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Spark Users Community / Re: Spark Improvements!
« Last post by stuart on Today at 03:11:31 pm »
Basic Copy and Paste features within the sequencer page.

Applying to all lane and parameter information.

For example, I want to make an 8 step pattern into a 32 step pattern keeping all info from the 8 but extending into a 32 step pattern. An easy way to copy and paste all information, including pitch, velocity, cut off, resonance etc etc.

Or I want to follow a cut off frequency with the pitch though out the pattern. Either a copy and paste option from 1 lane to another or a 'follow' option that when applied will follow automation from a currently selected value.


BeatStep / Re: A Question for the Arturia Moderator
« Last post by terrym on Today at 02:56:49 pm »
As the moderator i do not have the answers ,you need to ask arturia.



If you're reffering to the physical printed manual you may be looking at an old screen grab of Spark when it had 3 parts, An upper, middle and lower. Now Spark 2 is more tab orientated and Arturia have dropped the 'top middle and bottom' look of the GUI.

If you're referring to 'skins' ie, how to change the look of the GUI, then as HubyBlake mentions, there is a preference where you can change the colours and look of the Spark GUI 'Skin'

Hope that helps

Origin Technical Issues / Re: Origin Keyboard Slips Out of Tune
« Last post by JacksonP on Today at 10:34:00 am »
Sorry to say, but to me this sounds like a malfuctioning pitch bender...
BeatStep / A Question for the Arturia Moderator
« Last post by allnight on Today at 07:09:07 am »
After having read most of the postings in the Beatstep Forum it seems you are

aware of the problems people are having with latency and the encoder speed.

My question, is the company going to fix the problem.

A simple question.

A simple answer of "Yes, we are." or "No, we are not" is all that's needed.

Hi, hope your enjoying sparkle .
Not sure what you mean about 3 gui to sparkle

I think he means how do you change the front panel to EDM, VDM & Dubstep front panels.

It's in the last menu page to the right. I'm not on the SparkLE computer right now... but there's an option on that last page to set the appearance to Spark 2 or Spark Creative, and Spark Creative has those three options.
Origin Technical Issues / Origin Keyboard Slips Out of Tune
« Last post by Composer on Today at 03:33:19 am »
So I literally just got the Origin Keyboard a few days ago and I was worried that there would be some kind of issue with it. I tested it and didn't notice any functional issues so I was ecstatic. But then after using it some more I noticed pitch issues in some recordings I was doing. I finally figured out that whenever I use the pitch bend wheel (on ANY patch) it NEVER returns back to true pitch. It's always about a half step off. If I reload the patch it will return back to pitch until I once again use the pitch bend wheel and then it will be stuck out of tune again, so on and so forth.

I've been trying to find some sort of Global Setting to fix this but still haven't been able to figure this out. I've never seen this kind of issue in a synthesizer or keyboard. Has anyone ever experienced this or maybe know an explanation/solution? It's killing me because I otherwise love this thing. I really, really don't want to return it!

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Just bought Minilab today. Loving it so far, except for one thing. This is a real bummer and I hope there's a workaround or something I'm missing.

I love the idea of endless encoders in the sense that they ideally would pick up any parameter at its current value. But moving an encoder in absolute mode defaults the value to 64 (I think. It might be a different value. Either way, the parameter jumps from its current state), which is not ideal for all my non-Analog Lab VIs :( I wasn't expecting this.

Is there something I'm missing, or am I out of luck?

Matrix-12 Technical Issues / Re: Matrix 12 Screen Issue....
« Last post by LBH on Today at 12:16:20 am »
My stand alone always open as a blank black window

George Ware

If you have'nt done this allready, then i suggest you:
1. Check if the newest version is installed, and if not then install the new Matrix.
2. Else reinstall the newest Matrix.
3. Perhaps you need a clean reinstall if a reinstall is'nt enough - that means deleting everything including hidden files - and then reinstall the newest Matrix.
Just remember to create a back-up first. Especially of your own work.

Still a problem after doing this, then contact Arturia Support.

Good luck.

KeyLab Users Community / Re: KEYLAB WITH ABLETON LIVE 8/9
« Last post by dparez on Today at 12:08:52 am »

I have the same issue as oliscrat.. I have followed all the instruction, but keylab 49 still does not respond. I can use it as a controler, do manual mappings etc. but instant mapping does not work..
My firmware version is 1.33, I have stored the needed config to memory 2 and recalls it when I want to use keylab with ableton.. My ableton live is 9.1.4. I can see "Keylab 49-61" in control surfaces, I have set the input to "KeyLab 49", Output is "none" and "Track" is on.

I really appreciate your help, I cant wait to make it work )

Thank you
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