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I'm pretty sure It's only with the y-splitter in use.  I'll check when I get home tonight, but I think I can use a single Midi device on the midi out and the ipad via usb without clashes.
Definitely something I need to check though.
about the ipad not working right: is this only with the Y-splitter being in use, or just a general issue?
I don't think random on the bsp is necessarily picking steps at random to play, like you'd see on a cv sequencer (or the bs by the sound of it). more like taking the data that's there and altering it a bit or a lot. I too would be interested to know more about how the algorithm works
as long as you're aware that there's no song mode in the bsp, and all pattern changes are instant when you press the button

Thanks  !
I was aware that there's no song mode in the BSP, but not about the pattern changes... that they are "instant" !

I think that I should maybe reconsider the purchase of a BSP  :-\

I actually find that behaviour good for jumping-in new patterns by switching momentarily to the new pattern then back again.  A lot of people are upset by it, but I'd like someone to show me a hardware step-sequencer (that is not a drum machine) which has a song mode.

song mode, I don't think is too big a deal - they do usually have a reset input though!
Oh, nevermind, I figured it out. I have to press the edit button and then press min lsb and max lsb and swap the values.
Hi Terrym, I deleted the id.ascd file and that did not work. Then i deleted ASC including the library/ files and reinstalled ASC only to get error 1-comunication error. My firewall is off and has alway been off...I don't  understand why I can't delete all these Arturia files and start over? Short of reinitializing this laptop  (which I would rather not do for obvious reasons) I am really perplexed...

I followed the instructions on this faq and it says that a continuous sustain pedal HAS TO be run in invert control which does make the pedal behave consistently except it outputs 000 when it's pressed down and 127 when it's released. I would like this reversed. How exactly do I do that?

BUG when I change the sustain threshold to anything besides 50 (the default) the led stops displaying sustain pedal changes.

The new firmware update seems to be on the right track but there still appear to some smaller gaps left.
Hi there,

I was loading a project in Garageband 10 with tracks using multis from Analog Lab, but guess what...I suddenly no longer can load anything from it! I did work just recently. I was about to do some final tweaking of things before completing a long piece, and now Analog Lab is just quitting on me. My project track is crippled. To think that I own two authorized instances of Analog Lab (one with the purchase of the Keylab, and one from the VC4 bundle), but neither of both can be hosted. They only work as stand-alone VSTs, which is useless. Everything I use is up-to-date and authorized, there is no clear reason why I couldn't be working with the program in the DAW that I'm using (which is also up-to-date).
I need some help, because this is no fun, and worrying as well. I can't work with programs that are unstable or just quit on me when I need them so much. Note: this issue relates to AL only. My other VSTs are loading fine (I have the VC4), but AL is causing me headaches. It also takes ages to load in stand-alone mode, so what's going on?

ps: Further testing showed that AL does load in the older GB 6.05, but that won't enable me loading a session for GB10. It is essential that it be loaded in the latter, just as it used to.
psps: The Analog multis I used involved sounds by the SEM V, which ALSO can't be loaded anymore in GB10, WTFWTF!!!!
Spark Users Community / Re: Spark Improvements!
« Last post by LaserDolphin on August 30, 2015, 11:43:48 pm »
I would like some feedback from the arturia-bosses and programmer...
pro/ contra or a
"YES, we will do that in the next update, comming up around mid September"

what was the question again?? what did they confirm doing in the next update?

They confirm nothing, i think nobody read my post, so i donīt know. Had i good Ideas, bad Ideas? Nobody out there...  ???
The last update was 5/2014, one year ago and Spark is not by a long shot a well-engineered and flexibel Tool.
But there ist potential. Maybe alle the focus is on BeatStepPro.
General Discussion on Beatstep Pro / Re: BSP and a simple arranger ?
« Last post by Musicosm on August 30, 2015, 11:22:40 pm »
Quote from: megamarkd
I'd like someone to show me a hardware step-sequencer (that is not a drum machine) which has a song mode.

Well, it would be interesting if Arturia changes that point ! The Beatstep Pro being a new genre/generation of hardware step sequencer...

Perhaps, this is the time for change   :o
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