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I would add that the transpose key combination (SQ + note pad) is not practical.
I would prefer to not have this combination, just pressing the note pad and oct+/- pads, because during live sessions, one hand is used to transpose and the other is used for a synth, cutoff freq, for example.

Arturia : can you implement this feature as an option in MCC ? I assume it shouldn't be very hard !!!

By the way, I've read somewhere that I'm not the only requesting that, please !
Keystep Technical questions / Mod Wheel Issues - Keystep
« Last post by milak on Today at 02:43:10 pm »

Recently purchased the Keytep and loving it.

I'm having issues with my mod wheel.I have the midi channel set to user and the CC to 1. I can't seem to get it to work with my Korg Volca FM or with Ableton Live. At the risk of sounding dim, is this even possible with these? If so I would be massively appreciate it if could someone help me out.

I just want to know it works in case I have to return it.

"dusted off" Modular V2 to see if it also had the same problem.

Apparently it does.
Ok, I've added a couple examples of very simple patches in addition to oscilloscope images.

It clearly shows how if I make two outputs from the same exact sawtooth wave, one going straight into a mixer channel and the other one passing through a low pass filter and then to a linked mixer channel, the oscilloscope shows (and one can hear) that the signals are definitely not in phase. See what I mean?

While in the second image, if I have two outputs from the same oscillator and run them each through their own filter, and then back to the mixer, they both end up being in phase again.

This phase issue happens with all of the waveforms, not just the sawtooth.
Analog Laboratory / Analog Lab 2 - Keylab 61 - Windows 7
« Last post by saturation on Today at 06:47:08 am »
I know I'm not the first person that's experienced this (or maybe I am), but I can't find anything else on the forums. At any rate, if I restart my computer with Win 7 with Analog Lab 2 and Keylab 61 plugged in through USB, Keylab works fine. However, if I have Analog Lab open first (at least it seems), when I plug Keylab in, I can't get Analog lab to pick up any signal from the Keylab keyboard (or anything on Keylab for that matter). I have gone into the Audio Settings and check the "Keylab 61" checkbox, but when I try to play, no luck, and reopening audio settings shows the box unchecked.

Am I supposed to be doing this a different way? I would think that I shouldn't have to restart my computer if I want to just plug in the keyboard and start playing through Analog Lab.

Just as a side note, my speakers work, and the "Test Tone" on the Audio Settings in Analog Lab work when I test them.
Free Speech / Re: Future V-Collection Suggestions
« Last post by VisualTerminal on Today at 06:21:00 am »
Audio Realism did some of those already

Im telling you, its the JD-800 that needs Reincarnation, Go look at the thread I just posted and listen if you dont believe me.
If theirs two Polyphonic Vintage Synths that sound the greatest, its the Yamaha CS-80 and the Roland JD-800

Youve already got the CS-80 done

Unfortunately no one knows how good the JD-800 is and those who do know of it think its merely a great New Age Pad Synth. This synths sounds sooo good

You have to find a way to make this as a VST and sell it as "The Forgotten Vintage Synth" or something

Heres a Legal Non-Personal-Channel Youtube Computer Generated Upload of a tracks that are confirmed by the artist to have a lot of JD-800

Id want it just for its simple effected Hi-Pass Saws let alone the pad potential



And then you can look at its demos but professional pub songs show it better

Get a JD-800 and make it into a VST because its unique.  .

The inability to select presets directly into the upper/lower in dual/split mode is a huge shortcoming. I checked in VC 3 and it's there.

ARTURIA - please fix this in VC5
Are you sure it is'nt a sync behavior you get and have? Perhaps a sync issue?

How do you read/ see the phase issues in your scope?

Is it all waveforms or only when using Saw you see issues?
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