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Jupiter-8V / Re: OSX 10.10 - Yosemite
« Last post by mmc on Today at 02:28:49 am »
I cloned my comp to try it out, Jupiter seems to be working fine for me as stand alone and with Ableton
Spark Users Community / Song hits #1 on soundclick's "Other Alternative" charts
« Last post by aaron aardvark on October 25, 2014, 10:57:19 pm »
I have a song that is about half Spark Dubstep drums, half non-Arturia drums.  It also has Oberheim SEM-V, ARP2600-V, Jupiter-8V, Moog Modular-V, some non-Arturia synths, and guitar.  Please tell me how you like this song and how it can be improved, and I'll return the favor.  Here is the link:

BeatStep - Technical Questions - FAQ / Visualize note data (picture included)
« Last post by mute on October 25, 2014, 07:26:04 pm »
We need a way to visualize note data on the beatstep when its used without a PC. The scale modes are nice, but still no direct visualization of the note being selected can make for some unpleasant moments. I think there is a rather SIMPLE solution...elegant even since the beatstep has multiple color leds.

When you turn one of the note/step knobs, hold another button while turning so that you can see the visualization of the note being selected as you turn a knob. Example,

Blue = White keys / Natural
Purple = Black keys / Sharps (Flats)
Red = Selected note (moves as you turn the selected pitch/cv value knob... )

  • I don't think representation of what octave you are in is important..and could needlessly make it more complex.
  • The Transpose feature should also be able to use this same type of visualization so that you can see the shift.
  • The available/highlighted notes should change based on the scale/tuning you have selected.

Gate out should also be able to work as a Gate trig out where every step creates a trigger and not just those steps that have a note - so that it can be used to clock other sequencers/arpeggiators/lfos/etc. Currently you can't do this at all. If a step doesn't have a note on it, then no trig out - which makes sense if you are using it for the cv + gate combo for notes.

Since the Beat step has both MIDI out and CV Gate, I want to use it for both simultaneously. The Gate out as a constant gate trig/clock and the MIDI Out to send note data.
I'm getting old. Apologies, I probably replied to you (or a similar type post) on Facebook. Doh !  Anyway, I did see in a thread on here that Bruno spoke to a dev team member and they said it was a bug, therefore a known one.. I have it too, and I too would be keen to hear if it is an isolated issue to some machines, but that sounds unlikely, I suspect that many are just not bothered or do not notice. Given that there's been issues with the LFO phase for 9months it's no surprise it hasn't been addressed either. Albeit quite disappointing. There are a few bugs on the software ie digital side, I have also found an inconsistency on the envelope which is analogue : (
Analog Lab / Re: analog lab + ableton suite 9 activation issues
« Last post by JHLDY13 on October 25, 2014, 06:27:12 pm »
hi per my friend at guitar center, i purchased the USB thing

It works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for your help and patience

i am officially a very happy customer


BeatStep / Re: CV to Yamaha CS-05
« Last post by chadpry on October 25, 2014, 06:08:47 pm »
oh awesome. thanks for the reply!

is that a thing i can buy? should i google "hertz to volt converter"?
Analog Laboratory Technical Issues / Re: expression pedal configuration
« Last post by burn4ever on October 25, 2014, 05:48:57 pm »
Nothing???  ???
Jupiter-8V / Re: OSX 10.10 - Yosemite
« Last post by Rooby on October 25, 2014, 03:21:42 pm »
I'm waiting to install Yosemite - I also suspect  the problem that prevents the
Jupiter 8v au loading into Garageband 10 in Mavericks, relates to the embedded  eLicenser glitch noted
on the main announcement page.
cheers.  Looking through all your posts, I see that you say that Arturia have acknowldged this is a bug, but is it likely firmware or hardware (they're asking me to return my MB for a fix, which I'm a bit reluctant to do if it could be a firmware fix later).
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