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MicroBrute / Re: Velocity response with FW update?
« Last post by brendanclarke on Today at 11:25:32 am »
Yeah, I agree - there should be a lot of things that can be done to manipulate the LFO, given that it is digital. But it seems strange to me that the keyboard is able to read velocity, and there is a natural place to apply that data, but that it was never included.

There are an infinite number of ways that external CCs could be added up to the limits of the processor, but this would improve what the hardware could do, without anything connected externally. And, I would think, not more than 6-7 lines of code to add...
so far, im only able to see SySex data from STOP/PLAY/PAUSE on MIDI monitor..
would be extremely handy to be able to change more parameters likes pattern nbr, length etc.. via sysex..

could anyone confirm whether this is possible or not? please

PS: arturia, the number of views of this topic tells you how bad BSP users want this ;)
Prophet V3 - Technical Issues / Assign Cutoff to Mod
« Last post by winihh on Today at 10:07:05 am »
Hey there,

I am using Arturia Keystep (very happy with it) and V-Collection. I want to assign the Cutoff in Prophet V (5) to Mod-Wheel... (or to aftertouch).

Is this possible?

I have no problem assigning knobs of my Korg Nano-Control or m-audio code 49.

(By the way: A keystep with some controller knobs would be a killer-product for me).
hi stuart.
I am way past the tests you are suggesting. the BSP knobs 9-16, in MCU mode with PLAY enabled are sending -8192 pitch bend value with every increment or decrement of the pot. so, 2 values - the real one and "0". This explains the jump but i do not know if this is erroneous data or Auria Pro is misinterpreting. I.E. Arturia or Auria. So far Auria seems to have MUCH better after sales support than Arturia.
can anyone anwear the question, how i can run two instances of the software on my notebook, for both of my arturia spark mashines ?
i need to switch between 2 mashines for my live setting.

thanks in advance

best l.
Thanks for reporting this .

I was about to ask the same question !

Would a typical Apple USB adapter work ?

You mentioned a 12 V adaptor .. Is that standard ?

KeyLab / Having trouble getting responses to my support emails
« Last post by on September 28, 2016, 09:54:45 pm »
Hello all. After almost 2 full weeks trying to get some resolution to an issue via the support email system in the main site, I'm getting very frustrated with the lack of communication.

If there is an administrator that can assist with a customer service related issues, i would really appreciate it. I love my keylab 49, but the customer service that I've received up to this point wiloss keep me from being a return customer.
MiniBrute / No filtering when triggering via CV from Beatstep Pro
« Last post by sonofradiator on September 28, 2016, 06:01:35 pm »
I'm not sure when this problem arose, as it wasn't an issue when I first got the Minibrute and Beatstep Pro, but recently when triggering through the usual CV connections the synth responds to the sequencer as it should, but the filter stops working, whether adjusting the filter knob manually or applying an LFO, anything.

When the MB isn't connected to the BSP it works fine. I haven't tried seeing whether it works or not via MIDI sequencing yet, but either way this isn't right.

Anyone else had this issue?
MicroBrute / Re: Velocity response with FW update?
« Last post by microdude on September 28, 2016, 05:53:22 pm »

That would be great.

Nonetheless, I consider that it would be much more useful to add a MIDI CC for the non routed mod wheel destination and another CC to the LFO rate.

And another nice addition would be the LFO to be bipolar-monopolar.

Having said this, fixing the well known bugs and a simple MIDI implementation for the sequencer (start, stop, sequence change and MIDI out) would be enough at this point.

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