 127 slots. If you put the presets you're using there, on one of the slots, and have it selected from there, you can duplicate the track, save, load, etc. and the preset will load properly. Of course the number of slots is limited, but 127 should be enough to at least keep you from manually reloading presets every time you load your most recent projects or songs.

It's a shit way of doing things, but it's better than nothing I guess.
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